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Updated on Mar 30 2023

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CHIPOTLE MENU: STARTS AT $2.15 (Mar 30-31)





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Chipotle : Top Deals

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Chipotle Promo Codes
Get Free Queso
On Full Sized Entrée Meal Via Promo Code QUESO22
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Menu Starts At $2.15
Order From Chipotle App And Use Coupon Code
Kids Meal @ $5.95
Customize Kids Meal Starting At $5.95 | BUY NOW
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Tacos Under $12.70
Order Chicken, Steak, Veggie, Beans, Guac Dips, Etc
Take $10 OFF
On Any Meal Box Orders Above $100 | HOLIDAY
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More Information About Chipotle

Savings Tips!

Savings Tip #1: Through the app, sign up for Chipotle and order your first order to get your next meal absolutely free. Place an order of a minimum $5 via the Chipotle app. Now get a free meal on the next order via the app. The free meal includes chips and guac or chips & Queso Blanco.

Savings Tip #2: Users can earn 10 Chipotle reward points on every $1 spent on Chipotle. Collection rewards up t 1,250 points to get a free entrée reward. Valid on any regular-priced entrée & points expire after 60 days. Excluding gift cards, alcohol and gear purchases.

Savings Tip #3: Look up various restaurants and options before placing an order. We suggest customers review the nearby Chipotle restaurant before placing their order because some restaurants might give great deals at a time.

What Are The Best Ways To Save At Chipotle?

Pollo Asado Chipotle

Pollo Asado is a newly launched menu from Chipotle, cooked in Mexican style- grilled chicken, garlic paste, fresh lime juice, guajillo peppers, hand-chopped cilantro and more. It is very hot and spicy in flavour and those who love hot grilled chicken will definitely love it. This premium menu will cost you $10.85 for 1 person. Order now from your nearby Chipotle or website. 

Chipotle Burrito Bowl

Chipotle Burrito Bowl is best for lunch and dinner meals. This famous bowl consists of rice, black beans, chicken, sweet corn salsa, tomato sale and guacamole. Users can build their own Burrito bowl- choose rice, what type of beans they want, top sauce, sides, drinks, type of veggies and chicken. Order online or pick it up from your nearby Chipotle. Starting from $6.50 only. 

Plant-Based Chorizo

Chipotle Plant-Based Chorizo is the first meatless protein dish made from pure veggies and tofu. This dish is recommended for vegans and has 16 grams of protein/4oz servings. Ingredients used are- peppers, tomato paste, garlic paste, Spanish smoked paprika, extra virgin olive oil, peas and tofu. Buy one Give one deal is available right now. Order two plant-based Chorizo, enter a promo code, and pay for one Plant based Chorizo only.

Chipotle Keto Bowl

Chipotle Keto Bowl is available now with low carbs which are 589 calories, 42g fat, 2 protein, and a total of 7g carbs. This salad bowl consists of super greens, chicken, tomatillo-red chilli salsa, shredded cheese, and guacamole. Available in pure veggies, steak and chicken.  The price of a keto salad bowl is $9.8 for one bowl. Users can pay $1 for delivery to their doorstep via the Chipotle delivery promo code.

How To Order Healthy At Chipotle?

  • Go For Bowl Or Salad: Chipotle salad are very nutritious and contains 70-80 calories, and its normal bowl contains 320 calories and comes with a tortilla.
  • Choose Your Protein: Users can always add a high-protein meal but choose wisely. Steak contains 150 calories and carnitas contains 210 calories. Also, check the ingredients as well.
  • Always Add Fibre: It’s not about always salad but users can add beans and plant-based meals in order to get at least some fibre for easy digestion.
  • Choose Rice: There are many types of rice available and they are always a healthy source of carbs and fibre. Users can add rice and vegetables to their meals.
  • Add Extra Toppings: Your toppings can make your whole meal more nutritious; Users can always add toppings like Fajita Vegetables, Lettuce, Guacamole, Black beans and more.

Most Popular Chipotle Orders (Must Try)

Chipotle Orders
Starting Price
Burrito Bowl
625 Calories/Bowl
610 Calories/Large Serving
230 Calories/4 oz
Barbacoa Bowl
520 Calories/Bowl

Why Choose Chipotle?

Chipotle is a very popular Mexican grill restaurant, first opened in 1993 in the United States. Currently, they become a brand and have more than 1700 stores across the U.S. and abroad. Yes, they have a small menu but customers love every product and every menu item. They build trust and taste among people.  The food is so good and full of nutrition, the staff are very humble and now users can directly order from the Chipotle website.

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How To Buy Chipotle Gift Cards?

Order Chipotle Gift cards & chipotle goods when you are in doubt about what to order for your near and dear ones. Surprise them with a delicious treat from Chipotle via Chipotle Gift cards. The minimum amount required to purchase these gift cards is $25 and the maximum added value is $250.With Chipotle gift cards users can send food gift orders to their close ones & family. Available gift cards are E-gift cards & physical/ Mailable Gift Card.

Where To Download Chipotle Menu Pdf?

A wide range of Mexican grilled items is presented in the new Chipotle menu. Users can order from top categories including a burrito, burrito bowl, lifestyle bowl, quesadilla (for website orders only), salad, taco, sided, drinks and kids meal. Users can choose meals according to the carbs measurement as well, which is given on the menu. Also, order meals and choose what type of ingredient you want to add. The same selection goes for sides and drinks. Read nutrition facts for all the meals as well. Download Chipotle menu pdf and use Zouton coupons to save bucks on your online orders.

Chipotle Vs Taco Bell

Taco Bell
Orders Type
Meals & Snacks Available
Only Snacks Available
Customization Available
Fast Food Available
Mid Level
Free Delivery
Pay $1 For Delivery
Free Delivery Not Available

How To Find Chipotle Near Me?

Users can find Chipotle stores near them by inserting their city, state, or zip code after which they can find the nearest Chipotle store and can have a pickup done for their order.

What Is Chipotle Rewards Program?

Users can join the Chipotle rewards program and unwrap some free Chipotle. The various steps of how Chipotle rewards work are as- Firstly order Chipotle and users will get 10 points per $1 spent, this Excludes gift cards, alcohol, gear purchases, and tax, fees & tips. Now every time a user hits 1250 points they get a free Chipotle food item. That’s it. Just order online or in the app and users will get points for the same

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How To Download Chipotle App?

Chipotle Google Play
Chipotle IOS app

Where To Contact Chipotle Customer Service?

Chipotle customer Service number: 8558878483

Is Chipotle Active On Social Media?

Chipotle FAQ

Q) Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay?
Yes, Chipotle takes ApplePay in both online and offline stores. Users can also use other payment methods as well like cash, debit/credit card, prepaid card, gift cards, Paypal and android pay as well.

Q) What Time Does Chipotle Close & Open?
Chipotle usually opens at 9 am and every day and closes at 10 pm every night. But the timing always varies according to the offline restaurant’s operations. Although users can still use a website or app to deliver the item to their doorstep at all times and days.

Q) How Many Calories Are In Chipotle Bowl?
There are two categories in the Chipotle bowl. The first is the Burrito bowl and the second is the Lifestyle bowl. In the burrito bowl, the calories are approx. 710 in 1 bowl. And is the Lifestyle bowl which can be a keto bowl and other the minimum calories are 500 for 1 bowl.

Q) How To Get Free Meal From Chiptole?
Currently, new users can download the Chiptole app to their devices and sign up. After signing up, you need to place your first order. To avail free meal, users need to place a second order. Select the meal without paying anything.

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