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store : Doordash
review date : Nov 08 2019
Product Purchased : Pizza & Nachos
Pizza & Nachos Purchased : Nov 06 2019
5.0 Selection Experience
5.0 Coupon Selection
5.0 Payment Process
5.0 Refund / Cashback
5.0 User Interface

“Boon For Nocturnals!”

  • overall experience

    Well, I cannot be happier than this! 

    Due to an unexpected guest late night, I had to order some pizza and nachos. I was really not expecting the delivery at this hour, but, Doordash did what I wanted and I’m so thankful for it.  

    I ordered a Margarita Pizza with some extra cheese and Cheese Chili Nachos with salsa dip.

    So basically, I placed the order at 12:45 AM using this app. Looking for what I wanted was really easy. The order was immediately accepted and the estimated delivery time was 45 mins but I received the order within 30 mins of placing the order.  The delivery executive arrived with the package at my doorstep at 1:15 AM. 


    The good part about ordering products from here is that all the inclusions were there in one package. Also, the products were handled with good care and therefore were handed over in a really good condition. The amount that I had to pay including the delivery charges was $50. 

    In a very justified manner, I was informed about the surge that was applicable due to the late-night delivery. Apart from that, no extra charges were imposed. The package, along with the food, had essentials that were required along with it. 

    Comment: I would surely recommend you guys to all the friends and family members. You guys are literally saviors!  

store : Doordash
review date : Nov 08 2019
Product Purchased : Food Delivery
Food Delivered : Nov 04 2019
4.4 Selection Experience
4.5 Coupon Selection
3.8 Payment Process
3.9 Refund / Cashback
4.2 User Interface

“Driver Ignored My Call!”

  • overall experience

    Order Id:DD991

     Despite continuous calls, the order wasn’t delivered because the driver was really not ready to answer the calls. I actually called up the driver 10 times to talk about the delivery of the food. Finally, I had to call up the customer service numbers to confirm the details of the driver that they have provided. 

    I was told that the information that is there on the app is absolutely authentic. I told them about the problem that I was facing and I was told that they will contact me back once they get a hold of the situation. 

    After 30 mins, I received a call back from them stating that “the order has been canceled and the amount that has been deducted back will be credited back soon.”  After waiting for about 2-3 days, I called them back again and informed that the amount still hasn’t been credited back. 

    I was told that the amount will get credited soon, however, no fixed day was assigned to me. I actually received the amount back after 30 days of placing the order which was highly disappointing for me. 


    Suggestion: Please make sure you provide the users with correct information so that the users can be sure about the reception of the order.  

store : Doordash
review date : Nov 08 2019
Service Availed : Food Delivery
Food Delivered : Nov 02 2019
4.5 Selection Experience
4.0 Coupon Selection
4.0 Payment Process
4.3 Refund / Cashback
4.3 User Interface

“Hygienic & Environment Friendly”

  • overall experience

    Okay, so finally I’ve found one delivery service that takes care of the hygiene of the consumers along with taking care of the environment. I ordered french fries, Russian salad and a creamy cheese chargrilled burger from a local cafe. Doordash was supposed to get the delivery done for me. 

    I placed the order using the website and the food delivered was totally satisfying in terms of quantity, delivery, prices and packaging.  I did not receive any single thing packed in a plastic container.  All the things were wrapped in paper and instead of putting all of it in a plastic bag, the executive turned up with a thin cloth bag to deliver the package.  


    Also, spoons and other usables were made from paper. Also, the package was totally untempered. The food was fresh and hot when delivered and the quantity was taken care of. 

    Also, the availability of coupons made it a bonus deal. The amount that I had to pay for the entire order was $120 but after the application of available discounts, the amount that I had to pay was $90 including the delivery charges. 

store : Doordash
review date : Nov 08 2019
Service Availed : Food Delivery
Food Delivered : Nov 04 2019
4.0 Selection Experience
3.8 Coupon Selection
3.8 Payment Process
3.5 Refund / Cashback
3.7 User Interface

“Late As Always!”

  • overall experience

    Order Id: DD807 

    I ordered a roasted chicken burger and a turkey salad. While placing the order, I made sure to instruct the kitchen to keep mustard away from the area where the burger and salad were being prepared. Also, after placing the order and receiving the details of the delivery executive, I even called him to deliver the message to people there. 


    I was told that the message has been conveyed and that they keep that in mind while preparing the same. Also, the estimated delivery time was 40 mins but the executive kept on saying that the order hasn’t been handed over to him even after 30 minutes of placing the order.

    Finally, the order arrived after 55 minutes but even the moment I opened the package, I could easily smell and see the mustard dressing on the salad. On complaining about the same, I was told that it will be redelivered without any delivery charge and I gave consent to it. 

    The order that was supposed to be redelivered came after an hour. Though the desired help was offered but, the untimely delivery made it bad for me. 

    Comment: The delivery service is pathetic. It has never ever been timely!  

store : Doordash
review date : Nov 08 2019
Service Availed : Food Delivery
Food delivered : Nov 04 2019
4.0 Selection Experience
3.3 Coupon Selection
3.3 Payment Process
2.9 Refund / Cashback
3.2 User Interface

“Illegitimately Charge!”

  • overall experience

    Well, I have always been using Doordash but, I guess, it was the last time today! Since it was an unplanned evening and the food wasn’t ready, I ordered a few things for unexpected guests. To name a few, the items were: Southwest Egg Roll, Sidewinder, Tracy’s Signature Wings and  Tracy’s Smokey Chicken Sandwich. 


    I always prefer ordering from them because the delivery service is prompt and they always offer some sort of discount. This time, the amount that I was supposed to pay was $200 but due to the availability of coupons, I paid $160 including the delivery charges. I settled the amount by selecting the card payment option since a discount of an extra $10 was being offered on all card payments.   Immediately after placing the order, I received a confirmation mail stating that the order will be delivered within an hour. 

    After waiting for an hour, I called up the pickup executive who was supposed to deliver the order. He reverted that “the order has been picked up and that he’ll get it delivered soon.” After 15 minutes, he called up and said that he forgot that sandwich at the cafe only and it will take another 30 minutes to go and get that. I asked him to inform the authorities that the order is incomplete. After 10 minutes, he arrived at the door with that incomplete package and only after confirming that he has informed the authorities, I accepted the package.  


    From my end, I called up the customer service to inform them about the situation and I was the refund against the same will be initiated soon. It has been almost 10 days, I’ve tried contacting them 100 times but haven’t got any response. The refund still hasn’t been credited. 

    Comment: An amount of $70 was charged and hasn’t been refunded.