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Updated on May 17 2022
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Harbor Freight New Black Friday Deals Limited Time from 11/12 - 11/24

https://www.harborfreight.com/collections/black-friday-deals.html? [harborfreight.com]

Some good stuff 151 items. You cannot stack the the 10% or ITC 15% off coupons with this offer. In some cases it maybe a better deal to pay the higher price and use the coupons. YMMV if your store will allow that.

A few to get you started

Quinn 6 Pc Diamond Tip Screwdrivers [harborfreight.com] 41% off last coupon at this price expired 7/1/21 for ITC non members last coupon at this price expired 12/7/2019

Black Widow 20 Oz. Professional HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun [harborfreight.com] $40 off. Last coupon at this price expired 7/29/21 for ITC non members last coupon expired 4/21/2021 ands was $10 lower. Read More ››
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Select Harbor Freight Stores: 100-Count 8" Cable Ties (Black or White)

Harbor Freight has at Select Locations: 100-Count 8" Cable Ties Black or White for $0.99. Purchase in-store only.

Thanks to Community Member StrongMoney163 for finding this deal.
  • Note pickup availability will vary by location.
  • Black
  • White
Product Features:
  • Loop tensile strength: 220 N 49 lb.-f
  • Made from durable nylon material
  • Bundle diameter: Min: 1/8 in. Max: 2-1/4 in.
  • Operating temperature: Min: -40 C -40 F Max: 85 C 185 F
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Harbor Freight, CHICAGO ELECTRIC 7 In. Portable Wet Cut Tile Saw, $49.99

Harbor Freight has CHICAGO ELECTRIC 7 In. Portable Wet Cut Tile Saw for $49.99. Item is available for purchase in store otherwise shipping is $6.99.

https://www.harborfreight.com/7-i...69231.html
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Harbor Freight Nitrile Gloves_15-21% Off

Harbor Freight Nitrile Gloves_15-21% Off

Various thickness and sizes available.

https://www.harborfreight.com/sea...e%20gloves
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60”x80” Wool blanket clearance at Harbor Freight $6.97 (In-store)


I have this. Excellent price if you need a wool blanket. Nice emergency blanket to keep at home or car. Has many other uses. Made in India.

YMMV on availability. You can check availability on their website. Read More ››
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CENTRAL MACHINERY 70 gallon 2 HP Heavy Duty High Flow High Capacity Dust Collector for $179.99

The classic Harbor Freight 2HP Dust Collection system is on sale again. Not a better deal than in the past but it seems these type of deals have replaced the 20% coupons.

Availability is hit or miss but the Seattle store had one in stock today even though the sign in the store gave instructions on how to pre-order for later.


QA Note: Price valid for Inside Track Club members Read More ››
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3000w Inverter and 4375w non-inverter generators - Marked down as low as $320 at Harbor Freight - YMMV

Last week my local HF had a stack of these near the register. I grabbed a couple of pictures for reference. I'm not sure if they're eligible for the limited number of coupons that HF sending out but they did seem like a warm deal. Last May I paid $599 for a 3400w Champion inverter generator and that seemed like a good deal. This is close to that price point.

4375w Predator Generator - $320

3000w Inverter-type Generator - $650

Good luck!

https://www.harborfreight.com
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1/2 In. Drive Metric Impact Deep Socket Set, 13 Pc. $19.99 (Pickup for Free In-Store at Harbor Freight)

Good deal on a 13 pc set esp considering the lifetime warranty. 4.8 out of 5 stars with a "99% would recommend" product rating out of over 3.2k reviews on HFT's website.

Use this impact deep socket set to reach fasteners on long studs with ease. The chrome vanadium construction and black phosphate coating make each of the sockets in this deep impact socket set durable and rust-resistant.
  • High visibility stamped size markings
  • Chrome vanadium steel construction
  • Black phosphate finish to resist corrosion
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 10mm 13mm 14mm 15mm 17mm 18mm 19mm 21mm 22mm 24mm 27mm 30mm 32mm

https://www.harborfreight.com/12-...69561.html
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Harbor Freight Predator 9500 for $1725, $500 off

This Is YMMV but I received via email 25% off coupon that expires April 7 no exclusions. I am member of inside track so maybe that is why I got it.

It worked on this Inverter generator for a $500 savings.

https://www.harborfreight.com/950...57080.html
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Harbor Freight Spring Sale

Some great deals in this ad. 12000 lb inch for only $299

https://www.harborfreight.com/ins...deals.html
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Harbor Freight 2/26 only 5 drawer Mechanic Cart ITC members with folding table. $192.99

Today only 2/26 ITC Members only new sign up for 29.99
Stack 20% off no exclusions harbor freight coupon with free folding table with the purchase of five drawer mechanics tool cart $29.99 value for 191.99

$239.99 cart $29.99 folding table - $48 20% off ITC members - $29.99 free with purchase coupon 20603724 =191.99 or 221.99 with membership purchase

ITC membership purchase online is not instant
Coupons at hfqdb

https://www.harborfreight.com/30-...64031.html
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PITTSBURGH Screwdriver Set, 8 Pc. ($6.99 in store sale) Harbor Freight

I just happened to notice these were on sale until 6/24. I purchased 2 sets as I love the magnetic tips on these and they're much better quality than the $3 black plastic handle set they sell the same ones they would give away for free from time to time. Also since HF hardly has 20% coupons anymore and I don't recall these going on sale all that often thought I would pass along.
  • 8 pc set
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Magnetic Tips

https://www.harborfreight.com/8-p...94607.html
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Harbor Freight Predator 6.5 HP (212cc) OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine, EPA - $129.99 (normal price $149.99)

If you've been waiting for these engines to go on sale here you go! On sale for $129.99 normal price $149.99. Sale expires Jan. 27.
If you're not familiar these are Honda clone engines.

This PREDATOR 212cc gasoline engine has gas-saving overhead valves for cooler cleaner performance and longer life. The horizontal shaft is ball-bearing mounted making this gas engine an ideal replacement for most standard engine configurations. The powerful gas engine features a durable cast iron cylinder making it the perfect replacement engine for a lawn mower log-splitter and dozens of other machines.
Upgraded engineering and construction for improved lifespan
Durable cast iron cylinder withstands wear and abuse
User-friendly controls for easy starting and operation
Low oil sensor shuts down engine when oil reaches a level that is too low for safe operation
Fuel shut off for safe transport
For use on: pressure washers cement mixers compressors mowers log splitters vacuums tillers water pumps chipper/shredders generators blowers
Our PREDATOR 212cc 6.5 HP Vertical Engine is a great replacement for your Honda GX120 118cc engine Honda GX160 163cc engine Honda GX160 163cc engine Honda GX200 196cc engine Honda GX200 196cc engine Briggs & Stratton XR750 163cc Briggs & Stratton XR950 208cc Kohler RH255 196cc Kohler RH265 196cc Kohler CH260 208cc Kohler CH270 208cc Yamaha MZ175 171cc MZ200 192cc Kawasaki FJ130D 133cc FJ180D 179cc


The other model of the 6.5HP engine is also on sale. It's the EPA/CARB model.
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Harbor Freight Avanti HVLP Sprayer $64.99


https://www.harborfreight.com/han...ykEALw_wcB
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6 in. Bowie Knife $21.99 @ Harbor Freight

I had a Buck 119 for many years and recently picked up another with the sale they had recently. On one of the forums this Gordon Bowie knife was being discussed so I figured I would grab one. I love the Buck knives but surprised at the quality/price of this Gordon from HF.

https://www.harborfreight.com/mer...58090.html
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Harbor Freight Sale - 30" 4 Drawer Tech Cart on sale for $179.99 vs $219.99 full price


https://www.harborfreight.com/cou...tersdeals
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U.S. GENERAL 30 In. 4 Drawer Tech Cart for $179.99 – Harbor Freight Coupons $179

I bought this tool cart last year for $185. Well worth the money and at a great price.
Sale ends May 31 2021

Not a great deal but a decent price compared to other retail vendors.

https://go.harborfreight.com/coup...792-64818/
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Harbor Freight Stores: Pittsburgh 1/2" Drive 18" Breaker Bar $8.99

Harbor Freight Stores [Store Locator] has Pittsburgh 1/2" Drive 18" Breaker Bar on sale for $8.99

https://www.harborfreight.com/12-...60818.html
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Husky 9 ft x 12 ft Disposable Drop Cloth $1

Harbor Freight has Husky 9 ft x 12 ft Disposable Drop Cloth for $1 - a saving of 50%


Until June 2nd.
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ICON 1/2 in. Professional Flex Head Digital Angle Torque Wrench - $263.20

Harbor freight has ICON 1/2 in. Professional Flex Head Digital Angle Torque Wrench for $263.20tax when you apply 20% email coupon.

Original price:$329.99

Coupon details: 20% good on 1 item no restrictions must be on HF email list! Email was sent this morning and good until Jan 17th in stores only

This is the brand new icon wrench that just came out a few days ago that's supposed to be competing with snap-on tech angle. Highly recommend CALLING STORE before you go there. Their online stock checker is wrong went to a store that said they had 4 in stock and they didn't have any. Please keep in mind this is not a snap-on so it's not going to be as good as a $600 torque wrench but we will see how it holds up

Wrench details:

The ICON 1/2 in. Professional Flex Head Digital Angle Torque Wrench is fast accurate and easy to adjust. This high accuracy digital torque wrench comes with a factory certificate of calibration and can be re-calibrated. The easy-to-read digital display provides measurements in ft-lb in-lb Nm Kgcm dNm and angle with an audible beep and visible light to indicate when torque is reached. The ratcheting flex head design flexes up to 15 for improved access in tight spaces.
Program and store up to 9 preset torque settings
Easy-to-read digital display plus four alert modes: audible vibration LCD and LED
Provides measurements in ft-lb in-lb Nm Kgcm dNm and angle
72 tooth ratcheting mechanism with a tight 5 arc swing
Durable hardened steel delivers a torque range from 12.5 - 250 ft. lb.
Flex head allows up to 15 of rotation for knuckle and obstruction clearance
Complies with Standard ASME B107.300-2010


This is my first SD post
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Harbor Freight Central Pneumatic 1/2" Air Line Filter/ Regulator With Gauge - Clearance YMMV - $24.97

I looks like HF is clearing out all of their old stock of air filters and air regulators. Some deals are in-store only so big YMMV. Link for the 1/2 regulator/filter [harborfreight.com]

Some other deals:

CENTRAL PNEUMATIC 1/2 In. Standard Air Filter [harborfreight.com] ... $12.97

CENTRAL PNEUMATIC 3/8 In. Air Filter With Regulator [harborfreight.com] ... $13.97

CENTRAL PNEUMATIC 125 PSI 3/8 In. NPT Air Flow Regulator With Dial Gauge [harborfreight.com] ... $12.97 Read More ››
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Harbor Freight Torque Wrench $15.99

Harbor Freight Torque Wrench

https://www.harborfreight.com/mer...63882.html
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YMMV Harbor Freight 3 ton Low Profile Super Duty Rapid Pump floor jack, yellow - $200

This is how I got it for $200:
Step 1 use the Harbor freight app and search for the floor jack in the link above. The price will say $269.99.
Step 2 you will see Automotive and Learn More to the right. Click the Learn More.
Step 3 when the new page loads scroll down and look at the graphic comparing it to the Snap-On and you'll see it priced at $200.
Step 4 call Harbor Freight customer service 1-800-444-3353 and have them walk through the steps you did above showing the $200 graphic. They'll ask their manager and come back and offer you a one time 20% discount. Yes I know that's not $200 but they will charge you $22 in shipping since it's over 100 lbs which kills the deal . I ask them to call my local store and ask the manager if they'll honor the $200 price and mine did. Went to the store and bought it. Receipt in pictures.


https://www.harborfreight.com/3-t...=shortener
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QUINN™ 3/8 Deep sockets Harbor Freight $9.99

QUINN deep sockets are constructed of tough chromium vanadium steel for maximum strength and durability. These deep sockets are designed to take on stubborn nuts and bolts easily. This high visibility deep socket set features easy-to-read size markings and color identification bands for quick and easy selection.

3/8 In. Drive Metric Chrome Deep Socket 10 Pc [harborfreight.com]

3/8 In. Drive SAE Chrome Deep Socket 10 Pc. [harborfreight.com]

Lifetime Warranty. We guarantee this Tool to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product. Limitations apply.

Review [youtube.com]
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Bauer 7 Amp 4-1/2 in. Slide Switch Angle Grinder $24.99

Bauer 7 Amp 4-1/2 in. Slide Switch Angle Grinder is on sale for $24.99 at Harbor Freight

Not massive savings but still a decent price on an angle grinder.

https://www.harborfreight.com/7-a...64856.html
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Harbor Freight: 100-Ct Hardy Nitrile Gloves $6 & More (In-Store/Online) $5.99

Harbor Freight Glove sale is back for $6 from 5/9-5/22.

Price may show as $9.99 but use the following coupon code at checkout to show it at $5.99: 73418418

100-Count Hardy 5 mil Nitrile Gloves [harborfreight.com]

If in-store somehow gives any issues show the coupon...
glove coupon [harborfreight.com]
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50 Harbor Freight 7 mil Nitrile Gloves $9.99 (Regularly $18.99)

$9.99 with free coupon expires 3/3 limit 4. Available in M L XL & XXL. I bought a box yesterday. I consider myself a medium and these fit true to size. 4.8 with 357 ratings on HF website. Unlike the current hard to find Walmart Grease Monkey deal the store I was in had hundreds of boxes. The coupon is good on your phone or printed


https://www.harborfreight.com/sav...upons.html
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Predator 1400 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator with CO Secure Technology $419.99

ITEM NUMBER: 57063 Normal price $449.99 which is still really good deal. Expires 6/2 while supplies last. In Store only. I briefly looked up and in 2 videos the generator held up very well and outperformed other brands.

https://weeklyads.weekly-ads.us/h...r-295579-3
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DRILL MASTER 3.2 Amp 3/8 In. Variable Speed Drill $14.97 @ Harbor Freight


Found one in a local store today. They also have a angle grinder on sale for $10.97
https://www.harborfreight.com/pow...69645.html
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Harbor Freight Stock Up and Save $5 off $50 or $10 off $100 ITC early access 11/15/21 - 11/18/21, Everyone else 11/19/21 - 11/21/21


No exclusions

Expired Deals

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Harbor Freight: 100-Count Hardy Nitrile Gloves EXPIRED

Update: This popular deal is still available.

Harbor Freight is having their Spring Black Friday Sale on select products listed below. Offer is valid in-store where stock permits otherwise shipping is $6.99 flat rate.

Thanks to Community Member WickedDrip for finding this deal.

Example Deals prices listed below will be reflected on 4/8/2022:
  • 100-Count Hardy 5 mil Nitrile Gloves Blue $5.99
  • Pittsburgh Pro Drive Click Type Torque Wrench $9.99
    • 1/4"
    • 3/8"
    • 1/2"
  • Warrior 4.3-Amp 4-1/2" Slide Switch Wired Angle Grinder $9.99
  • Braun 390-Lumen Magnetic Slim Bar Folding Work Light $19.99
  • & More
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Harbor Freight: 144 Lumen Ultra Bright LED Portable Worklight EXPIRED

Harbor Freight has Dollar Days and Offering Select Products on sale for $1. Offer is Valid In-Store when you present Coupon and Online when you apply corresponding promo code below $6.99 flat-rate shipping applies.

Thanks Deal Editor Zoutonio for sharing this deal
  • 144 Lumen Ultra Bright LED Portable Worklight/Flashlight $1
    • In-Store: Present Coupon
    • Online: Click here Add to cart then apply promo code 57492470
  • 4-Pack 12x12" Grant's Microfiber Cleaning Cloth $1
    • In-Store: Present Coupon
    • Online: Click here Add to cart then apply promo code 57497950
  • HFT 3 Piece Super Glue $1
    • In-Store: Present Coupon
    • Online: Click here Add to cart then apply promo code 55402936
  • & More
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Harbor Freight: Free Gift (4-Pc Funnel Set, LED Light Switch or 5'6"x7'6" Tarp) EXPIRED

Free w/ Any Purchase
Harbor Freight has select Gifts 4-Pc Funnel Set LED Light Switch or 5'6"x7'6" Tarp for Free w/ Any Purchase valid through April 3. Select free store pickup where stock permits otherwise shipping is flat rate $6.99 for most orders.

Thanks to Community Member arribasn for posting this deal.

Note: Availability for pickup may vary by location.

Deal Instructions:
  1. Shop Harbor Freight and add any item to cart.
  2. Add your choice of free gift to cart:
    • 4-Piece Funnel Set w/ promo code 56233204
    • 5'6"x7'6" All Purpose/Weather Resistant Blue Tarp w/ promo code 56233966
    • 200 Lumen LED Super Bright Flip Light w/ promo code 56237348
  3. Apply corresponding promo code in cart.
  4. Promotional item should be free.
  5. Proceed to checkout and complete your order.
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Harbor Freight Everyone Saves Coupon: All Items $10 or Under EXPIRED

30% Off
Harbor Freight is offering their Everyone Saves Coupon: 30% Off All Items $10 or Under valid for Online or In-Store Purchase through March 27 2022.

Thanks to community member tunabreath for finding this deal

Note Harbor Freight Inside Track Members may save 30% Off All Items $20 or Under [Details]
  • Harbor Freight Everyone Saves Coupon
    • Online Purchase
      • Use coupon code 46557862
    • In-Store Purchases
      • Use printable coupon
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Harbor Freight In-Store Coupon: Any Single Item Purchase EXPIRED

15% Off
Harbor Freight [Store Locator] offers 15% Off Any Single Item Purchase with this coupon valid in-store through 2/27.

Thanks to community member js6558 for finding this deal. Read More ››
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Harbor Freight Coupon: Eligible Items $10 And Under EXPIRED

30% Off
Harbor Freight [Store Locator] is offering 30% Off Eligible Items $10 And Under w/ coupon code 75059179 valid for Online or In-Stores Purchase w/ this Printable Coupon. Shipping is $6.99 flat rate.

Thanks to Community Member dreamzdecora for finding this deal.

Note must present coupon at time of purchase to redeem discount

  • Online Purchases: Apply coupon 75059179 at checkout to receive discount
  • In-Store Purchases: Present this coupon at checkout for cashier to scan
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Harbor Freight - In Store only - 17 ft. Type IA Multi-Task Ladder - Supports 300 LBS $100

Harbor Freight has 17 ft. Type IA Multi-Task Ladder - Versatile folding ladder system with 24 configurations - at $100 for in store purchase.

This multi-purpose folding ladder is an all-in-one ladder system with 24 possible configurations. The multi-task folding ladder is constructed of super strong aircraft grade aluminum and supports up to 300 lb. When not in use the step ladder folds flat for easy transport or storage. Basic set ups include 1 A-Frame Ladder 2 Extension ladder 3 90 Ladder 4 Staircase Ladder and 5 Scaffolding.
Super strong lightweight aircraft grade aluminum supports up to 300 lb.
Wide flared base provides safety security and stability
Safely switch to any position with no-pinch hinges
Super-duty locking posts
Non-marring no-slip industrial grade rubber feet

https://www.harborfreight.com/17-...gLO9vD_BwE
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Harbor Freight Tools, FREE FLASHLIGHT no additional purchase required 2/25-27

LIKE FREE STUFF? You've gotta visit Harbor Freight this weekend! Score a FREE 144 Lumen Ultra Bright LED Portable Worklight with coupon code 64093281. NO PURCHASE REQUIRED! Valid Friday through Sunday 2/27. Get your coupon here: https://hf.tools/free0225 Read More ››

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