Sezzle Gift Card | November 2022: Unlock Access To Exclusive Merchants For In-store & Online Purchases

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Looking for the perfect gift? The most convenient way is to get a gift card from Sezzle as it lets your friends and family make a choice for the gift and it does fulfill the purpose of gifting correctly. 

Sezzle Gift Card | Updated Today

Sezzle gift cards are not so easy to get as the recipient will be getting access to products from exclusive merchants. Only if you have a positive history or repayment behaviors then you can get a Sezzle gift card. 

Buying & Using a Sezzle gift card requires attention and can be done in some simple steps. Go through the following steps to buy gift card with Sezzle: 

1. Select one of the exclusive in-app merchants of Sezzle. 

2. You can choose the checkout method either online or in-store. 

Online: If you go for online mode, the Sezzle app will redirect you to the store’s page and you can add items to your card along with the billing & shipping details. You can also select the preferred shipment method so as to know the exact amount you would need for the gift card before purchasing it.  

Select ‘Pay with Sezzle’ at the checkout screen and follow the process. If your gift card doesn’t cover the amount of your order, you can purchase another gift card for the remaining amount.

In-store: If you want to make an in-store purchase, then you’ll be redirected to the gift card purchase screen and there you can enter the amount you’d like to purchase. 

Proceed with the transaction to get the gift card. 

Note: To avoid any delay, you must buy the gift card before going to checkout as there might be delay in the merchant’s system for activating the gift card. 

3. Go to the ‘Account’ section and then ‘Gift cards’ in your app. 

Online: Enter your gift card number and PIN in the gift card section at the time of checkout. 

In-store: Provide the gift card number and PIN to the cashier at the time of checkout. 

Note: The purchase of your Sezzle gift card is final and you can’t cancel or claim any refund/adjustment for the gift card amount.

Sezzle Gift Cards | Details

  • 25% of your gift card amount will be charged as a downpayment.

  • You can pay the remaining payment amount following the standard repayment schedule(4 payments within 6 weeks). 

  • If you are facing any issues regarding your Sezzle gift card then you can review the merchant’s policies on their website. 

  • Enter the gift card details correctly including the spaces, capital letters, etc. 

Steps To Send A Sezzle Gift Card

Only Premium subscribers and users having access to exclusive in-app stores can send gift cards to their friends or family. Follow the steps below to send the gift card:

  1. Go to the Account section.

  2. Select ‘Gift cards’.

  3. Click on the ‘Send gift card’ button.

  4. Enter the recipient details and date when it is to be sent. 

  5. Click ‘Confirm’.

You’ll get a confirmation notification regarding the same. 

Note: You cannot resend a gift card which is already sent. 

If the recipient loses the gift card or email, you have to send him the screenshot of the gift card barcode/gift card number so they can redeem the gift card(The gift card will be eligible until its amount is redeemed somewhere else). 

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Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

1. Can I buy a gift card with Sezzle?

Yes, you can buy gift cards with Sezzle using the Sezzle app. You just have to ensure which merchants accept those gift cards. 

2. Can I get a refund for my Sezzle gift card?

No, you can’t cancel or get any refund for your Sezzle gift card.

3. How can I get the latest updates on Sezzle gift cards?

Stay updated on Zouton US for latest information about Sezzle gift cards. 


Finding the perfect gift is not an easy task. You can either get the right gift or not, but there is an option which lets you gift in a better way and will never go wrong. Gift cards with Sezzle unlocks many gift options for the recipient and are available over the app.

By Soniya Bisht - Author