Postmates Promo Code & Deals: Save Up To $10 On Daily Essentials

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By Deepankar Singh - Content Specialist Sep 02 2020 Share this blog

On days when I have an indubitable craving for smoked ricotta with truffle and wine, I can get me off my bed. But a burger, sub or pizza belongs on my overcrowded table, paired with Netflix. That's the main reason why Postmates’ service is so tempting to my lazy soul- I save $5 on first five meals, groceries and more!

Postmates Promo Codes & Deals: Trending This Week

Postmates Coupons & Deals
Postmates Promo Codes
Avail $5 Off + $100  Delivery Credits
All Course Meals & Orders


Avail $10 Off 
Snacks, desserts, food, groceries


Save $10 
Burgers, pizzas, desserts, sides, soup


Get $10 Off 
Salad, snacks, beverages


Flat $10 Off
Minimum transaction amount of $10 is required


postmates promo code

Top Postmates Promo Codes and Deals 

Although no one would mind spending a fortune on food, Zouton has aggregated the best Postmates promo codes and deals so you don’t have to think twice before ordering food and groceries.

1. Save up to $5 and ean $100 delivery credits 

  • Valid only for new users

  • Apply Postmates promo code 5CREDIT to avail the deal

  • Free delivery from Corner Grocers

  • Minimum order value not required

  • Applicable on orders made via Postmates app or website

2. Existing users can save $5: Cheers Market Special

postmates promo codes

  • Shop for $20 or more to redeem the coupon

  • Valid only for existing users

  • Applicable at select locations only

  • Valid on all orders
    -Food, snacks, beverages & more

  • Payment mode: Cards, net banking & PayPal

  • Free delivery available on orders above $12

3. Save flat $10 on your order at Postmates

postmates promo code

Minimum order value 

Minimum order value is not required

Postmates promo code


User eligibility 

Valid for all users in all US cities

Redeemable categories

Shop for groceries, food & beverages

Platforms available

Postmates app and website

Coupon stacking

Cannot be used with other Postmates promo codes & deals

Payment method

Credit cards, debit cards, PayPal or netbanking

4. Get free $100 delivery credits via sign-up

Eschew the need to go out to get any work done when you have Postmates to deliver literally anything at your doorstep. Also, if you haven’t already, you can sign-up at Postmates to get free $100 delivery credits.

  • Order food or shop products via website or app

  • Valid for new users only

  • Multiple outlets available:
    -Corner grocers, Empanada Mama, Subway, Tribeca Bagels, etc.

  • Minimum order value is not required

  • Sign-up using the Postmates promo code DELIVERY100 to avail the deal

  • Pay for items via credit cards

DoorDash vs Postmates: Which is Better For Drivers?

If you’re a side hustler, you’re probably aware of the rapidly expanding food delivery services which are witnessing an oligopoly of DoorDash and Postmates. While the consumers are enjoying unparalleled convenience, it’s the drivers who must weigh the better gig to generate some extra bucks.
While DoorDash delivers strictly food and beverages, Postmates goes beyond that to bring you medicines, liquor, groceries and more. Read Zouton’s full take on the battle of DoorDash vs Postmates.

The Pay

DoorDash drivers report earnings between $8–$15/hour. The ability to screen orders based on estimated payout gives DoorDash a big edge over Postmates. With Postmates, there’s no way to avoid the lowest-paying orders. However, Postmates drivers make $10–$18/hour. Tipping is allowed and encouraged in both the apps.  

The Better App 

Postmates is better established and gets a lot more delivery requests than DoorDash. There are more reports of slow business with DoorDash and almost no downtime with Postmates.

Work Flexibility 

DoorDash has two ways of Dashing: scheduling a future Dash or Dash Now. A unique feature that DoorDash implements is a limit on the amount of Dasher’s driving at any given moment. DoorDash does not want drivers getting on the clock and not having enough work to make a satisfactory amount of money.
Postmates allows drivers the option of working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, Postmates doesn’t have the option to schedule your shifts.

Vehicle Requirements

The vehicle requirements for both apps are quite identical. You can use a scooter, bike, and even deliver by walking in some cities. It all depends on your city’s rules.

Additional Perks

If you’re a Dasher, you can upgrade to DoorDash Drive wherein, restaurants request to use DoorDash to make their deliveries. In order to qualify for DoorDash Drive, you must have at least 100 deliveries, have a rating above 4.5, and have a 90 percent completion rating. In regards to other additional programs, Postmates doesn’t really offer too much more besides for Postmates Plus Unlimited, which is unlimited free deliveries for orders of $20 or more.

Staying in? Use your phone to order everything- from food to medicines from Postmates that lets you choose from a plethora of stores. If you still think of moving a muscle to walk down to the brick and mortar stores, think of saving $10 via Postmates on food, groceries, drinks and more.