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Updated on Jan 30 2023

Netflix : Top Coupons

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Netflix : Top Deals

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Netflix Coupons
Netflix Coupon Details
15% discount
Get a 15% discount on trending Korean dramas, series like Flowers, Wednesday using WELCOME15

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6-month Access
Get 6-month access to the coming series Crown s5, Warrior Nun by using 35NRN6DXPFDB
Limited Time
20% off on $106+
20% off on subscriptions with monthly subscription options  Use code ZVVIP
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Free Series
Stream Madea Homecoming for free only by new users using 4t8a
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5% Sitewide
5% off sitewide offer available on series like1899, manifest, elite new season EXTRA5
Ending Soon
1-Year Subscription
 Free 1-year subscription available with Netflix Gift  code 2023 3S6MRRYEVSXB
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More Information About Netflix

Savings Tip

Savings Tip #1: All users can purchase Netflix plans starting from $6.99 per month and devices which are compatible with Netflix are TV, mobiles, computer, and tablet resolution of Netflix will depend on which Netflix plan you will purchase. This deal is valid at all US participating locations. A Netflix coupon code is not needed to avail of this deal. 

Savings Tip #2: Netflix users can get discounts on their Netflix plans as Netflix student discounts. To get this discount, users need to verify their student status with Uniday and after completion of the verification, users will receive a Netflix promo code which users need to paste at the checkout process. Students will get free Netflix subscription for six months. Users who are new to Netflix can sign up with Netflix & avail Netflix trial for 30 days for free

Savings Tip #3: Users at Netflix can buy Netflix premium subscriptions starting from $19.99 per month. Users can watch unlimited movies and TV shows on their smartphones, tablet, laptop, and television. Users can create four displays at once, Users can also download HD and Ultra HD, 4K content on their devices. A Netflix discount code is not required to avail of this deal. 

Savings Tip #4: Users can add the Netflix code coupon at the checkout and they can receive unlimited free access to Netflix for 6 months. Users can enjoy watching the most popular series of Netflix such as Manifest, Lucifer, Longmire, Cobra Kai, Outer Banks, etc. This deal is available on the Netflix website and the Netflix app. 

What Are The Best Ways To Save At Netflix? 

Netflix Basic Plan 

Users who wish to use the basic features of Netflix can go for the Netflix basic plan which is the cheapest plan available and starts from $9.99 per month. The number of screens on which users can watch the same time is just 1, HD & Ultra HD resolutions is not available in this plan but users still can enjoy watching unlimited movies, TV shows and play mobile games on the Netflix app and the website. 

Netflix Standard Plan 

All users can buy Netflix subscriptions for $15.49 per month and this is the standard plan of Netflix. With this plan, users will be able to watch unlimited movies, tv shows, and documentaries, and users can even play games on Netflix which are available on the website and the app. Purchasing this plan has a lot of advantages such as there are 2 screens that can use this account at the same time, Movies and shows can be downloaded on any 2 devices on devices like mobile, laptop, or tablet. This plan includes HD resolution. Get the best of Netflix's current promo codes.

Netflix Premium Plan

This is the most premium plan as the name suggests which includes all the necessary Netflix features with some extra Netflix features. This plan starts from $19.99 per month and buying the plan has a lot of benefits over the standard plan. The benefits are that there are 4 screens that can use this account at the same time. Users can watch tv shows and movies on 4 different devices. The best part about this plan is that users can watch in both HD & Ultra HD resolutions. 

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How to get a Netflix Free Trial?

To get a free trial of Netflix, users would first need to sign up on Netflix with a valid email address then before buying the membership, all users are eligible for 30 days of free Netflix streaming but after 30 days users will need to pay for the plan according to the plan which they have selected when signed up with the Netflix. 

Is there a Netflix Free Trial code?

Though Netflix does not provide a free trial, there is a special Netflix free trial code present at Zouton which users can use to get 6-months of free trial and enjoy binge-worthy series, documentaries, and movies including Wednesday Netflix series, Harry and Meghan Netflix show, The Recruit and more. Use the code 35NRN6DXPFDB to get 6-months of free access.

Why Choose Netflix?

The largest internet platform is Netflix. Zouton.com provides special offers, such as a Netflix Free Trial, that allow users to view the newest Netflix movies and TV episodes at a discounted membership rate. There are no problems whatsoever when utilizing the Netflix platform, and the UI is slick. If you just became a subscriber, you may also see them without charge. Users may also browse other entertainment websites like HBO and Hulu, both of which offer excellent prices. With access to the newest and most popular shows throughout the world, Netflix offers its consumers the finest experience. Subscribe to Netflix this Christmas/new year to get Netflix free gift code.

Netflix Vs Hulu



Basic Plan $9.99 Per Month, Standard Plan $15.50 Per Month, Premium Plan $19.99 Per Month

Hulu Basic Plan $6.99 Per Month & To Eliminate Ads Pay $12.99 Per Month


Over 5000 Titles

Over 3000 Titles

Original Content

Netflix Originals Has Their Own Production, Actors, Directors

Hulu Does Not Have Original Content

Library Size

About 100,000 Movies & TV Shows

1,650 Series and 2,500 Films


30 Million + 7.75 M Worldwide

3 Million Subscribers



Only USA & Japan

Quality Of Audio

Dolby Digital 5.1

Stereo Sound

How To Buy Netflix Gift Cards?

On their website, users could get Netflix gift cards. Nevertheless, gift cards are also sold in retail establishments like Walmart, Kroger, and Walgreens. They are available for order on Amazon. The value of the gift card is $25 to $200. Gift Cards for Netflix have no time limit and cannot be returned. Users may also hunt for gift card discounts at other retailers.

What are the Upcoming Netflix series in 2023?

Many of the Netflix original series are coming back and a few of the new ones are trending now. Among the original series remaining episodes of Season 2 of Firefly in Lane, and Enola Holmes 2 are releasing soon. A few of the thrilling and romantic Netflix series to look forward for in 2023 are Kaleidoscope, Lockwood & CO, Murder Mistery 2, Kimi No Todoke, Murder Mistery 2 and more.

Current trending Netflix series & Netflix shows

Currently Trending
IMDb Rating
Running Time
Season 3 of Emily in Paris
Romantic Drama
30 min
Season 3 of Dead to Me
Black Comedy
30 min
Season 2 of Firefly in Lane
50 min
Harry and Meghan Netflix Part 2
58 min
I Believe in Santa
Holiday Romantic Drama
1h 29 min
Who Killed Santa
Murder Mistery
52 mins/ episode

What are the most-watched original Netflix Shows of all time?

Name of the show
IMDb Rating
Running Time/ No of Seasons
Stranger Things
51 minutes/4 Seasons
Thirteen Reasons Why
60-minutes/4 Seasons
Orange is the New  Black
59 minutes/ 7 Seasons
Black Mirror
60 minutes/ 5 Seasons
2h 33min
42 minutes/6 Seasons

Netflix Membership Discount

Netflix membership program is super easy to enroll in. The membership lets users enjoy premium shows at no extra cost, at a low price, and at any time cancellation. The Netflix Membership is easy to set up and here are the steps. Get special discounts for upcoming sales.
Step 1:  Navigate to the sign-up page on Netflix
Step 2: Choose your plan. Four plans i.e. mobile, basic, standard, and premium are available.
Step 3:  Pay for the first period of your plan.
For cancellation of your Netflix membership, you can delete your account in just two clicks. 

What Is Netflix Refund Policy?

Netflix has a strict refund policy and they generally do not refund until there is a mistake from their end. As per the Netflix refund policy, once you've been charged for Netflix's monthly service, you won't be able to get a refund. If in case you have been charged by Netflix even after canceling your subscription, you will receive the refund once you have proven the same.  If your price is more than expected or displayed, you can contact Netflix and request that the problem be resolved. Refunds typically take 5-7 business days to process. 

What Are The Available Payment Methods At Netflix?

The following payment methods are accepted at Netflix:

American Express
 Gift Cards
Comcast Xfinity

How To Get In Touch With Netflix Customer Care?

Netflix Customer Service is available via the Netflix website and/or mobile app. You can also call them at Netflix's toll-free number, 000-800-040-1843, if you have any membership or refund-related questions. 

Is There Any Netflix App Available For Download?

Netflix Android App
Netflix IOS App

How To Connect With Netflix On Social Media?

Netflix Facebook
Netflix Twitter
Netflix Instagram
Netflix Youtube
Netflix Pinterest

Netflix FAQs 

Q) Is Netflix For Free? 
Netflix does not provide free trials for Netflix, all users can always change the plan or cancel the plan on the Netflix website or app anytime they wish if users do not like Netflix. Netflix does not put any cancellation fees, no contracts and it is not necessary to continue the plan. Users can sign up with Netflix and check out all their plans to take advantage of Netflix.

Q) What Are The Upcoming Movies On Netflix?
The top upcoming Netflix movies are The Mother, Enola holmes 2, They Cloned Tyrone, The school for good & evil, Pinocchio, Matilda, You people, My father's dragon, Slumberland, The Mothership, Havoc, Blade of the 47 ronin, The pale blue eye, Nimona, Falling for Christmas, Heart of Stone, The Wonderful Story of Henry and much more. 

Q) How Much Is a Subscription To Netflix?
First-time users can choose from the three available Netflix plans which are Netflix basic, Netflix standard plan, and Netflix premium plan. Users can purchase Netflix basic plan starting from $6.99, buy the standard plan for $15.49, and purchase the Netflix premium plan starting from $19.99. 

Q) What Are The Top 10 Movies On Netflix?
The top 10 movies on Netflix currently are Do Revenge, Lou, Father Stu, I Used to Be Famous, A Jazzman's Blues, Me Time, Minions & More Volume 1, End of the Road, This Is the End and Dolittle. Users can check out the Top 10 movies on the Netflix dashboard which will entirely depend on the country which users have selected. These movies are the top 10 movies on Netflix USA. 

Q) What Are The Best Christmas Movies On Netflix? 
During the holiday season, users can enjoy the best Christmas movies on Netflix with their family and friends. The best Christmas movies are A Boy Called Christmas, A Castle for Christmas, Single All the way, Jingle Jangle A Christmas Journey, Dash & Lily, Dance Dreams Hot Chocolate Nutcracker, Operation Christmas Drop, and much more. These movies can be found in selected countries and their availability is based on your location. '

Q) When is season 2 of Wednesday coming out on Netflix?
Directed by Tim Barton, Wednesday was one of the most anticipated series on Netflix. The first season of Wednesday released on Netflix on 23 November 2022. There is still no confirmation of the next season coming out. 

Q) Who are the Netflix Recruit cast?
The thriller mystery series Recruit on Netflix was released on Dec 16, 2022. The Netflix Recruit cast involves Noah Colentino as Owen, Laura Haddock as Max, Fivel Stewart as Hannah, and Kaylah Zandar as Amelia. 

Q) What is the Netflix Meghan and harry show all about?
The currently trending Netflix Harry and Meghan show is a six-part documentary of the growth of the relationship between prince Harry and rockstar Meghan Markle. Season 2 of the  Meghan & Harry, Duke of Sussex documentary series giving an insight into the royal hierarchy, and relationships is out now.

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