GoDaddy Domain For Sale (May 2022): Get 47% Off On Different Domain Names Like .CC, .Com, .Org & More

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Get the trediest domain names  at 47% off with GoDaddy Domain For Sale. Make your newest venture grow tremendously with most popular domain names like .cc, .com, .org & more.

GoDaddy Domains For Sale 2022: Exclusive Discounts

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GoDaddy Domain Name Search | Starting From $1.99

Get the trendiest GoDaddy domain names at a nominal price. From retail clothing, startups, e-commerce websites to name a few.

Top Domain Names
Price Now
Web Address Inclusions



$1.99/ 1st Year

Retail clothing, Music, Handmade goods, Furniture and home décor, Electronics and computers, Books & music, Baby products, Specialty foods



$7.00/ 1st Year

 limousine company, nightclub, concert venue, restaurant or anything else that provides the best money can buy



$9.99/ 1st Year

 Startups and small businesses, more.



$11.12/1st Year

20+ million customers across the globe trust us with their domains for all kinds of ventures



$11.12/ 1st year

eCommerce site, Small business, Mid-size business, Side gig, Startup & more



$30.01/ 1st Year

Artists, manufacturers, web developers, sports teams, publishers can all use .site to create memorable web addresses. It’s a new opportunity to create a unique brand.



$4.97/ 1st Year

Visual artists, Graphic designers, Web developers, Photographers, Writers & more

  • .shop- .shop makes an instantly recognizable web address for any business that sells products, downloads or streaming content. It will  also tell the growing number of web shoppers that you're ready to take their orders. With GoDaddy Coupon For Domain Renewal get hefty deals.

  • .vip- With a .vip domain name, your web and email address strengthen the prestige of your brand. Even before anyone visits your site, dot vip immediately connects your brand with the exclusivity and luxury of being a very important person. Use GoDaddy Coupons For New Domains for discounts.

  • .xyz- It’s a new generation of domain names. Short, easy to remember and recognizable all over the world, a .xyz domain opens up a wealth of opportunities. If you’re bold enough, hook up your online presence to a domain that lets you step outside the mainstream and claim your own unique space.

  • .com- When people think about websites, it's often paired with a .com domain. They're globally recognized, which means that if you're starting a business and plan to go international at some point, a .com domain works just fine.

  • .llc- A .llc domain name is a great way to show the world you’re a serious business, and that’s a no-brainer for building a successful online presence. From startups and side gigs to sprawling companies, an easy-to-remember domain name makes finding your company online a breeze.

  • .me- Dot me is a personal domain. An .me domain name puts the spotlight on one thing — you. It’s an invitation to explore who you are and what you do. People who might buy this attention-catching domain to showcase a portfolio.

GoDaddy Coupons For Domains: Top Categories

.Com At $4.99

.US Domain: 95% Off

.VIP Domains: 68% Off

GTLD Domains: 30% Off

GoDaddy Featured Domain Extensions| Starting From $1.99

With specialized domain names, you can now grow your featured domain extensions in a cost effective way, starting just at $1.99.

GoDaddy Domains For Sale

Top Domain Names
Price Now
Web Address Inclusions



$25.41/ 1st Year

Retail clothing, Music, Handmade goods, Furniture and home décor, Electronics and computers, Books & music, Baby products, Specialty foods


$20.02/ 1st Year

Makeup products, fashion products, lifestyle, homemade skincare products, salon, & more.



$9.99/ 1st Year

Marketing and ad agencies, PR firms, professional associations and market research companies 7 more.



$9.97/ 1st Year

Graphic Designers, Web Developers and Designers, Interior Designers, Engineering Firms

Freelance and Independent Designers,

Professionals in Landscape Design, UX Design, Fashion Design and any other field of design



$1.99/ 1st year

Do-it-yourself services and advisors of all kinds. It’s also a great web address for how-to blogs, video tutorials and educational content


$30.01/ 1st Year

Artists, manufacturers, web developers, sports teams, publishers & more.



$15.72/ 1st Year

Virtual reality apps, Dog walking apps, Sleep tracking apps, Marathon running apps, TV remote apps, Stock market apps & more.

  • .luxury: Many consumers are drawn to opulence, aspire to affluence. .luxury signals that what you offer is special and exclusive. .luxury enhances the value of your brand by adding richness and relevancy to the goods and services offer.

  • .beauty: The beauty industry is packed with all sorts of professions, from makeup artists to fashion designers and everyone in between. And if you're in that world, a .beauty domain helps you put your best face on.

  • .marketing: With hundreds of new domain extensions coming to the web, finding an address that fits your business is easier than ever. Turn your web address into a promotional tool with your own marketing.

  • .design:  The .design domain doesn’t just represent one creative profession. Instead, it brings together a diverse group of people living and playing as designers. Use GoDaddy Domain Coupon for slashed down prices.

  • .solutions: With hundreds of new domain extensions coming to the web, finding an address that fits your business is easier than ever. Tell readers you have the answer with .solutions. With GoDaddy $2.99 Domain Promo Code, get a colossal deal.

  • .earth: There’s growing global awareness that the environmental crises we face can only be solved if we work together. .earth is an ideal choice for those who contribute to, report on or blog about these efforts.

  • .app: With an .app domain, you have a name that’s meant to show the world how awesome your app is. With everyone connected these days, people also want to connect with the technology that makes their lives better and .app makes it easier to find the developer who created it.

GoDaddy Domain For Sale| Top Availed Services

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Web Hosting


GoDaddy Domain For Sale| Saving Tips & Tricks

  • Avail 36% off on Domain Renewal & more. Save extra on Domain Name, SSL Security, etc.

  • Save up to 36% on top domain names with GoDaddy Domain Membership Coupons.

  • With GoDaddy Domain Transfer promo code, you can save yourself of a gigantic amount while transferring your domains.

  • Avail yourself of  hefty 80% discount with GoDaddy 99 Cent Promo Code.

  • Use GoDaddy Google Ads Coupon to avail yourself of a gigantic discount.

  • Save up to 20% with GoDaddy Web Hosting Promo Code for uninterrupted hosting services at an affordable rate.

GoDaddy Domain For Sale| Similar Stores

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GoDaddy Domain For Sale| Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is GoDaddy domain name beneficial?

Yes, GoDaddy is the world’s largest and most trusted domain registrar that empowers people like you with creative ideas to succeed online. You can easily buy it from a domain search.

2. Is GoDaddy transfer of domains, website, or web hosting useful?

Yes, from award-winning service support 24X7, and a free 1-year extension on many domain transfers, are some of the primary reasons why you should switch to GoDaddy.

3. Does GoDaddy provide domain membership plans?

Yes, GoDaddy provides both basic and premium membership plans. Depending on the size of your business and the number of people in it, you can choose your plans accordingly.

4. Is GoDaddy acceptable for all payment options?

Yes, you can make payments at GoDaddy with the help of net banking, credit cards, debit cards, and more.

5. Do you need any external promo code for GoDaddy Domain For Sale?

No, you will not need any external promo code to avail of the deal.


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By Naveen Upadhyay - Content Specialist