SeatGeek VS StubHub| November 2022| Get Tickets to Concerts, Games, Theatres, And More Starting At $5

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SeatGeek and StubHub are two of the most popular websites when it comes to online ticket purchases. Get your tickets to your favorite shows, standups, games, and concerts starting from $5 with these two ticket-selling giants. 

SeatGeek Vs StubHub: Know Your Options 

Before you purchase tickets to your favorite shows with your hard-earned money, make sure you are familiar with both of your choices. Here is a little background regarding two of the biggest ticket giants in the US


SeatGeek, a mobile-based ticket company, is the world’s largest event ticket search engine and provides a safe network for the buying and selling of tickets between ticket sellers and interested audiences. Here are a few deals you can avail of while purchasing tickets on the website. 

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StubHub, which is owned by eBay, is the biggest secondary ticket-selling website, offering a marketplace to both buyers and sellers worldwide for the last 20 years. Use the following linked coupons while purchasing tickets on the website to make decent savings on your purchase. 

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StubHub vs SeatGeek: Buying Of Tickets

  • Visit the official StubHub website.

  • On the StubHub, website either create a new account or log in to your existing one.

  • On the homepage, go to the 'Search For' dialogue box and fill in the name of the show you want to catch or choose one from among the 'Top Events' 

  • Once you have made your choice, proceed to choose your seats. Review all the important details like time, available tickets, day, and date before choosing your seat. After you're done selecting your seats, opt for the payment method. 

  • Once the payment's made, you will receive a confirmation email at your registered email id.

  • You can now either opt for physical delivery of tickets to your address or go for digital ones that you can print at your own pace. 

  • Install the SeatGeek app, and log in to your account. Sign-up in case you are a new user. 

  • On the homepage, scroll down to the navigation bar and fill in the name of the show or artist you want to catch up, by clicking on the tickets menu. 

  • Once you have located your event, click to see the available seats. 

  • Choose from the available seats and proceed to the next step by clicking on the payment option. 

  • Fill in the additional information before making your payment. 

  • Once you made your payment, you will receive a confirmation mail on your registered email id. 

  • At the last step, you can choose at which location you want your tickets to get delivered or you can just opt for online tickets and print them on your own time. 

SeatGeek vs StubHub: Selling Of Tickets

  •  You begin by posting the desired tickets on the StubHub marketplace. The procedure is as simple as it can be on the website.

  • You inform StubHub how many tickets you have for a specific event when you create a listing.

  •  You have the option of sending the tickets to the buyer by postal service or uploading them as a PDF if you already have them in your possession

  • .You must use the original PDF that the first vendor supplied you when you upload one (such as Ticketmaster). 

  • You won't have to worry about encountering issues because StubHub has an instructional video that will lead you through the procedure.

  • Install the SeatGeek app.

  • Select the "Tickets" link at the bottom of the homepage.

  • Choose the ticket from one of the offered categories.

  • Select the number of tickets you want to sell and how they will be split by tapping on "Sell."

  • Select "List Tickets" and enter the desired price.

  • Prior to the event, you can touch on "Edit" or "Delist" to change or remove your listings after they have been uploaded.

  • Also, keep in mind that you could occasionally be forced to establish a minimum price. In that situation, the app will send consumers a notification informing them of the minimum listing amount.

SeatGeek Fees vs StubHub

Fees are standard at StubHub, where the buyer is required to pay an additional 10% as processing and organization charges. Sellers aren’t charged anything for selling their tickets; however, a 15% commission is levied on all the tickets that get sold via the website.

SeatGeek has a far different approach, where they include the cost of multiple factors under the umbrella of the "ticket price." This makes it easy for the buyer to decide whether they want to purchase a ticket to a particular event or not by merely looking at the price of the ticket. The price of the ticket varies based on the artist, event, venue, and seat. Hence, they are subject to hikes and drops below the market price. Sellers are liable to pay a 20% commission on every ticket sale they make on the website. 

SeatGeek vs StubHub: Special Features

SeatGeek has a Deal Score feature that helps people find the best deals and venues for events. The higher the Deal Score is for an individual, the bigger and better will be the deals. 

StubHub stands out by providing its users with the opportunity to purchase tickets until the very last minute. Moreover, their Fanprotect feature allows them early access to all the tickets. 

SeatGeek vs StubHub: Safety and Security


  •  SeatGeek is a very reliable and well-reviewed platform. All the tickets sold and bought on this platform are 100% legitimate. 

  • If any fraudulent activity is caught, the dealer of the ticket has to pay a 120% fine as a punishment. 


  • The largest player in the secondary market, StubHub does not work with venues or performers directly.

  •  It obviously has a large number of prospective customers given that there are over 10 million tickets available, and it strives to maintain the best security standards.

  •  For the same reason, you can include more payment methods so that everyone can buy the tickets they need. 

SeatGeek vs StubHub: Pros

  • It provides the largest ticket search engine to compare costs and locate the cheapest offer.

  • Customers who cannot attend the event but would like to sell their tickets can easily do so, and the procedure is not difficult either.

  • It provides numerous ticket delivery choices at discounted delivery costs.

  • Both the App Store and the Google Play store offer a free installation of its application.

  • To assist consumers in saving money, it provides a special bargain scoring system.

  • It also warns you anytime the price of a ticket that you were viewing changes via notification alerts.

  • They provide a website that is easy to use.

  • They feature a comprehensive variety of options for many currencies.

  • They include seating diagrams and clear venue maps.

  • Even for sold-out events, there is the chance to purchase resale tickets.

  • If you ever run into trouble and need immediate help, they provide an online chat function.

  • The FanProtect feature offers a 100% guarantee on all orders in exchange for additional costs.

SeatGeek vs StubHub: Cons

  • You could become perplexed when seeing the arena map because the map can appear opulent and the seating blocks can appear little. If you are viewing through a desktop, you can have a better experience, however, on smartphones, you must focus your sight closely in order to see every block.

  • The cost of the tickets is always changing. If for whatever reason you were unable to purchase the ticket initially, the price may have increased by the time you arrive.

  • If there is a strong market demand for an event, prices may quickly increase at any time.

  • Before the payment is confirmed, no additional fees are imposed.

  • It can take some time to figure out the contact form.

  • There are no rewards programs available for frequent customers.

  • They adhere to a rigid refund policy.

  • The majority of the tickets were sold above the original ticket price.

Author’s Recommendations


1. Are SeatGeek tickets refundable?

No, unless the event itself has been canceled or postponed, you can neither get a refund nor cancel, increase, or decrease the number of tickets ordered. 

2. Are SeatGeek tickets digital?

Yes, SeatGeek tickets are electronic. When you purchase a ticket on SeatGeek, you get an electronic ticket, which you can either download or make a hard copy of for entry into the event. 

3. How long do StubHub tickets take to arrive?

StubHub tickets take longer than 24 hours to get issued. Even after that, the sellers generally have until 10 a.m. on the day of the event to deliver the tickets. In case, you do not receive it by then, you can contact customer service at StubHub. 


Both the ticket platforms don't have much difference in general other than the fees, features, and ticket prices. Otherwise, they both function in the ticket industry, while one is a broker, the other one works like a search engine. However, it is worth examining the functions of the websites.

By Aparajita Podder - Author