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Linda Buffay
Linda Buffay
store : Dollar General
review date : Dec 17 2019
Product Purchased : Multiple Products
Multiple Products Purchased : Dec 15 2019
5.0 Selection Experience
4.3 Coupon Selection
4.0 Payment Process
4.2 Refund / Cashback
4.4 User Interface

“Timely Delivery”

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  • overall experience

    Hi, I am Linda…and being a housewife, I find it utmost up to my responsibility and duty to take care of each and every thing of house and the people living in it.. Which includes me.

    I am mother of a 8 yr old child, and his name is Phill. He is really cute, and sweet and don’t bother us much instead always find something playful for him. That day we were cleaning up the storehouse and found some pretty old stuff there.

    Next day, he was sitting on his dad’s old skateboard which was not so smooth but he was using it as a dragging vehicle to roam around with in the house. Then some other day he was using newspaper as a mop to clean the floor. Clearly he observes very well. He’s a brilliant child afterall.

    Phill’s dad and I, we both are very happy and blessed to have Phill in our life. We become really happy to see his cute little smiling face whenever he does something naughty with anything in the house.

    We wanted to gift him something special on his 9th birthday, and we searched online for an idea. We wanted it to be the best for him. He’s our blessing, and we are going to make him happy… we decided that.

    2 weeks ago, we ordered a LEGO toy car for him, and he’s really happy to see that. Aw, he looks so cute while playing with it and smiling at us.

    In addition to that, I ordered 12 Cleaning materials - toilet paper and bathing tissues. I am really happy to have the delivered product in perfect timing and as we expected it to be. Especially the Phill’s gift.

    Recommendability: 4.5/5

store : Dollar General
review date : Nov 29 2019
Product purchased : Hand Mixer
Hand Mixer purchased : Nov 08 2019
4.6 Selection Experience
5.0 Coupon Selection
3.8 Payment Process
3.5 Refund / Cashback
4.9 User Interface


  • overall experience

    I placed an order of Toastmaster Electric Hand Mixer from dollar general on the 5th of Nov. 

    The hand mixer cost me about $7.87 from its original price of $10.50, the product was delivered to me on the 8th of Nov, where I was charged with an extra $5 as the delivery charges.

    Dollar general christmas sale

    Dollar general christmas sale

    Since I had all the raw material ready for preparing my food it was the right time to test the mixer into use. Before opening the box I went through its features that are as follows:

    • 7-speed control

    • Full-size chrome beaters

    • 150-watt motor

    • One-year manufacturer's warranty

    From most of the respondents giving just 17% recommendation to this specific product on dollar general. My personal experience was totally different from using this product.

    This was undoubtedly the best product that I have used. Using this product I have really made my food a lot tastier now.  With the use of this mixer, the texture of the egg batter has leveled up my skill of making omelets.

    I am happy with my purchase of Mixer.

Justin Rohdes
Justin Rohdes
store : Dollar General
review date : Nov 29 2019
Product purchased : Boombox speakers
Boombox speakers purchased : Nov 08 2019
4.5 Selection Experience
3.8 Coupon Selection
4.6 Payment Process
5.0 Refund / Cashback
3.8 User Interface

“Quality Speakers”

  • overall experience


    From being a passive user to an active user of online market space, I have recently made my purchase of Sylvania Hi-Fi Bluetooth Boombox Speaker - Assorted on 4th Nov 2019  for a discounted price of $14.

    Key features of the product are:

    • Bluetooth® LED Light-Up Speaker Stream music via Bluetooth® up to 30 feet 

    • 2 3-Watt Speakers 

    • Treble, Bass and Volume controls 

    • 3.5 mm Aux-in Jack to play music from your MP3 player

    • Internal rechargeable battery and DC input for battery recharging

    • L 17in x W 22in x H 11in

    I got my speakers delivered to me on the 8th of Nov 2019 with an additional fee of  $5 (shipping charges)

    While playing music the sound is much greater than 2 to 3 watt precisely. I really loved the way how the sound quality was clear & subtle.

    There was just a simple issue with the aux insertion initially but it got sorted out with the second use of the speakers.

    I had a great time using these products. Genuinity is worth appreciating. I would love to recommend it to all!