Pizza Hut October Coupons 2021: Flat 50% Off on Cheese Pizza Supreme, Beverages, and more

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By Arvind Chatterjee - Content Specialist Sep 10 2020 Share this blog

Celebrate this Columbus Day with some delicious and cheesy Pizzas topped with Pepperoni, Bacon, Veggies, and much more. Savor those mouthwatering relishes from the Pizza Connoisseur of U.S. along with some massive savings on your money, with the latest deals from Pizza Hut, available at Zouton.

Pizza Hut October Coupons: New Arrivals

Pizza Hut Coupons 2021

Pizza Hut Coupons Code


Flat 50% Off on Pizzas

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On Regular Priced Pizzas

Flat 20% on Sides and Starters

Use Code

No Minimum Order Value

Large Stuffed Crust Pizza @ 11.99

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Applicable to All Users

Extra $5 Off on All Items

Use Code

Minimum Purchase of $25

Wings + Pizza @ 19.99

Use Code

8 Bone Out Wings + Large 3-toppings Pizza

Flat 30% off: On All Orders

Use Code

Redeemable Only Once

Pizza Hut Meal Box @ $20


Online orders only

Pizza Hut October Coupons: A Brief Overview

Experience the fall this year with Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut brings to you the Fall Special Coupons and deals which will take it easy on your expenses and sweep you off your feet with wonder. Check out these latest deals from Pizza Hut, available at Zouton and make a choice, or just use them all.

1. Customized BBQ Pizza @ $17.99

Enjoy your evenings with the feel of BBQ, with Pizza Hut’s BBQ Chicken Pizza, customized to your wishes, at just $17.99. Unleash your Pizza Desires with the customization option and order your favorite toppings and crust and personalize your Pizza Experience with Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut coupons

  • The Crusts available for choice in this deal are
    -Hand- Tossed
    -Original Pan
    -Cheese Burst and so on

  • The sizes of Pizza included in this deal are

  • Every user can redeem this coupon and avail the deal

  • The Deal is available on orders placed as below
    -In Pizza Hut App
    -Via Pizza Hut Website
    -In Pizza Hut Stores

  • Get the Pizza at just $17.99 with customizations according to your preferences.

2. Get an Apple Pie @ just $.83

Pizza Hut has options for every foodie, even the sweet-tooths. If you're a sweet tooth, then Pizza Hut has proposed this deal especially to satisfy your sugar cravings. Get 6 Fried Apple Pies from Pizza Hut at $4.99 

  • This deal is applicable to every customer of Pizza Hut

  • The deal for 6 Fried Apple Pies can be coupled with
    -Other existing eligible Pizza Hut Coupons
    -Contactless Delivery
    -Carry-Out option And so much more

  • Order can be placed online or in store as per user preferences

  • The payment modes available under this deal include
    -Debit Cards
    -Credit Cards
    -Net Banking
    -Gift Cards, etc.

3. Pizza Hut Wings @ $0.80 each

Pizza Hut is not just about the tastiest Pizzas ever. It also serves juicy and spicy Chicken wings too. Grab a wing from Pizza Hut at $0.80 with this deal from Pizza Hut September Coupons , available at Zouton.

Pizza Hut coupon codes

  • This Pizza Hut Treat includes Boneless Chicken Wings at $0.80 each

  • The offer is valid for both new as well as existing customer of Pizza Hut

  • This is a Wednesday Only Deal

  • Orde for the wings can be placed online via Website or App or in store

  • No Promo Code is needed for this deal to be activated

  • The payment options include
    -Net Banking
    -Gift Cards

4. Contactless Delivery on All Orders

Pizza Hut cares for its customers as much as they love Pizza Hut. And to make sure that the Pizza Lovers are safe and healthy, while they enjoy the yummiest Pizzas, Pizza Hut has come up with the deal of Contactless Delivery on all its orders during this Pandemic.

Pizza Hut discount code

  • The Contactless Delivery option is available on
    -Dinner- Box
    -Beverages, etc

  • There is no differentiation between existing and new users in this deal

  • The steps to avail the deal are as follows
    -Place the order via Pizza Hut Website or App
    -Choose Contactless Delivery option at Checkout Page
    -Pay for the order via online payment options available

  • There is no particular promo code to be entered at the checkout page for this deal

Pizza Hut Rewards: A Bonus to Pizza Hut October Coupons

Pizza Hut rewards coupons

How about some extra rewards along with your delectable treat? Subscribe to Pizza Hut rewards and earn Pizza Hut points on every dollar you spend. Scurry through the below-mentioned points to know the advantages. 

a) Pizza lovers would get access to innumerable Pizza Hut offers, deals, and more

b) Why wait longer? When you can instantly checkout to order your favorite delicious pizza.

c) Pizza Hut celebrates you and your birthdays with special rewards.

d) Customers can spend their Pizza Hut Points in the following ways: 

Pizza Hut Points ($1= 2 Points) 

Pizza Hut Rewards  

Earn 75 Points 

Grab Breadsticks 

Get 125 Points 

To Get 8-Piece Boneless Wings

Avail 150 Points 

For Cinnabon Mini Rolls

Redeem 200 Points 

Win Medium 2-Top Pizza (Free)

Acquire 300 Points 

Savor Any Large Pizza (For Free) 

Pizza Hut Coupons 2021: Just Expired

1. Pizza + Sticks @ $10

One of the favorite coupons among all the Pizza Hut users which recently expired is the Pizza + Sticks @ $10. The terms of this popular deal which is missed by many, were as follows

  • The deal included
    -1 Topping Pizza
    -10 Breadsticks
    -Dipping Sauce
    -5 Cinnamon Sticks.

  • No minimum Purchase Value Requirement

  • Not combined with any other Pizza Hut Coupons

  • Order to be placed online via Website or App

  • Order can be placed by both new and existing users

As an alternative to the above deal, Pizza Hut has come up with a new and better option with  2 Pizzas + Breadsticks at $19.99

2. Dipping Sauces @ $0.50

As yummy and precious as the Pizzas at Pizza Hut, are the variety of dipping sauces available there. Pizza Hut changes their Dipping Sauces menus from time to time. The flavors that recently left the Pizza Hut menu and the terms associated with their deals are as follows

  • The available flavors were
    -Garlic Parmesan
    -Honey BBQ
    -Buffalo Mild

  • The order was to be placed online to avail the deal

  • No Promo Code was required for the deal

  • Standard delivery charges were applied on the purchases

  • The coupon could be combined with other as well

The new flavors brought in by Pizza Hut in place of the above sauces, include

  • Ranch

  • Blue cheese garlic

  • Marinara.

The deal on these sauces can be availed by checking out the Pizza Hut October Coupons at Zouton

Pizza Hut Coupons 2021: Get Notified on Latest Deals

Get notified on the latest deals from Pizza Hut by subscribing to Pizza Hut Store at Zouton.

The reasons to join Zouton are as follows

a) The leading coupon aggregator website Zouton accommodates all the latest Pizza Hut coupons and promo codes for the convenience of the customers. 

b) Subscribe to Zouton and acquire a fascinating $10 cashback that can be used along with any of the upcoming Pizza Hut October coupons.  

c) Zouton subscription would keep you updated on all the upcoming promotional discounts and deals. 

Pizza Hut October Coupons: COVID Measures

The prescience of tomorrow is uncertain but we can certainly get used to the new normal. Pizza Hut makes sure that you don’t have to miss out on your favorite pizzas by enabling the below-mentioned stringent precautions. 

1) Pizza Hut has initiated curbside delivery along with carryout and usual delivery.

2) All the deliveries by Pizza Hut remain to be contactless.

3) 10-million non-surgical masks and single-use disposable gloves are being given to the Pizza Hut employees.

4) Counter shields have been built on the Pizza Hut counters for safer service.

5) Constant social distancing reminders are being sent to team members & customers. 

FAQs: Pizza Hut October Coupons

1. Does Pizza Hut give away free pizzas on your birthdays? 

Generally, Pizza Hut gives away free desserts or sides on birthdays but never say never. You might just get lucky to get free pizza as well. 

2. Where to look for Pizza Hut coupons? 

Pizza Hut coupons and promo codes can be found across the website and app. Customers can also head to Zouton to get all coupons in one place. 

3. Does Pizza Hut give senior discounts?

Yes. Those who are 55 or older can avail a 10% discount on their Pizza Hut Meals, at the participating Pizza Hut restaurants.


Never compromise on two things, your love and your pizza; which are basically the same. Bite into a piece of heaven with America’s favorite comfort food from the best maker of the same, Pizza Hut. Keep craving for more of the tasty bites from Pizza Hut and get them at the lowest rates with Pizza Hut Deals from Zouton