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Updated on Oct 06 2022
instacart top deal

Select Chase Cardholders: Receive an Instacart Express Membership

Instacart offers Select Chase Cardholders: Instacart Express Membership for Free and $10 off their next order of $35 or more when you follow the instructions below and sign up by January 31 2022.
  • Note: Instacart charges your card once your account converts to a paid plan on April 30 2022. You'll receive an email notice 30 days ahead of time.
Thanks to community member vacasmugen for finding this deal.

Deal Instructions:
  1. Login or Signup at Instacart.com
  2. Once logged in click the following offer link.
  3. Select your eligible Chase credit card on file or input your Chase credit card information see list of eligible Chase cards here
  4. Once you fill out the required information or have selected your eligible Chase credit card on file select Activate membership to begin your free Instacart Express membership trial.
  5. $10 discount will be added to your account and applied to the total purchase price for your next order of $35 or more exclusions apply
instacart top deal

Select Chase Cardholders: Receive an Instacart+ Membership

Instacart offers Select Chase Cardholders: Instacart Membership for Free when you follow the instructions below and sign up by July 31 2024.
  • Note: Instacart charges your card once your account converts to a paid plan. You'll receive an email notice 30 days ahead of time.
Thanks to Community Member jolyn for finding this deal.

Deal Instructions:
  1. Login or Signup at Instacart.com
  2. Once logged in click the following offer link.
  3. Select your eligible Chase credit card on file or input your Chase credit card information see list of eligible Chase cards here
  4. Once you fill out the required information or have selected your eligible Chase credit card on file select Activate membership to begin your free Instacart membership trial.
instacart top deal

Google Pay App Offer: New Instacart Users: Pickup Purchases of $50+

$30 Off
Update: This popular offer is still available.

Google Pay offers New Instacart Users: $30 Off Pickup Purchases of $50 via Unique Promo Code on Google Pay App Android or iOS when you follow instructions below.

Thanks Deal Editor Discombobulated for sharing this deal

Deal Instructions:
  1. Open the Google Pay app Android or iOS via your smartphone
  2. Select the 'Explore' tab located on the bottom of the left side
  3. Locate the 'Instacart: $30 Off Pickup Purchases of $50' offer through 'Your Offers' tab and select it
  4. Click on the activate offer to receive your unique code to apply at checkout using Instacart's website or App Android or iOS
    • Pay using any payment method; you don't have to use Google Pay
    • Apply your unique promo code at checkout
    • You may only use this promo code once
instacart top deal

Instacart - 2-Month Free Trail with Costco Membership

Get 2-Months of Instacart Express Free with your Costco Membership ID number.

Simply click on the Instacart Express Membership banner then click the Costco $79 banner on the bottom. Insert your membership ID number at the bottom of the page. Right after you should receive a prompt asking you to add two free months of Instacart Express.

HTTP://www.instacart.con
instacart top deal

NEW Instacart Express Sign Ups Only : Instacart: Free delivery for 3 months Exclusively for you as a Delta SkyMiles Member $99

From: https://www.instacart.com/store/account/express [instacart.com]

This page has deals for GrubHub Costco and Delta SkyMiles


This is what you get if you JUST link Delta SkyMiles [please be sure to check that this does not interfere with any other place that you are earning Delta SkyMiles]:

Now you'll start earning 1 mile/$1 on Instacart orders. Miles earned will appear in the "Track credits and promos" section of your account settings. Try Express to get even more:

This is what you get if you opt into three months free trial for Instacart Express:

Free delivery for 3 months Exclusively for you as a SkyMiles Member

You won't be charged until after your free months. We'll remind you before your trial ends. A valid Delta membership is required to redeem this offer and at the time of renewal.

By redeeming this offer you agree to the Instacart Express Terms and after free trial authorize a charge of $99/year to be billed automatically to any active card on file. Cancel in your account settings. Other taxes fees and/or tips may apply. You also agree to the Delta Offer Terms.

Earn 1.5 miles with Delta
With your Instacart Express membership.

Don't forget to set a reminder to cancel the service in your calendar app or reminder on your mobile or smart device.

Disclaimer: Longtime lurker not experienced posting deals and not affiliated with any of the companies or links provided.

Here is link to the fine print from the Instacart Delta SkyMiles specific FAQ:

Delta SkyMiles promotion
Starting February 22 2022 Instacart is partnering with Delta Air Lines to offer
A free trial of Instacart Express for new Express members only.
Earn miles with Delta in the SkyMiles Program on qualifying purchases for Express and non-Express members.
You must link your Delta SkyMiles account number to your Instacart account in order to receive either of the offers.
Once the free Instacart Express membership ends the account auto-renews into an annual membership $99 annually unless you cancel beforehand. You can cancel any time through the Instacart Express page.
This offer is only available to Instacart customers living in the U.S. It can't be combined with other Express offers or promotions.
U.S. customers are eligible to link their Delta SkyMiles account to earn miles on Instacart marketplace orders. After linking an account Instacart Express members earn 1.5 miles per $1 spent and non-Instacart Express members earn 1 mile per $1 spent.
How do I qualify for the free trial offer?
Free Express trial qualifications
Must link SkyMiles account to Instacart account.
If you're a Diamond or Platinum Medallion member with Delta you'll receive 12 free months of Instacart Express.
If you're a Gold or Silver Medallion Member or General SkyMiles Member you'll receive 3 free months of Instacart Express.
Must be a new Express member.
An exception to this is if you're in an active 14-day free Express trial then you're eligible for the Delta SkyMiles partnership benefit.
Once the free Express trial membership ends the account auto-renews into an annual membership $99 annually unless you cancel beforehand. You can cancel any time through the Instacart Express page.
You aren't a paid Express member and you haven't had a paid Express membership for at least 3 months.
You aren't in an active Instacart Express trial and you haven't had an Instacart Express trial for at least 3 months.
Earning miles with Delta via Instacart qualifications
Must link SkyMiles account to Instacart account.
Can be an Express or non-Express member.
Miles earned is based on qualifying purchases and how much is spent through Instacart.
Express members receive 1.5 miles per $1 spent through Instacart.
Non-Express members receive 1 mile per $1 spent through Instacart.
Qualifying purchases don't include
Coupons and promotions applied to your purchases.
Purchases with an EBT card.
Fees tips and taxes.
How do I claim the offer?
To claim the offer you must link your Delta SkyMiles account number to your Instacart account. You can also sign up for Delta SkyMiles at delta.com.
If you're new to Instacart and new to Instacart Express you'll automatically receive an offer to redeem a free Express membership.
To link your Delta SkyMiles account number to your Instacart account
Log in to your Instacart account.
Select the three horizontal lines in the upper left-hand corner.
Select Your Express membership.
Under Special offers look for Delta SkyMiles.
Select Redeem.
What is an Instacart Express membership?
Instacart Express is a membership option for customers who want to use Instacart regularly. For a flat annual cost or a low monthly fee you can enjoy unlimited free deliveries on all orders $35 or more reduced service fees and no busy pricing fees during peak delivery hours.
The $35 order minimum must be met for each retailer within an order.
How can I tell if I have an Express membership?
You can check the Instacart Express page under Your account settings to see if you have an active membership.
You can also see free delivery and a reduced service fee at checkout for orders $35 per retailer within the Instacart mobile app or website.
Where is my SkyMiles number?
In the Fly Delta app tap the SkyMiles tab to access your SkyMiles account number. You can also log in to delta.com to access your SkyMiles account number. If you forgot your SkyMiles number you can request it here.
How do I join Delta SkyMiles?
Visit delta.com and select Sign Up to join SkyMiles for free or download the Fly Delta App for easy access to your account.
Terms and conditions
Benefits pursuant to this offer are limited to U.S.-based SkyMiles members.To qualify a SkyMiles member must register for this offer and enter their SkyMiles membership number to link their Instacart account here -- available via your App or Instacart.com. Only one SkyMiles membership number can be provided for each registration and corresponding Instacart account. Only one SkyMiles membership can be linked to an Instacart account.
Mileage Offer on Instacart purchases: Instacart users who have a Linked Account are eligible to receive 1 mile per $1 USD of Qualifying Spend. Instacart Express users including those on a trial Instacart Express membership who have a Linked Account are eligible to receive 1.5 miles per $1 USD of Qualifying Spend on Instacart purchases. "Qualifying Spend" means the total amount due and payable on any single order placed on Instacart.com or through the Instacart App by a user with a Linked Account excluding x EBT/SNAP transactions services fees membership fees delivery charges tips and taxes and y any portion of spend allocated to the purchase of a gift card and/or paid for by discounts coupons store credit or promotional offers.
Instacart Express Trial Memberships: SkyMiles Members with a linked account that does not have an active Instacart Express Membership are eligible for a complimentary trial membership of Instacart Express "Trial Membership". General SkyMiles Members Silver Medallion Members and Gold Medallion Members are eligible for a complimentary one-time 3-month Trial Membership. Platinum Medallion Members and Diamond Medallion Members are eligible for a complimentary one-time 12-month Trial Membership. Trial Membership length is based on SkyMiles Program Status at the time of Trial Membership enrollment. Limit one Trial Membership per SkyMiles Member. Trial Membership cannot be combined with existing Instacart Express trials or memberships. SkyMiles Members who were previously on a paid Instacart Express Membership or trial are ineligible for the three months following the end of their paid or trial membership. Your Instacart Express free Trial Membership will begin on the date you redeem the Offer and automatically renew into an annual membership at the conclusion of your 3-month or 12-month Trial Membership unless you cancel prior to expiration of your Trial Membership. By redeeming this offer and activating your free trial of Instacart Express YOU AGREE TO THE INSTACART EXPRESS TERMS AND YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT AFTER YOUR FREE TRIAL PERIOD ENDS YOUR INSTACART EXPRESS MEMBERSHIP WILL AUTOMATICALLY RENEW AND YOU WILL BE CHARGED AN ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE OF $99/YEAR TO ANY ACTIVE PAYMENT METHOD YOU HAVE ON FILE UNTIL YOU CANCEL. Subscription prices are subject to change. You may cancel your subscription any time by selecting "Cancel Membership" in your Account Settings or clicking this link. Cancellation goes into effect at the start of your next annual billing cycle. Instacart reserves the right to modify or cancel this Offer at any time. Offer may not be sold copied modified transferred or used retroactively for prior purchases. Offer has no cash value. Void where restricted or prohibited by law. With Instacart Express the delivery fee will not be charged on orders over $35 per retailer; delivery subject to availability. Other fees taxes and/or tips may still apply. Instacart is not a retailer or seller. Instacart may not be available in all zip or post codes.
By submitting your information and registering for a Linked Account you agree to these terms and you agree that Instacart and Delta may share your information for the purpose of tracking and processing your miles into your SkyMiles account and sending you targeted offers. SkyMiles account holder must be the same as the Instacart account holder in order to earn miles.
Additional Instacart terms:Restrictions apply. By using Instacart you agree to Instacart'sTerms of Use and Privacy Policy.
All SkyMiles program rules apply. To review the rules please visitdelta.com/memberguide. Please allow up to 10 business days after completion of Qualifying Spend with Instacart for miles to be deposited in SkyMiles account. Partner offers subject to the terms and conditions of each individual offer. Offers subject to change and may be modified suspended or terminated at any time without notice. Offers void where prohibited by law. Other restrictions may apply. Determinations of eligibility are made in Instacart and Delta's sole discretion. Instacart and Delta reserve the right to review and investigate all offer activities and to suspend accounts or remove rewards and miles for suspected abuse violation of terms or fraud.
Delta SkyMiles and the Delta logo are registered service marks of Delta Air Lines Inc. Delta is not responsible for goods or services offered by Instacart. Instacart and other Instacart logos designs graphics icons scripts and service names are registered trademarks trademarks or trade dress of Instacart Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.
INSTACART and the Instacart carrot logo are trademarks of Maplebear Inc. d/b/a Instacart. Instacart may not be available in all zip or post codes. See Instacart Terms of Service for more details. Read More ››
instacart top deal

Try Instacart Express free for 2 months, then get 20% off Special offer for Costco members! Get unlimited free delivery on orders $35+ and lower service fees. After 2 months free,

https://www.instacart.com/store/p...co-express
instacart top deal

Instacart Super Savings: Individual discounts may vary

Instacart Super Savings: Individual discounts may vary
instacart top deal

Extend Instacart Express Trail with 2-Months FREE from GrubHub

If you've completed your free trial with Instacart you'll still be eligible for two extra free months plus $10 off your next order of $35

1. Open the GrubHub app. On the top page you should see a banner that will say: "Want free grocery Delivery? You'll love Instacart Express. Get 2 Free Months"

2. Generate your unique promo code by clicking the banner and entering the special promo code in your Instacart account via the promo code tab.

Note this may not work if you've already paid for the subscription service or if your free trial subscription is still active

http://www.instacart.com
instacart top deal

Instacart Giftcard 15% off with Chase Ultimate Reward Points

Noticed on chase rewards portal Instacart Gift card is 15% off when you redeem your Chase ultimate rewards points

For $25 GiftCard
2500 PTS - 15% off = 2125PTS
Saving 375 points!

All other Gift cards with 10% off
  • Apple
  • Wayfair
  • Chili's
  • Old Navy
  • Dominos

https://ultimaterewardspoints.cha...gift-cards
instacart top deal

Instacart $20 off $30 for Publix Quick Pix YMMV

I'm not anywhere near a Publix hopefully someone else can make use of this. Was in the "You have coupons" section of my Instacart account.

$20 off select stores
$30 min. subtotal before taxes fees & tips
Exclusive to orders from Publix Quick Picks and Publix Quick Picks
Automatically applies at checkout
Can't be combined with other promotions
Feb 1 2022 at 02:59 AM EST


Promo code expires on the date indicated in the user's account settings or as indicated in the promotional offer and may expire prior to actual use of the promo code without liability to Instacart. Discount will be applied to the total purchase price for Instacart all non-alcohol products for orders with a qualifying minimum spend as described in the promotional offer with one retailer. Code must be used for the intended audience and purpose and in a lawful manner. Discount will be applied to the total purchase price for all non-alcohol products and excludes taxes service fees special handling fees and/or other fees; offer cannot be applied to alcohol products. Deliveries subject to availability. Code cannot be used retroactively for prior purchases. Read More ››
instacart top deal

YMMV - BBB via Instacart: Google Wi-Fi Mesh Router for $27.49

Model No. AC-1304. Home Wi-Fi simply solved. Enjoy a fast signal in every room on every device. Google Wifi is a new type of connected system that replaces your router for seamless coverage throughout your home. An expandable system. Google Wifi points work together so you can add more if you need additional coverage. Keeps itself fast. Network Assist manacles your connection by always selecting the clearest channel and fastest band for your devices. Simple Wi-Fi control. An easy app lets you set up quickly see what's connected prioritize devices. Family Wi-Fi pause. Family controls let you pause Wi-Fi on kids devices. What's inside. 1 wifi point. 1 power adapter. 1 Ethernet cable 6 ft. Quick start guide. Get the app. Get it on google play. Down load on th app store. 1 wifi point. Best for smaller homes 500-1500 sq. ft. Tech specs. 1 AC1200 router. 2x2 Wave 2 Wi-Fi. Expandable mesh Wi-Fi. Simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi 2.4GHz / 5GHz supporting IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac. TX Beamforming. Bluetooth Smart Ready. Wired connectivity. 2 gigabit Ethernet ports per point. Ports can be configured as Wan or LAN. Security. WPA2-PSK. Automatic security updates Infineon SLB 9615 trusted platform module. Made in China. Please recycle. FCC listed.

https://www.instacart.com/landing...er_id=1583
instacart top deal

Instacart (office depot) microban Disinfectant spray **YMMV** $0.66



Microban 24 Hour Disinfectant Sanitizing Spray Fresh Scent
12.5 oz
instacart top deal

Dang Bar Variety Pack, 16 bar pack 24.4 Oz usually $3 ea sale YMMV 6.18 via instacart costco $6.18

These retail $3 each.
16 full size regular dang bars.
Thought they would be bite size due to price.
Lo and behold they were regular size. Crazy deal.
Works in socal Weho area. YMMV.

$4 and change in store silentview

https://www.instacart.com/store/i...3669471699
instacart top deal

YMMV Instacart - $35 off Quicklly Indian Meal Kits $15

$35 off Quicklly Indian Meal Kits
$50 min. subtotal before taxes fees & tips
Exclusive to orders from Quicklly Indian Meal Kits
Automatically applies at checkout
Can't be combined with other promotions
Mar 25 2022 at 02:59 AM EDT


https://www.instacart.com/store/a...age_promos
instacart top deal

Up to 95% off ($3.60 off) PopCorners 7oz bags - InstaCart deal of the day - Instacart fees still apply

Instacart is running daily Game Day Snack deals and today's coupon is "up to 95% off" PopCorners chips at participating retailers [instacart.com]. Most grocery chains are participating. Coupon is for $3.60 off up to 3 of each flavor. In my area this dropped the price to around 50 to 75 cents for a big bag of PopCorners Chips.

So you can stock up and save over $30 BUT if you're not already addicted to doing your shopping via InstaCart then you're not going to save much if anything. Prices on InstaCart are often inflated plus there are service fees delivery fees usually and of course you really should tip the driver. Read More ››
instacart top deal

YMMV Instacart Starbucks Pike Place Roast Medium Roast Ground $19.59 & MORE

YMMV Instacart Starbucks Pike Place Roast Medium Roast Ground [instacart.com] at Andronico's Market $19.59 & MORE

McCafe Premium Roast 32 K-Cup Pods [instacart.com] - $20.99
Bai Hillside Variety Pack 15 x 18 fl oz [instacart.com] - $17.40 w/ Buy 1 get $5 Off Costco
10 Pack Liquid I.V. Electrolyte Drink Mix Strawberry [instacart.com] - $16.39
12 Pack Snapple Kiwi Strawberry Juice Drink [instacart.com] - $12.99 Read More ››
instacart top deal

Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse $24 at Staples via Instacart, YMMV

Instacart has a $22 off $40 promotion for selected account check your account's promo and credit section for Staples Bestbuy bedbathandbeyond and etc.

In general this is not any good since instacart price for most stores has a mark up plus fee and tip. Plus store coupons cannot be used on Instacart.

However Staples Instacart price is the same as in store. Currently the Basilisk is on sale at staples for $39.99.

$39.99 Basilisk $1 filler like a bottled water -$22 coupon - $2 for scheduling a 3-hour window $3 service fee & fuel surcharge %12 tip on $40 tax.

My total comes to about $24 before tax.

This a YMMV deal.

https://www.instacart.com/store/i...8853975873
instacart top deal

Instacart targeted promo, $10 off ready-to-eat meal. Stackable with promotion for up to 95% Pepsi

I'm seeing two time-limited promotions that are being run today that can be stacked together.

If you have Instacart account might be worth checking your emails for targeted offer.

1 Save $10 on an order of $20 or more expired
2 Today Feb 12th it's "Up to 95% off Pepsi" active today Feb 12th

Both promotions expire either today or tomorrow. YMMV if you have both these offers on your account. The $10 off ready-to-eat meals was a link that I had to click within my email to activate that offer. expired



https://www.instacart.com/company...gest-game/
instacart top deal

Slate Espresso Chocolate Milk, High Protein, No Added Sugar $5.97

Costco B&M or Costco via Instacart at $7.54 has Slate Espresso Chocolate Milk for $5.97 - 12 Pack. Around 50c a can. Tasted very good for the price.

Regular price is around $30.

https://www.instacart.com/landing...hCJARIsACV

Similar Store Deals

costco top deal


Costco Wholesale Members: Upcoming Online-Only Savings (Starts July 28th)

See Thread for Pricing
Costco Wholesale link for reference has the following Upcoming Online-Only Offers see ad scan for its members from July 28 through August 22 2022. Shipping costs may vary by item.

Thanks community membersc2nah777&green_key[discuss] for finding this deal.

Offer Notes:
  • Prices valid online only during the promotional term not valid for in-store purchase.
  • Sale pricing end dates vary by item.
  • Some items are available for members only while others may be purchased by non-members w/ a 5% non-member surcharge added.
Example Deals sale prices for many items will go live beginning on July 28th 2022:
  • Comvita Manuka Honey various options $10-$30 off
  • Quicken Willmaker & Trust 2022 Premium PC / Mac Digital Download $69.99
  • 5.5-Cup Tiger Micom Rice Cooker JBV-S10U $79.99
  • SimpliSafe Home Security Kit w/ HD Camera HSK103 $129.99
  • TP-LINK Deco X60 AX3000 Whole Home Mesh WiFi 6 System 3-Pack $199.99
  • & Much More
target top deal


Honeywell TurboForce Table Air Circulator Fan (Black)

Update: This very popular deal is still available

Target has Honeywell Turbo Force Table Air Circulator Fan Black or White on sale for $8.49. Select free store pickup if available; otherwise shipping is free w/ RedCard or on $35 orders.

Thanks to Deal Hunter Rokket for posting this deal.
  • Note: Availability for pickup may vary by location.
  • Black
  • White
Key Features:
  • 3 Speeds & a 90 Degree Pivoting Head
  • Quiet Fan Is Compact Enough for on a Table or Wall Mount & Powerful Enough to Help Provide Comfortable Cooling in Small Medium Rooms
  • Aerodynamic turbo design to maximize air movement offering the power for intense cooling or energy saving air circulation
  • Small fan with power you can feel from 27 feet away
  • 185 CFM for optimal comfort
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Wattage: 35 Watts
best buy top deal

best buy

New or Returning Subscribers: 3-Month Apple TV+ or 4-Month Apple Music Trial

Best Buy offers select Apple Trial Subscription Services for Free listed below valid for New or Returning Subscribers only.

Thanks to community member prelude1218 for finding this deal.

Note a Best Buy account is required to redeem. Instructions are provided via email after redemption.

Available trial offers:
  • 3-Month Apple TV Trial Subscription Digital Download Free
  • 4-Month Apple Music Trial Subscription Digital Download Free
  • 4-Month Apple News Trial Subscription Digital Download Free
  • 3-Month Apple Fitness Trial Subscription Digital Download Free
    • Note Fitness is valid for new subscribers only
dollar general top deal

dollar general

Dollar General Stores: Hot Wheels or Matchbox Toy Cars

B1G1 Free
Dollar General Weekly Ad [Store Locator] is offering select Hot Wheels or Matchbox Toy Cars various selection for Buy One Get One Free valid at any participating Dollar General Stores only. Thanks Wildwilly23

Note must purchase two to get discount price. Availability/styles may vary depending on location. Read More ››
safeway top deal


Safeway - Truly Hard Seltzer 24 cans, in-store, FREE, YMMV

Safeway currently has four $5 rebates on Truly Hard Seltzer 12pk Citrus Variety [safeway.com] and Berry Variety [safeway.com]

$19.99 - $20 = net cost 0

You must be a forU member free to sign up in-store
You must activate/clip all for rebates on Safeway app
You must follow rebate activation emails sent within a day

Rebates will be sent to your registered e-mail via Paypal takes one or two business days

Expired Deals

instacart top deal

Select Instacart Stores: Best Buy, Sephora, Staples: Purchase $10+ & Receive EXPIRED

40% Off Order
Instacart is offering Select Instacart Stores: 40% Off Your Next Order See Qualifying Store List Below w/ a Minimum Purchase of $10 Max Discount of $20 when you apply promo code HOLIDAY40 to your Instacart account or when following the instructions listed below.

Thanks to community member emhsoto for finding this deal

Note must apply the listed promo code to your Instacart account

Deal Instructions
  1. Login/create a Instacart account
  2. Under your Instacart account locate the 'Track credits and promos' link and select it
  3. Click on the 'Add promo or gift card' from that section
  4. Apply promo code HOLIDAY40 to your Instacart account
  5. You will recieve a confirmation that this promotional offer was added to your account
  6. Proceed to purchase a minimum of $10 from the qualifying stores via Instacart
    • Best Buy
    • Bed Bath & Beyond
    • Bath & Body Works
    • 7-Eleven
    • Big Lots
    • Dick's Sporting Goods
    • buybuy Baby
    • ButcherBox
    • Five Below
    • Michaels
    • Petco
    • Sephora
    • Sports Basement
    • Staples
    • Sunbasket
    • Super Supplements
    • Sur La Table
    • The 99 Store
    • The Body Shop
    • The Container Store
    • The Vitamin Shoppe
  7. Your 40% Off discount will apply to your next order w/ a maximum discount of $20 Off
    • Note surcharge service fee service tipping is additional/excluded
instacart top deal

New Instacart Customers: Additional Savings on Instacart Orders $50+ EXPIRED

$35 Off
Instacart is offering for New Instacart Customers: $35 Off your First Instacart Order of $50 when you link your Paypal Account and apply promo code PAYPAL35 during checkout. Offer is valid on Pickup and Delivery Orders service fees and delivery fees apply.

Thanks Community Member MemorableAction116 for sharing this deal.

Deal Instructions:
  • Visit the Offer Page
  • Sign up for a Instacart Account via the Get Started button
  • Once your account is created visit your Payment Methods and Link your Paypal account
  • Apple promo code PAYPAL35 to your account or apply it during checkout.
  • Shop on Instacart and from eligible stores and add a total of $50 or more to your order and proceed to checkout to complete your order.
instacart top deal

YMMV Nest X Yale Lock (Satin Nickel) with Nest Connect - Instacart Samsclub $85.65

This may be highly YMMV. I'm in the Bay Area. Instacart has the Nest X Yale Lock in Satin Nickel for $85.65 delivered from Sams Club. I was able to check out see attachment. I don't want to use the P word and create a riot but worth checking your Instacart. This is normally $280

https://www.instacart.com/store/i...630090356?
instacart top deal

Select Instacart Customers: Savings on Select Retail Store Orders $30+ EXPIRED

$20 Off
Instacart.com is offering Select Customers: $20 Off Instacart Orders $30 on Select Retail Store Orders when you apply promo code HEALTH20. Offer is valid on Delivery Orders Only Service Fees Delivery Fees Delivery Tip apply.

Thanks community member WiseMint6433 for sharing this deal

Select stores include:
  • Walgreens
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy
  • 7-Eleven
  • IB Liquor & Market
  • Sephora
  • Staples
  • The Vitamin Shoppe
instacart top deal

YMMV: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller - Instacart/Staples $49.99 + $3.50 service fee

Looks like Instacart is discounting the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller when purchased from Staples for $49.99. There is a $3.50 or $2.50 for Instacart Express members delivery fee. It went out of stock for my area after I placed my order so this might be a big YMMV.

I also did a first time order code to get an additional $10 off. Total minus Tip Tax was $43.49 -- Maybe it's possible that some locations have pick up options but that's another YMMV.


Edit: Another user found out that if Instacart shows $49.99 in your location then there's a good chance it's that price in store too -- https://Zouton.net/share/android_app/t/15659578 -- will save you a few bucks if you don't have a Instacart promo code Read More ››
instacart top deal

Instacart Deal: $50 off $100 or more at Best Buy (YMMV)

This was received from a push notification from the app and saw in my email. It is a promo for Father's Day.

Expires on June 20 2022.

Examples before tax tip and excluding Instacart Express discount:
- Apple Pencil 2nd Generation: $64.84

https://www.instacart.com/store
instacart top deal

YMMV - Get $25.00 off of $45.00 at Instacart when you use PayPal at check out

My email subject says: Get $25.00 off at Instacart

Save $25.00 at Instacart
To get this discount pay with PayPal by Monday April 25 2022 at 2PM PDT.

How it works
Make a PayPal purchase of at least $45.00 excluding taxes and any other applicable fees at Instacart by Monday April 25 2022 at 2PM PDT. Learn more about this offer.
When you pay with PayPal we'll automatically apply this offer to your purchase.
Your offer will show up on your PayPal email receipt it may not be listed on the store receipt
You can only use this offer once.
Just pay with PayPal to get this discount
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Instacart - $20 off $30 Convenience Store Order

Instacart is offering $20 off $30 Convenience Store Orders. Search for this banner within the carousel then click "Shop Now". YMMV

$30 minimum order.
To see eligible retailers return to your list of stores and choose Convenience. Automatically applies at checkout. Can't be combined with other promotions. Expires Apr 2 2022. Terms apply.

http://www.instacart.com

 Instacart Deals Of The Day

Instacart Promo Codes
Instacart Coupons
Get $10 off with Instacart Walmart Discount
Avail $20 discount sitewide with Instacart Promo Code
New Users
Save $5 on Instacart orders
Applicable via both app & website
Get $10 discount by using Instacart coupon code
Applicable at Walmart store
Use Instacart online discount to avail $5 off
Save $10: Instacart Back To School Sale Discount
All Users
Avail $5 discount at Publix Store
Applicable Online only
Get $10 off on first Walmart Order
New Users
Apply Instacart Promo Code to avail free delivery
Save $10 on your first order from Instacart
New Users

Instacart Coupons & Promo Codes 2021

Instacart Coupons

Instacart Coupon Code Description

Up to $15 off via Instacart Coupon

Valid on orders placed via app or website 

Avail contactless delivery on all purchases

Instacart discount coupon is not needed

Instacart Free Delivery on $35+

Instacart Express members can avail the deal

Instacart free delivery promo code is not required

Avail Free Delivery on Aldi Orders
Use Instacart Promo Code: SHOPALDI20 

Hand Sanitizers | Starting at $2

All users can redeem the deal

Instacart online code is not needed at checkout

Instacart Express Membership | 14 Trials

Avail 14 days free trial online via the app/website

Pay $99/year or $9.99/month after the trial ends

Save additional charges during busy hours

Get Groceries Delivered in 1 Hour

Instacart delivery is applicable to all users

Minimum order value needed: $10

Avail 50% off on essential medicines

Valid for orders from CVS Pharmacy via Instacart app or website

Both new & old users can avail the deal

Instacart Deals | Covid 19 Savings Guide

Avail Contactless Delivery With Instacart Coupon 

  • The contactless delivery is valid on all purchases
  • Coupon is valid on:
    • Petco, Giant, Wegmans, Rainbow Grocery, Target, ALDI
    • Save $15 on household goods,  groceries, etc.
  • Payment modes accepted: Google Pay, Apple Pay & Credit/debit cards

Get $15 off on Meat & Seafood

  • All Instacart users can avail the deal
  • Pay Via:Cards, net banking & PayPal
  • Coupon is valid on ACME Markets store orders

Save $5 at Kroger

  • Use Instacart coupon to avail discount on: pasta sauce, cheese cubes, Snacks & more.
  • Instacart deal can be availed by all users
  • Instacart promo code not needed to avail the discount

Instacart Express Membership

Instacart Express is a membership program via which customers can avail of special discounts and benefits while shopping from Instacart.

Benefits of the Program Include:

  • Save additional charges during busy hours

  • Get unlimited free deliveries 

Customers can avail of a 14-day free trial online via the Instacart App or Website.
After the free trial is over customers will be charged $99/year or $9.9/month.
Pay via Credit/debit cards, PayPal to enroll in the Instacart Express Membership program.

Instacart Free Delivery Policy

Instacart customers can avail of free delivery on their orders if they are members of the Instacart Express. For every order above $35, Instacart Express members do not have to pay any delivery charges.

Instacart COVID-19 Update

With the spread of the CoronaVirus, most of people are not able to go out for grocery shopping but with Instacart they can get their groceries delivered at their doorstep without any hassle. With Instacart customers can avail:-

Instacart FAQs

Q.1) How much discount can new customers get on their groceries from Instacart?
Ans. New customers can avail $10 off on their orders from Instacart by using the coupon code TAFTN1FF.

Q.2) Can customers avail free shipping on their orders from Instacart?
Ans. To avail free shipping customers need to enroll in the Instacart Express Membership and the order value should be more than $35+.

Q.3) Are customers allowed to club Instacart promo codes?
Ans. Whether or not customers can club Instacart promo codes depends on the terms and conditions of the coupon.