Planet Fitness Free Workouts | November 2022: Get Free Training Series, Workout Videos & More

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Achieve your fitness goals this year with Planet Fitness free workouts. Get free training videos for your daily workouts, training plans, and more to scale up your fitness regime. Check out the following space to know about free workouts in detail.

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How To Get Free Workouts On Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness is an American franchisor and operator of fitness centers based in Hampton, New Hampshire. The company reports that it has 2,039 clubs and offers a number of services like training plans, personal training, and much more. If you become a member of any club associated with Planet Fitness you can get the benefits of their exclusive services. Free workout videos are available on the Planet Fitness app and users can train themselves wherever they want, be it at home or at any nearby fitness center.

Benefits Of Planet Fitness App

The app is available for IOS as well as Android and users can download it for free. While Planet Fitness's free workouts are not only limited to its members, rather anyone can signup and watch the training sessions according to their goals. You can pick from the more than 350 exercises and more than 30 Planet Fitness Workout Plans that are offered.

However, only members will have access to the following app features:

  • Digital Keytag

  • Book a PE@PF session

  • Access to “My Membership”

Planet Fitness Workout Routines For Beginners

A beginner in the gym needs proper guidance and training so that they can start their journey in a positive direction. Planet Fitness Workouts are designed to provide them with a step-by-step approach to starting their regime. The following section is a guide for the first 3 days at the gym to start off at a good pace.

Day 1: Cardio

20-25 minutes on a cardio machine. (Treadmill) to warm up your body. However, the time you spend on the treadmill differs from person to person. You should aim for at least 25 minutes.

Day 2: Upper Body

On the second day you should focus on the upper body muscle group. There are 3 exercises that you need to perform.

  • Lat Pulldown

  • High Plank

  • Dumbell Chest Press

Day 3: Lower Body

Because they are in charge of actions like ascending stairs, getting in and out of a car, or playing fetches with a furry companion, the major muscle groups in your lower body are crucial. Follow the below-mentioned Planet Fitness Leg Workout for a kick start.

  • Box Squat: 3 sets of 10-20 repetitions

  • Stationary Lunge: 3 rounds of 10-20 repetitions, each side

  • Calf Raise: 3 rounds of 10-20 repetitions

  • Glute Bridge: 3 rounds of 10-20 repetitions

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Planet Fitness App Exclusive Workouts

Want to maintain your current routines in the club or at home? You can work it out using PF programs! You may access the unique training series, powered by iFit, on the Planet Fitness App. You'll find entertaining and energizing programs being led by some of the top trainers in the business.

  • Intermediate Cardio Series and Beginner Cardio Series

  • Intermediate Strength Series and Beginner Strength Series

  • Dumbbell Series for Beginners and Intermediate Dumbbell Series

There is a series for everyone, including levels for beginners and intermediates. Each series' workouts will get harder and even more enjoyable as you advance through it.

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List Of Planet Fitness Equipments (Workout Machines)

Planet Fitness Cardio Machines

  • Treadmills

  • Ellipticals

  • Stair climbers

  • Stationary and recumbent bikes

  • ARC trainers

Planet Fitness Arm, Shoulder, & Chest Machines

  • Bicep curl station

  • Shoulder press

  • Bicep and triceps cable bar

  • Chest press

  • Lateral pull-down machine

  • Butterfly machine

  • Incline press

Planet Fitness Leg Machines

  • Seated leg press

  • Angled leg curl machine

  • Leg extension machine

  • Sled push

Planet Fitness Core Machines

  • Multiple types of crunch machines

  • Torso rotation

  • Mountain climber machine

  • Decline bench

  • Hanging leg raise station

Author’s Recommendation

Can I upgrade my membership on PF app?

Yes! You can access this functionality in the following ways and directly upgrade from the App:

  • The upgrade option is displayed at the top of the Account Menu.

  • Click Upgrade in the account menu's My Membership section.

  • Click on a perk on the Perks screen to enhance your membership.

How do I transfer my membership to another Planet Fitness Club?

You can transfer your membership online with just a few clicks (you’ll need your Planet Fitness key tag number). A few things to be aware of before you transfer: You have to have been a member at one location for at least 90 days, you must have a monthly (not annual or prepaid) membership, and you can’t owe any outstanding dues or fees at your current club.

How can I find the nearest gym on Planet Fitness?

Find the nearest gym on the Planet Fitness locator by entering your zip code and get the locations of all your nearest gyms.


Download the Planet Fitness app now to level up your performance. Get hands-on free workout and training videos and never miss out on a chance to learn something new. Keep visiting this space to get latest updates.

By Jitesh Dhawan - Author