Emirates Promo Code For Extra Baggage (June 2022): 10 Kgs Extra Baggage Allowance + 10% Off On Flight Tickets

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Take advantage of one of the world's most generous luggage allowances. Extra baggage charges can be reduced by up to 60% for ordinary customers, while students are allowed to bring 10 kgs extra with Emirates Coupons 2022.

Emirates Promo Code For Extra Baggage (June 2022): Trending Now

Emirates Extra Baggage Coupons

Free Wi-Fi & Baggage Delivery | All Bookings

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Up To 60% Off | Baggage Allowance

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Emirates Promo Code For Extra Baggage (June 2022): Trending Now

Free Wi-Fi & Baggage Delivery | All Bookings

There's no need to be concerned about the amount of luggage you can bring on board. They want your Emirates travel to be as easy and stress-free as possible, thus all flight classes provide ample luggage limits.

Emirates Promo Code For Extra Baggage

  • All users are eligible

  • Applicable for Emirates Skywards Gold members

  • Additional benefits besides Free Wi-Fi & Baggage: Access to first-class lounges, waitlist priority, and so on.

Up To 60% Off | Baggage Allowance

With this Emirates Coupon For Extra Baggage, for an extra 5 kg, you can get a 50% discount, or for an extra 20 kg, you can get a 60% discount.

Emirates Promo Code For Extra Baggage

  • All users are eligible

  • Works without an Emirates Promo Code For Extra Baggage

  • The discount varies with the baggage weight.

Emirates Baggage Allowance In 2022 | All You Need To Know

  • A 7kg carry-on bag is allowed in Economy class, and a 7kg briefcase or garment bag is allowed in First or Business class in addition to your carry-on luggage.

  • If you're flying Economy, you have the option of selecting from Special, Saver, Flex, or Flex Plus, each of which increases your luggage limit by 5kg.

  • If you're traveling with a lot of luggage, choose Flex Plus to bring 35kg!

  • First-class passengers are permitted to carry 50 kg, whereas Business-class passengers are permitted to carry 40 kilograms.

  • At current currency rates, you may also purchase additional luggage at the check-in desk or through your local Emirates office.

  • They will give you a special price if you purchase extra luggage ahead of time online.

Emirates Skywards Rewards Deal | Extra Baggage Allowance + Priority Delivery

Every time you travel with the Skywards frequent flyer club, you'll discover a whole new world of Emirates discounts

When you sign up, you'll start earning miles every time you travel and shop at one of their global partners, such as another airline, bank, car rental agency, hotel, or retail store. They also have a number of membership tiers to choose from:

  • Skywards Blue members receive instant upgrades using miles, unique member-only deals and vacation packages, precedence on the waiting list, paid lounge access, and free Wi-Fi.

  • Skywards Silver (25,000 Tier Miles) perks include free seat selection, extra luggage allowances, additional miles, and lounge access.

  • Skywards Gold (50,000 Tier Miles) members receive priority assistance through their call centers, are guaranteed seats (even on full flights), have priority check-in and boarding and have priority luggage delivery.

  • Platinum Skywards (150,000 Tier Miles): Reward tickets and no mileage expiration

Emirates Student Discount 2022 | 10% Off + Extra 10 Kgs Baggage Allowance

Experiencing different cultures and expanding your horizons is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Plus, while you're on your way, Emirates will give you an exclusive discount and additional bonuses.

Book your journey before September 30, 2022, using the coupon code STUDENT to save up to 10% on Economy and Business Class rates, whether you're flying for school or a vacation to one of our over 250 locations. 

Students also receive an extra 10 kg or 1 item. 

Emirates Promo Code For Extra Baggage | FAQs

Is there any extra baggage allowance for students?

Yes, In addition to the usual baggage limits for your flight, you will receive an extra 10 kg allowance or 1 extra piece of luggage (whichever is greater), excluding any promotional allowances contained in your itinerary.

What is Emirates' policy on checked baggage?

Emirates manages luggage using weight and piece-by-piece regulations. The weight policy enables you to check in as many bags as you like as long as the overall weight satisfies the standards, but the by-piece technique only allows you to check in a predetermined number of bags that satisfy the established weight allowance. 

Can I check-in 3 bags on Emirates?

You can check as many bags as you like, as long as they don't exceed the weight limit for your travel class. The total weight of each bag shall not exceed 32 kg.


Visit Manage your booking to find out about the luggage regulations that apply to your trip and how much excess baggage will cost. For more such free baggage deals and an extra 10% savings on your next trip, follow the Emirates coupons and promo codes page on Zouton.com.

By Shalini Shukla - Author