Best Gaming Headphones Brands That You Should Know About

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Nov 01 2022 Share this blog

Hardcore gamer is always searching for the best gaming headphones brands to level up their skills. To be at the top of your game, a gaming headset provides superior, crisp, and clear sound compared to conventional speakers. Choosing from many online brands may prove to be a challenging task. We have done our part and curated a list that will help you improve your gaming experience.

Top Brands For Gaming Headphones in 2022

Here are the best gaming headphones brands where you can buy professional-level headphones for your gaming needs:

  1. Razer

  2. Astro Gaming

  3. Sennheiser

  4. Logitech

  5. Corsair

It’s time to dive into the specifics, let’s take a look at each brand up close.

1. Razer

Experience crystal-clear, robust audio that creates amazing soundscapes for a new level of immersion with a killer lineup of cutting-edge gaming headsets, and gain the competitive edge with next-gen surround sound with the best Razer gaming headset. Many gamers, both those who play in the comfort of their homes and those who compete at the highest level in the professional scene, appreciate their selection of gaming headphones.

Razer headphones

Available Models: BlackShark | Barracuda | Kraken

Price Range: $80-$200

Where To Buy? - Razen Official Website | BestBuy | Amazon

2. Astro Gaming

Astro Gaming is another subsidiary brand of Logitech. However, Astro concentrates on more niche industries like console gaming, gear, and headphones as opposed to Logitech G, which already has the position as Logitech's gaming brand and already covers the majority of gaming hardware. High-end, award-winning gaming headsets from ASTRO Gaming enhance gameplay through immersive audio. Find your next headset, wireless or wired.

Astro gaming


Where To Buy? - Astro Gaming Official Website | BestBuy | Amazon

3. Sennheiser

Sennheiser consistently produces the best PC gaming headphones thanks to German-engineered technology, excellent noise-canceling microphones, and unmatched comfort. Sennheiser headphones in the $100–$320 price range, notably the Game Zero and Game One, are favored in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Valorant, and Fortnite because of their practically unequaled surround sound characteristics. Only Sennheiser produces both the gaming headphones you use and the high-quality microphone equipment used to capture your games.


Where To Buy? - | Amazon

4. Logitech

Logitech offers immersive sound, crisp mics, EQ that is user-adjustable, and optional 7.1 surround. With the additional benefit of perfect audio, all you need to get into the game and perform. Despite not having a gaming-focused beginning like Razer, Logitech has been around for a lot longer. It has existed for a very long time—far longer than most modern gamers. Since its establishment in 1981 in Switzerland, Logitech has witnessed the dawn of the personal computer era and participated in its heyday.

Logitech headphones

Available Models: Logitech G & Logitech Pro

Price Range: $70 - $200 

Where To Buy? - | Amazon | Best Buy

5. Corsair

For gamers, multimedia makers, and PC enthusiasts, CORSAIR is a prominent global developer and manufacturer of high-performance hardware and technology. From premium streaming gear, intelligent ambient lighting, and esports coaching services to award-winning PC components and peripherals, CORSAIR offers a whole ecosystem of goods that work together to help everyone—from casual players to devoted professionals—perform at their absolute best.

Corsair headphones

Available Models: Wireless Headsets | USB Gaming Headsets | Stereo 3.5mm Gaming Headsets

Other Brands Selling Gaming Headphones

Apart from these top brands, you can also check out gaming headphones from the following brands:

  • JBL

  • SteelSeries

  • HyperX

  • Turtle Beach

Why It Is Important To Have Perfect Gaming Headphones?

Consider purchasing the best headset with a mic that suits your demands if you want to take your gaming to the next level. You must be aware that there are several factors to take into account when buying a gaming headset.

  • Enhances Sound Quality

  • Comfortable for Longer Sessions

  • Effective Communication With Team Members

How To Choose the Best Gaming Headphones Brand?

There are many specifications that one needs to keep in mind when purchasing a headset. Some of them are:

  • Comfort

  • Microphone for noise cancellation

  • Durability

  • Sound Quality

  • Price


We have done half of your task and you just need to select one of the above-listed best gaming headphones brands. These brands offer a variety of gaming products, each with a unique design, function, and even goal. Make an informed purchasing decision regarding the best gaming headset by using the information provided here. Also check out latest video games deals & discounts to know more.

By Jitesh Dhawan - Author