Pizza Hut September Coupons 2020: Get 30% Off On Pizzas, Wings, Pasta & More

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By Arvind Chatterjee - Content Specialist Sep 07 2020 Share this blog

I can’t turn water into wine, but I sure can turn September into the official pizza month! The Pizza Hut September coupons 2020 bestow a delicious 30% discount on pizzas, beverages, pasta, sides, and more, so get ready to order pizzas for every meal of the day. 

Pizza Hut September Coupons Code

Pizza Hut Coupons Online

Pizza Hut Coupons Code


30% Off on Pizza Hut



Free Contactless Delivery



$ 5 Flat Discount



Pizza Hut Meal Box



3 Topping Pizza for $9.99



Flat 20% OFF



Pizza Hut Combo Meal for $ 6.99


09/30/ 2020

Pizza Hut Combo Meal for $ 29.99



Pizza Hut Large Pizza



Single Topping Pizza for $ 5 each



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Most Popular Pizza Hut September Coupons for Online Use

1. Buy Any Pizza Hut Food Item At 30% Off: 

Pizza Hut has come up with an enticing discount 30% discount on items off the menu like wings, pizza, beverages, pasta, and more. So have a multiple course meal with friends and family while enjoying major discount rates. 

Pizza Hut coupons

Pizza Hut Coupon Code- PQ 

  • Customers can go for free curbside pickup to ensure safety. 

  • Numerous modes of payment are like PayPal, credit/debit cards/net banking are applicable. 

  • This coupon cannot be clubbed with other Pizza Hut September Coupons 2020.

  • No limit on the minimum order value is needed to avail of the deal.

2. Pizza Hut Meal Box

We all like meal boxes where we can cover more culinary grounds. With this Pizza Hut Online coupon, any user is eligible for a pandora’s box of Italian food to beat the work from home blues. Order now and enjoy contactless virus-free pizza deliveries right at your doorsteps. 

Pizza Hut Coupon Code- BIGDINNERBOX 

  • This meal box consists of two pizzas and one wings or pasta. 

  • All forms of online payment options are accepted. 

  • This offer is available only at selected locations in the USA.

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3. 3-Topping Pizza for $9.99

When it comes to choosing toppings for our pizza, we are never so sure. So, when a Pizza Hut coupon offers the option to choose about 3 kinds of different toppings for a special large-sized pizza, there is no way we can keep calm. 

Pizza Hut deals

Pizza Hut Coupon Code- L3TPIZZA999

  • This deal consists of one large-sized triple topping pizza available at just $ 9.99. 

  • The various toppings available for choosing are veggies, cheese, bacon, ham, corn, chicken, and more. 

  • This offer can also be clubbed with other deals.

As the physical stores are getting reopened, go through all the existing Pizza Hut coupons for in-store to save more on your orders.

4. Flat 20% OFF on all Items

From time to time, a balanced diet is what we need. So, instead of ordering just pizza, simply order everything there is in the Pizza Hut online menu and enjoy a flat 20% discount alongside. Doesn’t sound that bad, does it?

Pizza Hut promo codes

Pizza Hut Coupon Code- DV

  • This coupon covers a 20% discount on all regular priced Pizza Hut online items. 

  • That includes pizzas, beverages, pasta, garlic bread, sides, and desserts. 

  • It also includes toppings like pepperoni, bacon, veggies, olives, ham, and more. 

  • There is no minimum order value required for availing this offer.

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5. Pizza Hut Combo Meal for $ 29.99

Pizza is our all-time solution, be it a seminar, meeting, date, or a movie night. Thus, this amazing Pizza Hut Combo Meal offers pizzas alongside breadsticks and beverages for a full circle of happiness and contempt. Hygiene and sanitation are hourly checked at the kitchens as well as the delivery personnel so there is really nothing to be worried about. 

Pizza Hut Coupon Code- 8276

  • The Pizza Hut combo deal covers two medium-sized triple topping pizzas. 

  • The toppings include olives, pepperoni, ham, veggies, bacon, cheese, corn, etc. 

  • The combo deal also offers a choice of breadsticks along with two liters of beverage. 

  • This deal is only available at select participating locations.

Pizza Hut September Coupons’ Menu Prices & Popular Items


Best Menu Items


Pizza Hut Nutrition


Cheese Pizza

$13.09 (Large)

300 cal/slice

Pepperoni Pizza

$14.84 (Large)

310 cal/slice

Meat Lover's Pizza

$17.29 (Large)

390 cal/slice

P'Zone (calzone)

Pepperoni P'Zone


930 cal/order

Meaty P'Zone


940 cal/order

Supremo P'Zone


1100 cal/order


Tuscani Chicken Alfredo Pasta


890 cal/pan

Tuscani Meaty Marinara Pasta


820 cal/pan

Family Size Chicken Alfredo Pasta


890 cal/pan


Large Traditional Wings

$7.99 (6 pieces)

100 cal/wing

Breaded Bone-Out Wing

$7.69 (8 pieces)

90 cal/wing


Apple Pies


172 cal/pie

Cinnamon Sticks


81 cal/stick

Pizza Hut September’s Coupons for Contactless Delivery & Carryout

Pizza Hut Contactless delivery

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pizza Hut has launched both contactless delivery and carryout for the customers. The deal is available across the nation. Customers can select contactless delivery at the checkout. 

  • Contactless Delivery is valid on items of food like pizza, cookies, pasta, and more.

  • Both old and new customers can avail of the deal.

  • Click here to find ‘Pizza Hut near me.’

  • Pizza lovers can use several means of payment to pay for the items.

  • No Pizza Hut promo code is needed to avail of the deal.

  • Contactless delivery is available across various locations in the US.

Pizza Hut September Coupons for Contactless Delivery

Contactless Delivery: When you place an order online, choose “Leave My Order at the Door” option at checkout. You can also pay the tip online using any credit or debit card. The delivery driver will notify you once the food has been dropped off.

Contactless Carryout: A gloved Pizza Hut employee will place your order on the counter for you to grab. You can also choose to pay online for extra precautionary measures. 

Contactless Curbside Pickup: Simply check the Contactless Curbside box at checkout on the website, app or over the phone. When you arrive click “I’m Here” in your order confirmation email, within the app, or call the Pizza Hut branch near you. A gloved team member will bring your packaged order out to your car and place it in the trunk or on the backseat. This process does not require you to sign the credit card receipt. However, you can verbally provide the team member the tip amount and we can add the tip to your credit card receipt.

Pizza Hut September Coupons Online for Desserts

Our favorite pizza is often incomplete without the perfect mood-lifting desserts. Thus, avail these amazing Pizza Hut coupons to order desserts and enjoy your lockdown meals. From apple pies to brownies, we have got you all covered. 

You can easily club these amazing snacks with meals, combo offers, or your favorite regular pizza because when it comes to food, everything sweet and spice is always nice. 

Desserts/ Beverages


 Apple Pies

6 Apple Pies @ $ 4.99

Cinnamon Mini rolls, Brownies

All Pizza Hut Desserts for $ 5.49 onwards


Hershey’s Chocochip Cookie @ $ 6.99

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is contactless delivery and how do I avail it?

A- Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pizza Hut has launched both contactless delivery valid on items of food like pizza, cookies, pasta, and more where the delivery agent leaves your order at the doorstep and the payment is received via online payment options only. When you place an order online, choose “Leave My Order at the Door” option at checkout. You can also pay the tip online using any credit or debit card. The delivery driver will notify you once the food has been dropped off.

Q- How do I use a promo code for Pizza Hut?

A- For finding and using Pizza Hut Online Coupons and Promo Codes signup with Zouton and get your hands on the best coupons and deals along with regular newsletters. 

Q- Do Pizza Hut gift cards expire?

A- In view of the current situation, all Pizza Hut Gift Cards has been renewed for an additional 24 months so that the customers don’t face losses. 

Q- What is in the $10 Pizza Hut box?

A- The $10 Dinner Box features one medium rectangular 1-topping pizza, 5 breadsticks with marinara dipping sauce, and 10 cinnamon sticks with icing.


We won’t be able to imagine a world without pizzas, but they nonetheless cost a lot. Thus, availing these offers and coupons from Zouton guarantee that we get our favorite food at low prices and continue to stay satiated consumers of this Italian delicacy.  Zouton also publishes regular blogs for the best deals along with verifying and updating the coupons frequently. Get your hands on all the best Pizza Hut Coupon Codes today!