Petco Tank Sale (November 2022): Flat 50% Off + Earn $5 Rewards On Glass Aquarium Tanks

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Each fish requires its own tank to call it home. With Petco Coupons and its current Tank Sale, regardless of whether you have a Betta or a blue tang, you can get the ideal tank and supplies to fit your pet's demands for a flat 50% discount!

Petco Deals (November 2022): Active Now

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50% Off On Petco Repeat Deliveries

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Petco Sale 2022 | Top Picks

Aqueon Edgelit Cube AquariumFlat 50% Off

Aqueon Standard Aquarium (75 Gallon)Flat 50% Off

Aqueon Frameless Cube AquariumFlat 50% Off

Aqueon Glass Aquarium (55 Gallon)Flat 50% Off

Petco Coupons & Deals (November 2022): Most Redeemed

1. 35% Discount On Petco Repeat Deliveries

The regular glass aquarium is constructed with care to ensure that it can withstand practically any application, and it is specifically suited for all of your freshwater and marine-dwelling animals. Place your order now using this offer to save up to 30% off your Petco repeat deliveries.

Offer Description

  • Offer available for food supplies of animals including dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, etc.
  • Coupon code "RDSAVE35" must be applied.
  • Deal applicable for all the customers. 

**Shop the Petco Aquarium Sale and save up to 50% on fish tanks, aquarium lights, and more.

Petco Tank Sale 2022 | Flat 50% Off On The Bestsellers 

Petco Tanks
Regular Price
Discounted Price

Glass Aquarium Tank 40 Gallon Breeder



Standard Glass Aquarium Tank 75 Gallon



Standard Glass Aquarium Tank 20 Gallon Long



Glass Aquarium Tank 10 Gallon



 Glass Aquarium Tank 55 Gallon



Aqueon Frameless Cube Aquarium
Elegance meets simplicity! A frameless aquarium's basic design enhances the natural beauty of any flourishing aquatic habitat. Smooth transparent silicone and polished, beveled glass pane edges give a beautiful and modern style that keeps the attention on your environment.

Aqueon Glass Aquarium Tank
The regular glass aquarium is constructed with care to ensure that it can withstand practically any application. Suitable for freshwater or marine life.

Aqueon Edgelit Cube Glass
Make a beautiful centerpiece for your home, both inside and out! The Edgelit contains built-in LEDs on the bottom frame that illuminate the aquarium's edges, providing a new way to display your fish.

Aqueon Rimless Tank Aquarium
This streamlined aquarium's rimless top gives a clean design, while the bottom structure provides support and stability. To complete the aesthetic, each exposed glass edge is polished and beveled.

Petco Fish Tank Sale 2022 | Flat 35% Off On Repeat Delivery

A wise pet parent will never turn down an opportunity to save money. If you're on a tight budget, you'll be relieved to learn that you can get a 35% off Petco promo code for your first repeat delivery. Save money on common pet necessities such as food, toys, and treats.
couponHere's what you need to do:

Petco Fish Repeat Delivery Add Ons:

Petco Fish Products
Regular Price
Price After Discount

Imagitarium Replacement H Mini Filter Cartridges



Betta Bowl Plus Water Conditioner & Dechlorinator



API Freshwater Master Test Kit



Fluval Edge Pre-Filter Sponge



Freeze Dried Blood Worms



Petco Tank Deals 2022 | Save An Additional $5

Calling all animal lovers!
couponIf you haven't already, sign up for Petco Pals Rewards now to receive daily advantages such as:

  • Earning points for every dollar spent
  • With Repeat Delivery, you may ship your orders for free.
  • With every 100 points earned, you will receive $5 in rewards*.
  • A free present to celebrate your birthday
  • Getting bonus offers

Who can say? Your favorite pet store may even offer you exclusive member Petco coupons!

*Rewards cannot be redeemed on the same day as the purchase.

Petco Fish Sale 2022 | Fishes Start At From $1.99 Onwards

Petco Betta Fish (Most Loved)
Bettas are recognized for their jewel-toned colors and flowing fins, which come in a range of variants. Bettas are the only fish that can breathe through their labyrinth organ, allowing them to breathe from the surface. These lovely fish are easy to care for and can live for many years.

Most Popular Fishes
Regular Price
Sale Price

Male Black Orchid Betta



Male Paradise Betta



Baby Boy Betta



Female Elephant Ear Betta



Male Blue Veiltail Betta



Most Bought Betta Fishes From Petco

male bettaMale Koi BettaFor $19.99

orchid bettaMale Black Orchid BettaFor $16.99
Reg. Price $19.99

paradise bettaMale Paradise BettaFor $16.99
Reg. Price $19.99

Petco Tank Sale 2022 | FAQs

Is there any new user Petco Tank deal?
Yes, When you sign up on the Petco website or app, you will receive up to 10% discount. Take advantage of this offer right now to save money on your next purchase.

Is a $1 per gallon fish tank sale available?
Yes, during the Dollar Per Gallon promotion, users can purchase 10-29 gallon tanks and larger tanks at a 50% discount. Pals Rewards members can take advantage of this sale.

Is there any Petco Credit Card deal?
You may apply in two ways: in person at your local Petco store or online at If your application is approved, you will get a credit card welcome packet in the mail within 7-10 business days.


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