Top 10 Boss Day Gift Ideas To Recognize Your Managers Excellence

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Oct 06 2022 Share this blog

As Michael Scott once said, good managers don’t like fire, they hire & inspire. The day to celebrate your Boss’s awesomeness is just around the corner. This year, Boss day will be celebrated on October 16, 2022.  and we can not wait anymore to share the best gift ideas with you. Check out the following space and make your boss feel special. (if you want to get your leave approved)

1. World’s Best Boss Mug

Gift your boss the mug that they will flex about. The large, easy-grip C-shaped handles allow for ease and everyday use. The mug will remind them about being the best with every sip of coffee. It is safe for dishwashers and microwaves and unfading color that is permanent.

World’s Best Boss Mug

Where to find this boss’s day gift?

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2. Boss Babe Sweatshirt For Your Lady Boss

The best gift for your lady boss is just right here. A sweatshirt so comfy and cool that your manager will not be able to resist wearing it to work. Choose from a wide range of color options and sizes and order it right away. 

Boss Babe Sweatshirt For Your Lady Boss

Colors Available: White | Pink | Black | Red | Forest Green and more

Price: Starting at $22.40

3. Personalized Snack Box

You might not know your boss’s favorite color but you surely know what they love to snack on during their free time. Prepare a personalized snack box for them and we are sure that it will be loved by them. You may get to taste them too.

Personalized Snack Box

Look out for online grocery stores for this boss’s day gift. 

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4. Funny Boss Day Gift | Handmade Journal

Ask for me and my team, we will get shit done! Gift your boss a journal with this quote printed on the cover to remind them how lucky they are to have you on their team. With the durable printed cover, it makes the perfect affordable gift for this boss’s day.

Funny Boss Day Gift | Handmade Journal

Buy At Etsy for $11.90

5. Scented Candles

Who doesn’t want to relax after their work hours and what can be better than scented candles to do so? Use this gift idea for boss’s day (male or female) and show tell your manager that it is ok to take a day off. This calming candle is a great gift for her or him and makes someone's day brighter.

Scented Candles

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6. Chocolate Platter & Cookies

If your boss has a sweet tooth, your task of choosing a gift for them just became easy. Gift them a Chocolate Dipped Indulgence Platter, Cookies & more to cheer them up with the bundle of joy. 

Chocolate Platter & Cookies

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7. Custom Boss Bobbleheads

If you happen to love your job, your boss is one of the most important people in your life. Gift them a custom bobblehead that will brighten up their workspace. You have to submit a picture of your boss to get it customized and we are sure that it will be a huge hit.

Custom Boss Bobbleheads

Where to shop? Check out and select from over 300 unique body options. Price is variable and depends on the specific product that you choose.

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8. Hour Glass Sand Timer

Bosses are punctual and always keep an eye on their watches. Gift your boss a 60-minute hourglass sand timer which will surely look classy on their desk. This unique vintage sand watch is perfect for those who never want to miss a deadline.

Hour Glass Sand Timer

Buy at Amazon for $25.89

9. Growing Succeeding Plant Cube

Your boss will love this plant cube and prove to be a charming gift. It includes everything they need to grow their own plant. Includes basil seeds and a dirt peat pellet. These wooden planter boxes can be customer engraved with personalization or your logo.

rowing Succeeding Plant Cube

Buy from at $5.99

10. Books | Fiction Or Nonfiction

If your boss loves to read and talk about deep & spiritual stuff then gifting them a book should be your first choice. 

Books | Fiction Or Nonfiction

Search online for the latest editions and order them right away. Some of the websites from which you can buy them are Book Depository, Amazon & more.

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It’s not every day that you appreciate your boss for the work they do. But do not forget to do that on upcoming Boss’s Day. Choosing a gift may be difficult but the above-mentioned gifts will never fall out of trend. Order them right away so that you do not miss any deadlines. Keep checking for more updates & hacks.

By Jitesh Dhawan - Author