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Ever since the launch of Disney Plus a few years ago, the OTT platform has been constantly busy producing original content that meets or exceeds its competitors, so much so that, very recently, Hulu and ESPN have gone into collaboration with the platform to distribute their content to a much larger audience. Here are the best Disney Plus shows that you can most certainly binge-watch. 

Best Things To Watch On Disney Plus

Disney Plus is a good way to binge across multiple genres, catering to a wide audience. Here is a list of all the best things you can watch on Disney Plus:

  • Animated Cartoons for kids

  • Animated series for adults. 

  • Sports 

  • Movies 

  • Disney Classics 

  • Disney new era movies 

  • Pixar on Disney Plus

  • Star On Disney Plus

  • Hulu On Disney Plus

  • National Geography On Disney Plus 

  • TV shows 

  • Original Disney Plus Movies 

  • Original Disney Plus Shows 

  • Documentaries 

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Best Series On Disney Plus 2022: Original 

Disney Plus creates a lot of original content. Based on the TRP and their Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb ratings here are the best series on Disney Plus

Moon Knight

The six-episode psychological action-adventure series premiering in 2022 is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that shares its continuity with the movie franchise. The story follows a humble gift shop employee at the museum, Steven Grant, played by Oscar Issac, who discovers that he suffers from dissociative identity disorder, or DID, and shares his body with an American mercenary, Mark Spector. Both Steven and Mark work through their complexities as they try to battle out their common enemy, Arthur Harrow, played by Ethan Hawk, as he tries to raise a punitive Egyptiad. The series has a much darker treatment than other Marvel projects and feels very fresh. Not to mention that both Ethan and Oscar have put forward “Marvel”-lous performances in their respective roles. 


Oscar Isaac

Ethan Hawke

May Calamawy

Gaspard Ulliel


The action-packed space adventure western series is a part of the Star Wars fraternity. Considered to be one of the best of its kind in general, The Mandalorian follows the journey of Pedro Pascal who plays the role of a bounty hunter in the outer universe, who is on a mission to protect Grogu, popularly known as Baby Yoda.


Pedro Pascal

Gina Carano

Carl Weathers

Giancarlo Esposito

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Based on the Marvel comic character of the same name, Loki is an action-adventure crime thriller. Released in the year 2021, the series stars Tom Hiddleston, who reprises his role as Loki, the God of Mischief. The series begins where the character arc of Loki ends in the Avengers: End Game movies. An alternate version of Loki is brought before a time-variant authority, which is employed by one of his agents, played by Owen Wilson as Mobius, who presents Loki with two options: he could be permanently erased by being a time-variant, or he could help them fix the timeline and stop the greater threat. Loki is filled with amazing plot twists and a gripping season finale that makes you want more. Luckily, the series has already gone into production, and the new season is expected to arrive somewhere around the late spring or early summer of 2023. 


Tom Hiddleston

Sophia Di Martino

Owen Wilson

Jonathan Majors

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The Beatles: Get Back

The revolution in music is incomplete without the mention of The Beatles. The three-episode docu-series by Peter Jackson The doc-series, which has a duration of 8 hours, captures the making of The Beatles' last album, "Let It Be," and the preparation for their first live show in two years. The documentary is composed of iconic footage showing the legends of Paul, John, Ringo, and George at work. While the documentary does display some friction and clash of ideas between the band members, it is not as bad as the years of rumors would have you believe.  


John Lennon

Paul McCartney

George Harrison

Ringo Starr

Ms. Marvel

Bisha K. Ali created the coming-of-age superhero series that follows the journey of Kamala Khan, a daughter of Pakistani immigrants, as she tries to make sense of her new-found powers. This takes her on a journey unfolding the trauma-induced past.


Iman Vellani

Yasmeen Fletcher

Matt Lintz

Mehwish Hayat

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Best TV Shows On Disney Plus

Ever since the launch of Disney Plus in 2019, the OTT platform has provided us with great entertainment with its line of original content. However, that’s not all; the OTT platform has a reputation for bringing back some of the best shows from the television 

To Catch A Smuggler 

The Nat Geo docuseries is well-known for its incredible footage of customs and border security officials sniffing out contraband and worse as people attempt to smuggle them into the country. The three-season-long docuseries was later picked up by Disney Plus. 


Denise Toto

Jim Finn

Agent Carter

Disney Plus is the station for all Marvel shows and movies, even the ones that have been released prior to the OTT’s arrival. Agent Carter, the official spin-off to Marvel’s Captain America, stars Hayley Atwell in the lead. Peggy Carter is reprising her role as an agent after World War II. Though the show was canceled after two seasons, it received positive reviews from critics and is a must-watch for spy fanatics. 


Hayley Atwell

Bradley Whitford

Dominic Cooper

Tim Trobec

America’s Funniest Home Videos 

Before YouTube became the one-stop destination for all sorts of entertainment, ABC was known for airing a one-hour marathon of the funniest domestic videos, capturing bloopers and funny moments from regular American households. The best era of the show's three decades on television was hosted by Tom Bergeron of Dancing With the Stars fame. From funny wedding reception blunders to Grandma’s tentacles falling into her birthday cakes to kids and pets being their absolute selves, these videos were a stress-buster, and thanks to Disney Plus taking on the show, they continue to be so too. 


Bob Saget

Alfonso Ribeiro

Tom Bergeron

Daisy Fuentes

Duck Tales 

You'd have to be living under a rock to have missed Duck Tales' impact on the entire American kid population in the 1990s. In 2017, they revamped the whole cartoon, making it a series that focused on the life of Scoorge McDuck and his family as they embark on a journey around the world, facing new adventures, including the ones in the present in the fictional city of Duckberg. As Brigadier General Helman says in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, “ You can never watch too much of Duck Tales," and Disney Plus has got you covered with all three seasons of one of the most famous and well-loved shows.


Danny Pudi

Ben Schwartz

Bobby Moynihan

Tony Anselmo

Disney Plus Shows For Tweens

Diary of a Future president 

 Elena is a teenager who is trying hard to cope with society and the peer pressures of adolescence. The story unfolds itself through Elena's narration written in her diary, which upholds meticulous details about her social life, psychological journey as well as her ambitions to be president of the U.S. Elena's family comprises her mother and her brother, and she gradually develops a relationship with a lawyer on her farm, Sam. The story takes a leap and projects the phase of her life as living her dreams as a President of the United States. The show has two seasons - each season consists of 20 episodes. Here, in this show, two phases of Elena's life have been projected and the teenage phase has been acted by Tess Romero and Gina Rodriguez has presented Elena's future self as the President of the U.S. 


Tess Romero

Charles Bushnell

Jessica Marie

Selenis Leyva

Andi Mack 

 Andi Mack is a popular American Comedy-drama dealing with the adolescence issues of a thirteen-year-old girl named, Andi Mack. Andi gets to know that the woman she believed to be her sister is actually her mother which comes out as an utter shock to her. The story develops as Andi falls in love with a boy from her middle school and undertakes a very complicated emotional journey in pursuit of her love interest. She also learns gradually to accept her complicated family life as well as her personal life. The show is divided into three seasons. Andi's character is portrayed by Peyton Elizabeth Lee. 


Peyton Elizabeth Lee

Asher Angel

Joshua Rush

Sofia Wylie

The Simpsons 

Apart from being highly predictive of what American society would eventually lead to, the animated sitcom created by Matt Groening portrayed the everyday life of a typical American family and American society in a parodic manner. 


Matt Groening

Dan Castellaneta

Nancy Cartwright

Hank Azaria

High School Musical: The series 

Based in the same East High School as the movie, High School Musical: The Series is a mockumentary based on the lives of a group of late-teenagers who are preparing for a staging event. The series marked the debut of eminent talents like Olivia Rodrigo, who embodied the lead role of Nini. The series opened to mixed reviews, with comparisons made to predecessors like Glee or even the movie. The program has been nominated for five Children's and Family Emmy Awards, won a GLAAD Media Award, and won three Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.


Olivia Rodrigo

Joshua Bassett

Sofia Wylie

Matt Cornett

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1. What is the most watched thing on Disney Plus?

The most-watched thing on Disney Plus is Loki. The first season of the Marvel Disney+ series aired in the United States in 2022. "Loki" was the most well-liked Marvel program on Disney+ as of August 2022, with an estimated 2.5 million households seeing the show's premiere in its first five days.

2. What are the most watched things on Disney Plus?

While Loki has the longest average view time of any Marvel or Lucasfilm series, The Mandalorian is clearly in the lead.

3. Who is better, Disney Plus or Netflix?

Disney+ is far less expensive than Netflix. Additionally, Disney+ has more features than every other Netflix subscription besides Premium. Disney+ has more unique material, while Netflix's content library is more diverse.

4. Is Disney Plus worth it in 2022?

The exclusive collection of family-friendly television series and films makes the Disney Plus fee reasonable for the service. If this is a necessary streaming service for your home, you can save some money by purchasing a yearly subscription for $79.99. Disney Plus does not provide premium supplemental material, in contrast to Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

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