Halloween Restaurant Special Deals 2021 | Clearance | Flat 25% Off At KFC, Subway, Papa John's & More

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By Arvind Chatterjee - Content Specialist Jan 05 2021 Share this blog

This Halloween, get sumptuously tricked to be treated and relish some gobsmacking delicious treats as we are going to mention the best Halloween restaurants special deals so you can be saved from the horror of food hunting. 

Halloween Restaurant Special Deals 2021: Top Recommendations

Halloween Restaurant Special Deals
Regular Priced Items: 25% Off @ Papa John's
2 or More Treats: At $5.99 Each @ Dominos
Footlong: Buy 2 Get 1 Free @ Subway
Fill Up Meal: $20 @ KFC
Buy Donuts From $1.89 @ Krispy Kreme

*Browse through food delivery coupons, promo code to avail discounts across restaurants and cuisines. 

Halloween Food Deals 2021: Save Extra On Every Order

Cast a delicious spell on Halloween to make your day even more uncanny. We have mentioned the best Halloween restaurant special deals that can be activated to nefariously devour your Halloween treats. Halloween restaurant specials go as follow. 

a) Papa John’s Halloween Food Deals

Jack-O-Lantern pizza As a part of the Halloween pizza deals foodies can also order Jack-O-Lantern pizza that comes with a Pepperoni border and a smiley face to make their Halloween sumptuously scarier. Papa John’s login to avail Jack O Lantern pizza deal. 

Regular Priced Items| 25% Off

1. Regular Priced Items | 25% Off

Papa John's coupons can rescue you from the hair-raising prices. Get your Papa John’s food delivered or opt for contactless carry out to get an eerie 25% discount on the regular Papa John’s menu items.

  • Papa John’s food items include such as- 
Papa John’s Menu Items
Papa John’s Toppings
Papa John’s Pizza 
Papa John’s Sides
Papa John’s Desserts
Beverages, and more
Bacon, and more 
  • No minimum Papa John’s order value is needed 
  • Apply Papa Johns promo code 25OFF at the checkout
  • Customers can choose contactless carryout orders as safer delivery options
  • Place orders through Papa John’s app and website  

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2. Buffalo Grilled Chicken| Papa John’s

Here is some deliciously frightening Halloween food deal where customers can grab Papa John’s buffalo grilled chicken at just $6. Read Papa John’s coupon details. 

  • Use the Papa Johns promo code PAPADIAS at the checkout 
  • No cap on order amount is available for the Papa Johns users
  • Papa John’s hours vary as per location
  • Papa Johns coupons are available across the US locations 
  • Use payment methods such as- 
    1. PayPal
    2. Credit cards
    3. Online banking 

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b) Dominos Halloween Food Deals

Some delicious cheese bursting Dominos pizza would be the right way to go about on a Halloween night. As a part of the halloween pizza special deal- get together with friends and family to avail of enticing Dominos coupons.

 Dominos Mix & Match Deals| $5.99 Each

1. Dominos Mix & Match Deals | $5.99 Each

Order 2 or more at $5.99 each under the Dominos Mix and Match deals. Pizza connoisseurs can choose from Dominos menu items like- pizza, 8-piece boneless chicken, pasta, and more. 

  • Both old and new customers can use the Halloween pizza deals
  • Apply the Dominos promo code- 9193
  • Customers can order halloween pizza special through Domino's app and website. 
  • Use payment methods such as- 
    1. credit/debit cards
    2. PayPal
    3. Net banking, and more 

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2. Dominos Order | Flat 45% Off

Halloween pizza deals can help you redeem a staggering 45% discount on diverse Dominos menu items. Read the Dominos Halloween pizza deal details. 

  • Apply the Dominos promo code 5164 at the checkout 
  • No minimum order amount is needed for the customers 
  • Dominos food items include- 
    1. Dominos pizza 
    2. Dominos Sides
    3. Beverages, and more. 
  • Only new Dominos customers can redeem the deal 
  • The halloween pizza special orders can only be placed through Dominos app

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c) Subway Halloween Food Special Coupon

This Halloween, go fresh and order in, a couple of Subway footlong for some unearthly Subway deals. In Halloween 2019 Subway was rolling out $5 off on orders above $15. Let’s see what all Subway Halloween deals to look forward to this year.   

Buy 2 Get 1 Free

1. Buy 2 Get 1 Free | Subway Footlong 

Yes folks, on ordering two footlongs, foodies would get the third one at absolutely no cost. How incredible is that? 

  • Existing and new customers can redeem the Subway coupon
  • Subway coupons can be availed on Subway menu items like- 
    1. BBQ rib 
    2. Black Forest 
    3. Ham, 
    4. Meat Special, and more. 
  • The Subway deal is valid across the US to gratify your hunger on Halloween. 
  • The orders can be placed through the Subway app and website. 
  • Order at least 3 Subway footlong to redeem the deal 
  • The Subway deal can only be availed through the store 
  • Several payment methods are available for the customers 

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2. Buy 6-Inch Black Forest Ham At $4.69 

Go for Subway specials this Halloween and gobble up 6-inch Black Forest Ham at $4.69. Subway coupons can be availed through the Subway app, website, and store.  

  • Both old and new customers can redeem the Subway deals 
  • This deal can be merged with other Subway coupons for the users 
  •  There is no minimum order amount is required by the customers 
  • The Subway menu items can be used several times for Halloween 

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d) Burger King Halloween Food Deals 

Burger King Halloween Burgers

Like in Halloween 2019, if you are awaiting Burger King Halloween Horror nights 2019. Neither have we forgotten the enigmatic upside down Stranger Things whopper. While we wait for Burger King Halloween deals in 2021, let’s look at the Burger King deals today. 

Burger King Oreo Cookie Shakes| $5

1. Burger King Oreo Cookie Shakes| $5

Prepare yourself with two Oreo cookie shakes available at just $5. customers, both old and new, can redeem the Burger King coupon on home delivery orders. Read the terms and conditions. 

  • Burger King coupon codes are not available at the checkout 
  • Customers can select a range of other Burger menu items at varied discounts. 
  • Burger King specials are excluded for the customers 
  • Foodies can pay through credit card for all the orders 
  • This Burger King coupon cannot be availed on the delivery orders. 
  • Burger King menu items can be redeemed across the US locations 

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Get Free Burger King Whopper

2. Get Free Burger King Whopper Sandwich

Halloween coupons for Burger King are too good to be true. Along with tempting Burger King menu items, one can get to savor Burger King Whopper sandwich for free

  • Get the orders placed through the Burger King app 
  • The free Burger King sandwich can be enjoyed across the US 
  • No Burger King promo code is needed by the customers 
  • This deal cannot be merged with Burger King coupons 
  • Customers need to avail via Burger King e-mail ID 
  • Customers can pay through credit cards 

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e) Pizza Hut Halloween Food Deals

National Pizza month has started and customers can redeem amazing Pizza Hut Halloween deals that are not meant to be flouted by the customers. As a pre-Halloween treat, activate the Pizza Hut  coupons with the following halloween pizza deals.  

chicken Wings at just $0.80

1. Pizza Wednesday Deal| Pizza Hut

Devour Pizza Hut boneless chicken Wings at just $0.80 that is available every wednesday. Read through the Pizza Hut coupons. 

  • Customers can order the food through the Pizza Hut app and website.
  • Both old and new Pizza Hut customers can redeem
  • USe payment methods such as- cards, gift cards, PayPal
  • one can seek comfort through their favorite Pizza Hut menu items.

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 Pizza Hut Meal Box| At $20

2. Pizza Hut Meal Box For $20

Pizza hut Halloween Deals are going to transform the occasion as customers can grab Pizza Hut meal boxes at just $20. Read the Halloween restaurant special deal details. 

  • Apply the Pizza Hut coupon code BIGDINNERBOX at the checkout 
  • Make payment methods such as- 
    1. PayPal
    2. Credit/Debit Cards 
    3. Net banking 
  • Pizza Hut meal box includes- 
    1. Two Pizza Hut pizza
    2. Pizza Hut wings 
    3. Pizza Hut pasta 
  • Both old and new customers can redeem the Pizza Hut deal
  • Customers can activate contactless delivery by the customers  
  • The entire Pizza Hut meal box at the given price 

f) Marco’s Pizza Halloween Food Special Deals

Halloween Pizza Deals cannot get better than this. To heighten the thrill of Halloween, foodies. Read the terms and conditions of the Marcos coupon.  

Marcos Pizza| 25% Off

1. Marcos Pizza | 25% Off

How do you plan to celebrate Halloween?  One can order Marco’s pizza like- Garden, Deluxe, White Cheezy, All meat, and more at an unbelievable 25% discount. Keep looking at this space for more Halloween pizza deals. 

  • Foodies need to apply Marco's pizza coupons code  SAVE25.  
  • Customers don’t need to worry about the minimum order amount. 
  • Marco’s pizza coupon cannot be merged with other deals
  • No minimum order amount is needed by the customers 
  • Foodies can order the food through Marcos app and website 

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2. Marco's Pizza Deals| 50% Off

Get your Halloween pizza deals straight and order Marcos menu items to redeem an astounding 50% discount. Search Marco's Pizza near me to pick up your orders. 

  • Apply Marcos coupon code HONOR50 at the checkout 
  • Marcos Pizza can be bought through Marco’s app and website 
  • Marco’s coupon can be availed once per one user 
  • Both old and new customers can redeem the deal at the checkout 
  • No minimum order amount cannot be availed through the app and website 

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g) McDonald's Halloween Food Deals & Coupons

Things are already quite frightening, let’s lessen the fear with the enjoyment of Halloween burger deals. In 2019. In fact, McDonald’s was rolling out free delivery on orders. This year, customers would have top opt for McDonald’s contactless delivery. 

Unlike Mcdonalds Halloween coupons 2018 and Mcdonalds Halloween coupons 2019, customers have a chance to redeem even more delicious McDonalds Halloween deals. 

Get Free Oreo McFlurry

1. Get Free Oreo McFlurry | J Balvin Meal

Make sure to grab your Oreo McFlurry for absolutely free along with McDonald’s J Balvin meals. This McDonald’s coupon cannot be merged with other deals

  • Food lovers can savor the McDonalds menu items like- Big Mac and medium fries along with free Oreo McFlurry. 
  • McDonald’s Halloween special can be redeemed via app and website 
  • The McDonald’s coupon can only be used once, by the customers 
  • Customers can opt for McDonald’s curbside pickup to subdue the spread of COVID-19
  • Several modes of payment are available for the customers 

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2. McDonald’s Meal | $5 Onwards

Treat your family and friends with McDonald’s meals that start at just $5. If you look for Halloween food specials near me, you may come across more MacDonald’s deals. 

  • McDonald’s promo code is not needed by the customers 
  • Available modes of payment are- 
    1. PayPal
    2. Net banking 
    3. Cards, and more 
  • McDonald’s combo meals are
    1. Big Mac Combo Meal 
    2. Cheese-burger combo meal 
    3. Filet-o-fish
    4. Breakfast combo meal
  • Customers can pick up orders through McDonald’s drive-thru 

h) Buffalo Wild Wings Halloween Food Special Deal

What’s Halloween without getting to sink your teeth into the juiciest and the most delicious Buffalo Wild Wings? Apart, from cute Halloween candy, a Halloween supper with scrumptious wings. 

Buffalo Wild Wings| $0.60 Onwards

1. Buffalo Wild Wings | $0.60 Onwards 

Buffalo Wild Wings menu items such as- wings, tenders, sauces, burgers, and more can be ordered from a scintillating starting price of $0.60. 

  • Customers can use easy payment methods such as- 
    1. Buffalo Wild Wings gift cards, 
    2. debit cards, credit cards, and more
  • This Buffalo Wild Wings coupon code is not available  
  •  Order can be placed via Buffalo Wild Wings app and website 
  •  Buffalo Wild Wings coupons can be redeemed across the US locations
  • Both old and new customers can redeem the  Buffalo Wild Wings deals 

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2. Grab Free Food With Reward Points

Customers who are looking for perfect Halloween deals can turn to Buffalo Wild Wings Employ their rewards and bag FREE Food treat on the next order.  For more information on these Halloween food specials, read these pointers below:

  • Sign-up online for Buffalo Wild Wings reward
  • Redeemable benefits under this Halloween Food deal are as follows:
    • Enjoy free food by stacking the points
    • Access to the latest deals and discounts
    • Win free tickets to sports or VIP entry
    • Free wings during the birthday month
  • Can be clubbed with other running Halloween Food Specials deals
  • Order can be availed via store pickup or online delivery
  • Several payment methods are available

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i) Dunkin Donut Halloween Food Deal

Dunkin Donuts Halloween specials would satiate the inner Halloween growl as customers can make your Halloween a bit more special with Dunkin Donuts. 

Dunkin Donut Items| 25% Off

1. Dunkin Donut Items| 25% Off

Customers can redeem a piping hot 25% discount on Dunkin Donut menu items such as- Dunkin Donut coffee, Donuts, Dunkin Donut sandwiches, Dunkin Donut wraps, and more. 

  • Donut lovers can use the Dunkin Donut coupon code COFFEE at the checkout
  •  There are several modes of payment that can be used to redeem the Dunkin Donuts deals. 
  • Both old and new customers are entitled to avail of the Halloween restaurant special deal. 
  • Customers can merge with this Dunkin Donut coupon and other deals. 

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Dunkin Donuts Menu| At $0.99 Onward

2. Dunkin Donuts Menu| At $0.99 Onward

Dunkin Donuts deals can be availed during the Halloween season as customers can grab Dunkin Donuts menu items are- Donuts, coffee, sandwiches, and more from just $0.99 onwards. 

  • Dunkin Donuts include- 
Dunkin Donuts Items 
Dunkin Donuts Price
Dunkin Donuts Bakery Favorites 
At $0.99 Onwards
Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Menu 
From $1.19 
DD combos 
At $2.49, etc
  • Dunkin coupons can be redeemed by old and new customers 
  • Available modes of payment are- 
    1. PayPal
    2. Net Banking 
    3. Credit/Debit cards, and more 
  • Dunkin Donuts coupon code is not available at the checkout 
  • The Dunkin Donuts deals can be availed on regular priced items 

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j) Dairy Queen Halloween Food Deal

Halloween food specials are going to make even the elusive apparitions happy as DQ specials today would let the foodies gorge on the delicious food. 

DQ Turkey BLT

1. DQ Turkey BLT| $4.89

Order Turkey BLT available at $4.89 this season. The Halloween restaurant special deals can be redeemed in the following ways. Smell festive and bite into the DQ Turkey BLT 

  • The DQ deals can be ordered through the DQ app and website. 
  • Use payment methods include- PayPal, cards, net banking. 
  • This Halloween special Dairy Queen coupons can be redeemed by both old and new customers. 
  • DQ food delivery charges are available for the users

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Halloween Food Special Coupon Codes 2021: Exclusives

If you want to make the most of this year's Halloween food deals and sort all your orders at some really REALLY slashed down prices, then stack your orders with these undermentioned coupon codes. Pick the one you like and get started to experience Halloween with Halloween food specials like never before.

Halloween Food Deals 2021Halloween Food Special  Coupon CodeValidity
Save 25% On All Doordash Orders25OFF4U
Flat $7 On All Orders @ Uber EatsEATS-AMYC5297UE

Buy 1 Get 1 @ 50% at Jimmy John'sSAVEON2
Extra 25% Off on Marco's PizzaSAVE25

Enjoy 20% On All Orders @ Red RobbinsBUNDLE 20

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Frequently Asked Questions

a) Where to look for Halloween restaurants deals?

Halloween restaurant deals and coupons can be activated through the respected stores' app and website. One can also head to Zouton to get all the latest H alloween discounts at restaurants.

b)  How to save more the Halloween restaurant specials? 

One can always apply the Halloween restaurant specials deals. Customers can also subscribe to Zouton to avail $10 cashback to be used subsequently.   

c) Are there more Halloween deals available for the customers

Starting from Halloween costume deals to Halloween food deals. We have go you covered on your favorite spookiest day. Check out all the Halloween deals 2021.  


Looking for Halloween food deals? Beofre googling for 'Halloween food specials near me' Customers can simply turn here to choose from a range of Halloween food deals available across the restaurants. They can employ the Halloween Restaurants special deals across cuisines. Go ballistic over your food choices as Halloween is not only about triggering the horror but to gratify it as well. Happy Halloween!!!