How To Sell Tickets On SeatGeek? | Steps, Fees, Limitations, And More

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SeatGeek is best known for being the largest event ticket search engine, which provides users with a trusted environment for the buying and selling of tickets. If you are a seller looking for ways to use the mobile-based platform for selling tickets, then you have come to the right place. Here is how you can use SeatGeek for the selling and reselling of tickets to movies, theaters, comedy shows, and more. 

How Do I Sell Tickets On SeatGeek?

SeatGeek provides a very user-friendly interface to facilitate easy dealings for both buyers and sellers. In case you want to sell tickets on SeatGeek , here’s how you can do it: 

  •  Open the SeatGeek app. 

  • At the bottom of the homepage, click on the 'Tickets' option. 

  • Select the ticket from the available categories. 

  • Tap on 'Sell' and set the number of tickets you wish to sell and how they're split. 

  • Set your desired price and tap on the 'List Tickets' option. 

  • Once uploaded, you can also edit or delist your listings by tapping on 'Edit' or 'Delist' prior to the event. 

Also note that, in some cases, it might be required of you to set a minimum price. In that case, the app is going to notify users of the minimum listing amount via a message. 

The procedure to sell tickets is the same whether you are using the Android or iOS version of the SeatGeek app. SeatGeek is now accessible via your desktop or laptop as well. If you want to sell tickets on SeatGeek website, make sure you are all logged in. Once you have successfully logged into your account, the interface is the same as the app. 

Does SeatGeek Have Fees?

SeatGeek is an events search engine that acts as a dealing point for individuals to buy and sell tickets online to various events. If you want to sell tickets on SeatGeek, you are liable to pay a fee. SeatGeek seller fees vary based on the price you receive for the tickets you sell. The sellers don’t have to initially pay any amount but are required to pay 20% to the ticket-selling platform as commission for every sale made. 

Sell Tickets On SeatGeek: Restricted Listings

 Sell tickets on SeatGeek but the below-mentioned tickets are absolutely prohibited from being listed for sale by sellers: 

  • Tickets that the seller does not legitimately own;

  • Missing tickets;

  • Tickets that are "paperless," "flash seats," and "will call only";

  • Tickets for seats that aren't consecutive;

  • Tickets that do not grant entrance to the event, such as parking, party, club, or pit passes; 

  • Tickets that were initially given away for free to the general public.

SeatGeek is a very reliable and well-reviewed platform. All the tickets sold and bought on this platform are 100% legitimate. If any fraudulent activity is caught, the dealer of the ticket has to pay a 120% fine as a punishment. 

Currently Trending SeatGeek Tickets

Here are the events that are currently trending on SeatGeek. Use the available Seatgeek promo codes and coupons live on the app and website to take advantage of the deals.


Portland Trail Blazers At Brooklyn Nets

27th November

Starts at $43

Funny Girl

22nd November

Starts at $499

Road Wave- Beautiful Mind Tour

23rd November

Starts at $34

Taylor Swift with Phoebe Bridgers and Gayle

23rd May, 2022

Starts at $636

2022 Vivid Seats present Empire Classics

22nd November

Starts at $25

The Book Of Mormon

22nd November

Starts at $117

Future- The Ball Drops In Brooklyn

30th December

Starts at $107

Available SeatGeek Promo Codes and Coupons

Use the currently active SeatGeek promo codes and coupon codes to take part in the online ticket sales. Here the SeatGeek discounts that are currently available on the Zouton website:

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1. Does SeatGeek offer discounts for using their services for the first time?

Yes, SeatGeek does offer a $10 discount to the first users of the platform. However, in order to be qualified for a $10 discount, you need to make a minimum purchase of $50 and be registered on the ticket booking platform via a valid and maintained email id. 

2. Are SeatGeek tickets refundable?

No, unless the event itself has been canceled or postponed, you can neither get a refund nor cancel or increase or decrease the number of tickets ordered. 

3. Are SeatGeek tickets legit?

Yes, SeatGeek is a very reliable and well-reviewed platform. All the tickets sold and bought on this platform are 100% legit. Any fraudulent activity caught, the dealer of the ticket has to pay a 120% fine as a punishment. 

4. What is the charge levied on the act of selling tickets on SeatGeek?

It is very easy to sell tickets on SeatGeek. They charge a mere 10% of the price you have mentioned for your ticket, so when you get paid for a ticket you had uploaded on the website for sale, you get 10% less than the price you have stated. 

5. Are SeatGeek tickets digital?

Yes, SeatGeek tickets are electronic. When you purchase a ticket on SeatGeek, you get an electronic ticket, which you can either download or make a hardcopy out of it for getting entry into the event. 


SeatGeek is a very pocket-friendly website for getting tickets to concerts, broadway, shows, and sport events. With their promo codes, discount codes, and coupons they make it even easier for the fans to see their favorites at an almost giveaway price. 

By Aparajita Podder - Author