Macy’s Reward Coupons | October 2021: Earn 5% Rewards + Up to 2000 Bonus Points

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By Manvi Madan - Content Specialist Oct 12 2021 Share this blog

Macy's Reward Coupons resurfaced to make you earn 5% back on your each purchase of Clothing, accessories, fragrances and a lot more. You can get free gifts and other rewards. 

Macy’s Reward Coupons 2021: Verified Now

Macy’s Reward Coupons 

Macys Promo Code | Details


Earn 5% Rewards | All Orders

Get Code


Get $10 Star Money | $50 Orders

Redeem Code


Up to 20% Off | Macy’s Credit Card Deal

Apply Coupon


Earn Up to 2000 Bonus Points | Fragrance Orders

Avail Code


Macy's Reward Coupons | Top Categories | Shop Now





What are Macy’s Reward Coupons? 

Macy's Reward Coupons can save you and make you earn rewards on your each purchase. The following steps are required to be followed to avail the marvelous boon. 

5 Steps to get Macy’s Reward Coupons:

Step 1- Sign Up: Sign in for the Macy’s Card Membership for free.

Step 2- Bonus Points: Macy’s Star Reward Members get 2000 bonus points.

Step 3- Accessibility:  Macy’s Reward coupons are valid on $75+ Azzaro Fragrance.

Step 4- User Eligibility:  Macy’s Reward coupons are valid for Macy’s members.

Step 5- Checkout Process: To earn Macy’s Star Rewards, you must checkout as Star Rewards Members.

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How do you get Macy’s Reward Coupons? 

You need not fret as you can get Macy’s Rewards Coupons with a mere sign-up to become a member. Macy’s Rewards are imparting happiness with worth 2000 bonus points.

Macy’s Reward Coupons | Terms & Conditions:

  • Sign up to Macy's using a valid email id

  • Macy’s Reward Coupons are valid with no minimum order value.

  • New users can avail the discount without Macys promo code.

  • Macy’s Reward is valid on all items excluding gift cards.

  • The deal is accessible to new users. 

How  Macy’s Reward Coupons Work?

Macy’s Reward Coupons work in these 4 ways to impart you all the recurrent waves of happiness.





6 Reasons To Get Macy’s Reward Coupons | October 2021

Macy’s Reward Coupons | Reasons & Benefits 

Macy’s Reward Coupons | Reasons & Benefits 

3 Tricks To Earn with Macy’s Reward Coupons | October 2021 

1. Earn 5% Back In Macy’s Rewards

You can earn 5% back in Macys Rewards on your shopping. The following terms and conditions are needed to be followed for Macy's promo code.

 Macys Promo Code | Terms & Conditions: Macy’s Reward Coupons

  • Can be redeemed by Macy's Platinum credit cardholders only
  • Free shipping is available with no minimum cart value
  • Rewards can be used in future.
  • Card payments are acceptable for redeeming the dal.
  • The Macys promo code is not required at checkout.

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2. Macy’s Credit Card Deal | 20% off

If you want shop at Macy's often, then it is high time that you sign up for Macy's credit card and earn several perks. Moreover, with Marcy's reward coupons you get a straight 20% off on your first purchase via Macy's credit card.

Macy’s Star Rewards

Macys Promo Code | Terms & Conditions:

  • Macy's credit cardholders are eligible for the deal
  • Only new users can avail the deal
  • Discount applies to the purchases made via Macy's credit card over the first 2 days
  • Maximum savings: $100
  • Orders can be placed via app or website
  • Pay via Macy's credit card only to redeem the perks

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3. Earn Up to 2000 Bonus Points | Fragrance Orders

Planning to buy some irresistable fragrances from Macy's? Use this Macy's Reward Coupon to get a chance to earn up to 2000 bonus points via your fragrance orders. To save more, follow the terms and specifications beneath.

Macy's Promo Code | Terms & Conditions: 

  • Get $20 in star money for every Michael Kors fragrance purchase
    • $20= 2000 points
  • Points earned can be used on further purchases on Macy's website/app
  • Exclusions: Macy`s Backstage
  • Valid for members only
  • To earn bonus points user must check out as a Star Rewards member. 

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5 Macy’s Reward Coupons for Free Gifts | October 2021

Macy’s Reward Coupons | Free Gifts 

Macy’s Reward Coupons | Details


Macy's Coupons | Clinique Purchase

Free 7-piece gift worth up to a value of $110


Macy’s Coupon For Beauty Orders

Free Gift


Macys Promo Code | Select Mattress 

Free Box String


Macy's Sale |  Bulova Watch  

Get Free Bulova Candle 


Macy's Coupons | Calvin Klein Watches

Free Drawstring Bag


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Frequently Asked Questions | Macy’s Reward Coupons 2021

Que: How do you use Macy’s Reward points?

You can use the Macy’s Reward points on your purchase from your wallet after signing up. 

Que: How can you get Macy’s Reward Coupons?

You can get Macy’s Reward Coupons in these 3 ways:

  1. Visit the Zouton website.

  2. Search for Macy’s Coupons.

  3. Select and apply Macys Promo Code.

Que: Can I use Macy’s star rewards online?

Yes, you can use Macy’s star reward coupons for online and in-store purchases alongside free goods. 


Macy’s Reward Coupons are a band of discounts, deals, free goods, rewards and more. You can check the best Macy’s deals and discounts with a Zouton Mailbox Subscription.