McDonald's January Coupons 2022: Combo Meals Starting From $5 Onwards

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While most events in life feel ephemeral, the humble McDonald’s cheeseburger remains the cornerstone of the American fast food experience. Sample the cocktail of greasy, meaty explosions in your mouth with meals starting from $5 onward with McDonald’s January coupons 2022.

McDonald’s January Coupons 2022: Active Now

Spongy buns, fresh patties, oozing cheese, and crisp lettuce. If this makes your tummy grumble, don’t waste a minute in availing the following McDonald’s January Coupons 2022


Activation Code


Signature Meals Starting From $5

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Take 5 McCafe Drinks & Get 1 Free

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McDonald’s Gift Cards Starting From $5

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Happy Meal Available under $3

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Free Fries On Your Order

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McDonald’s January Coupons and Promo Codes: Recommended

It's difficult NOT to find yourself in the general vicinity of a McDonald’s outlet. This cult-favorite burger chain is dropping McDonald’s January coupons 2022 that you need in your life.

Order Meals Starting From $5

Want to eat a delicious meal, but troubled about expenses? The latest McDonald's January coupon dispenses combo meals starting from $5, which will surely fulfill your food cravings without hampering your budget.

  • McDonald's January coupon code is not mandatory

  • Valid for all new and existing users

  • Order online via app/ website or dine-in

  • Food items available:

    • Burgers, shakes, sandwiches, and more

  • Redeemable across all U.S McDonald's stores

  • Multiple payment options available:

    • Cards, net banking, Apple pay

  • Valid on the app, website, and in-store orders

Combine with existing McDonald's coupon codes to save more on your orders.

Take 5 McCafe Drinks & Get 1 Free

How could you have a burger without a gorgeous creamy ice-cold milkshake or a freezing coke? Experience the ultimate comfort drinking with this McDonald’s January coupon 2022

  • Beverages include:

    • Coffee, vanilla shake, espresso, lattes, iced tea, & hot chocolate
  • Order by an official app

  • Both new and old users can avail the discount

  • Applicable across all US cities

  • Modes of payment: Credit/debit cards, PayPal, net banking

  • Cannot be combined with other McDonald’s January deals or combo meal

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Shop Gift Cards | Starting From $5

Want to gift something unique to your friend? Try McDonald’s gift cards as they are considered as the best gifts for foodies. McDonald's gift cards start from $5 onwards.

  • Types of gift cards:

    • Corporate gift cards & Individual arch cards

  • McDonald’s gift card value ranges from $5 to $100

  • Can be renewed in-store or online

    • Auto-reload starts from $10

  • Available at all participating McDonald's restaurants

  • Valid for all new and old users

  • McDonald's January coupon code is not needed

Get free shipping on a minimum of 25 gift card orders of corporate gift cards.

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Buy Happy Meal | For Under $3

The Happy Meal should actually be called the Happiest Meal because I’ve never seen kids hog anything faster than it. Refer to the following McDonald’s coupon to buy the Happy Meal under $3.

  • Valid for all new and existing users

  • Minimum purchase amount not required

  • Happy meal includes:

    • Chicken McNuggets (6 pieces)

    • 1% low-fat Milk Jug 

    • Apple Slices & Kids Fries

  • Deal can be availed multiple times

  • Order via app/ website or visit outlet

  • McDonald's January coupon code is not needed

You can avail of the deal at participating McDonald's restaurants and use cards, net banking, or PayPal for payments.

Free Fries On Your McDonald's Order

Just like a king needs a queen, a McDonald’s burger needs fries. Never did a duo more legendary than this one existed in the history of existence. Get free fries on your order, now!

  • Redeem by ordering via mobile app

  • Minimum order value required: $1

  • Valid for all existing & new users

  • Redeemable only once per order per day

  • McDonald’s January coupon code is not required

  • Redeemable at all participating locations

  • Multiple modes of payment accepted

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Top McDonald’s Menu Items 

  1. French Fries

Hot, salty, and criminally addictive, we can’t get enough of this side item on the menu. Nothing goes with a burger better than fries. And no one makes better fries than McDonald’s!

  1. Apple Pie

This soldier has been in the field long before you were probably even born! Before the McFlurry, which only hit menus 24 years ago, the hot apple pie went nationwide in 1968! This is the same year the Big Mac made its debut.

  1. Chicken Nuggets

They’re crispy, juicy, and fried to perfection. Although they’ve been long considered a side dish to order while you figure out what you really want to get, there is no doubt that they are an essential part of the fast-food experience. Find the perfect chicken meal pack for your family.

  1. Big Mac

The Big Mac is a classic in all its greasy, gluttonous glory. The Mac Sauce is delicious- tangy, sweet, and creamy- while the layers of beef, sesame buns, shredded lettuce, pickles, and raw onions marry together to create a burger that is well balanced and flavor-forward.

  1. Happy Meal

“Since the Happy Meal was introduced on the menu, it quickly became synonymous with our brand,” McDonald’s now-former CEO Steve Easterbrook said in a statement with USA Today. Each Happy Meal contains the option of a hamburger or chicken nuggets, a side like french fries, and a drink. And a toy, some of which have become collector's items.

There’s no void in life that a McDonald’s burger can’t fill. Eating fast food is an American rite of passage. A quick stop by your favorite drive-thru isn’t going to derail your diet too badly, so go forth and avail the McDonald’s January Coupons 2022.

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