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Jimmy John’s gluten free menu has left us with tons of options that are fairly decent. If you are finding yourself going through the list of what healthy you should eat you have landed into the right place. 

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Jimmy John's Gluten Free Menu 2022 

Take a look at the Jimmy John’s Gluten Free Menu and get a clear idea of all that is available for you all and find more reasons to stay healthy. 

Jimmy John's Gluten Free Bread

Unwich – This is basically a lettuce wrap as there is Jimmy John’s gluten free bread. So, you can have your favorite sandwich stuff all wrapped up in a lettuce leaf. Use Jimmy Johns Promo Codes for add on deals. 

Jimmy John’s Gluten Free Meats 

There are definitely many options when it comes to the actual sandwich fillings in Gluten Free Meats. Use Jimmy Johns Coupon Codes for more saving. 

  • Ham

  • Turkey

  • Roast Beef

  • Salami

  • Capicola

  • Bacon

Gluten Free Spreads And Toppings

The options of Gluten Free Spreads And Toppings are plentiful when it comes to adding the flavor to the sandwich in the form of mayos, spreads and mustards. Use Jimmy Johns Promo Codes for saving in chunks. 

  • Avocado spread

  • Kickin’ ranch dressing/spread

  • Hellman’s mayo

  • Jimmy mustard

  • Grey Poupon mustard

  • yellow mustard

  • Oil and Vinegar

  • Oregano-basil 

Gluten Free Veggies And Sandwich Toppers

Tons of Gluten Free Veggies And Sandwich Toppers are available for everyone on Jimmy Johns. Check it out. Use Jimmy Johns Coupon Codes for add on discounts. 

  • Lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onion

  • Jimmy Peppers

Jimmy Johns Chips Gluten Free

Tons of Gluten free sides from Jimmy Johns Chips Gluten Free are also available. Here are your gluten free side dish/chips options, grab them all. Use Jimmy Johns Promo Codes to save like never before. 

  • Regular Jimmy Chips®

  • Thinny Chips®

  • Salt & Vinegar Jimmy Chips®  

  • Jalapeño Jimmy Chips®

  • BBQ Jimmy Chips®

  • Tortilla Chips

Gluten Free Condiments

Last but not the least here is a list of Gluten Free Condiments for you and your family to stay healthy and fit. Use Jimmy Johns Coupon Codes for add on deals. 

  • Avocado Spread

  • Kickin’ Ranch® 

  • Hellmann’s® Mayo

  • Jimmy Mustard®

  • Grey Poupon®

  • Yellow Mustard

  • Oil & Vinegar

  • Oregano-Basil

  • Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion

  • Jimmy Peppers®

  • Pickles

  • Ranch Seasoning

  • Chili Lime Seasoning

  • Fire Roasted Southwest Corn Blend

  • Kickin’ Ranch®

  • Pickled Red Onions

  • Slow Roasted Tomato Wedges

  • Ranch Dressing

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1. Does Jimmy Johns wheat bread have gluten?

No, Jimmy John's does not buy gluten free bread. The chain gives French bread and thick-sliced wheat, neither of which are available as a gluten free option. Well, Jimmy John's serves the Unwich, which is a lettuce wrap.

2. Does Jimmy Johns cheese have gluten?

Well enough, they also went out of their way to point out that their cheese is not incorporated as gluten free. This is one of the few products Celiacs can usually rely on to be gluten free.

3. Is Jimmy John's Unwich gluten-free?

When it comes to eating a gluten-free diet, Jimmy John's has tons of really great options. They give away a gluten-free sandwich which is called an Unwich (lettuce wrap). With a variety of meats, spreads, and toppings one can create the perfect gluten-free sandwich.

4. Do Jimmy Johns chips have gluten?

Most kinds of Jimmy Chips (Jimmy John's brand of potato chips) are always gluten-free except for the BBQ and salt & vinegar flavors.

5. Does Jimmy John's have sandwiches without bread?

Yep, there are tons of items to choose from. At Jimmy John's, one can order any of the sandwiches on the menu lettuce wrapped. They call this an Unwich, and it's the best option for those who keep an eye on the carb intake. 


Jimmy John’s is very generous to its customers and puts out some of the freshest and most delicious sandwiches for its customers. With Jimmy John’s deals today, foodies across the country wouldn’t need to feel the brunt. Head to Jimmy John’s and order your favorite sandwich now.