Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Pets Under $20: Get Up to 75% OFF on Pet Beds

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By Arvind Chatterjee - Content Specialist Feb 05 2020 Share this blog

The warmth of love is already melding into the chilly strains of air and your pets need extra care and love. Yes, this Valentine’s day, you get a maximum 75% discount on pet beds which start at a minimum price of $1.97. You can give your cats, dogs or any small pets the gift of comfort. Not just that, there are innumerable other deals that all pet moms and dads can checkout and make Valentine’s day all the more beautiful. 

Top Valentine’s Day Deals For Your Pets: 

We understand how much you love your pets and that is why we are mentioning all the best deals and discounts running on pet supplies. We expect pet parents to buy the best Valentine’s day gift for their pets and strike an amazing deal along the way.  



Pet Beds: Get Up to 75% OFF 

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The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Pets: 

This Valentine’s pick up the best gifts for your loveliest pets. No matter how much your pets love to snuggle into your beds, chew on your furniture, eat random things, your little munchkins deserve everything to deck up their days and nights.

All the below-mentioned stores which have been further categorized with their top products that you can choose from to strike the best deal. 


All Living Things® Small Animal Bed

Everyday Life

This cute little bed would be perfect for your guinea pigs as it is smaller in size, and very comfortable. Although it’s been suggested that customers should observe the behavior of pets around it, as it would ensure suitability. Get this at just $8.49 $2.27.

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All Living Things® Tiny Tales™ Bed Small Pet Chew

Everyday Life

We have got a comforting solution to the rampant urges of your pets. This chew is shaped like a little bed to gratify and calm your chew-driven pet. The product is for smaller pets and needs supervision. Get it for just $7.99 $7.79.

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Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® Indoor Complete Cat Food:

Everyday Life

This cat food is made of natural chicken with lentils and salmon. It doesn’t have soy or wheat. The real superfood blend from Rachael Ray is especially for indoor cats. Buy it at just $20.89 $18.89. 

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JW Pet Hol-ee Roller Dog Toy, Color Varies

Everyday Life

Do you and your pet enjoy a good game of fetch? If you are going to spend your valentine’s with your dog then this pet ball would be the best thing to buy. It’s tough enough to endure through all the chewing. Grab it for $19.99 $10.36.

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Nylabone DuraChew Rawhide Alternative Chicken Flavored Dog Toy

Everyday Life

This chewing toy comes in chicken flavor to prevent destructive chewing. It endures through hard bites and keeps your pet busy, happy and gratified. Buy it for $23.49 $18.42

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American Journey Stews Poultry & Beef Variety Pack Grain-Free Canned Dog Food: 

Everyday Life

Give your pet the gift of solid nutrition in grain-free recipes that would enhance your dog’s daily energy. The real meat is to give protein and food sensitive ingredients like wheat, soy, and corn are not included. Buy it for $19.99 $17.99.

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True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts with Real Chicken Dog Treats:

Everyday Life

The premium jerky cuts are a sumptuous treat for your dog this Valentine’s day. It’s made of real chicken without any antibiotics, hormones or steroids. Also, the natural spices add a zest to the jerky treats. Snag it for $22.99 $14.89

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Glad for Pets Black Charcoal Puppy Pads
Everyday Life

These pads absorb pet’s urine and control the stench. Each pet pad is made up of 5 layers that assure no leaks. They are also induced with Pheromone Attractant so your pet knows where to head to.

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Hubulk Pet Dog Bowls 2 Stainless Steel Dog Bowl
Everyday Life

Give your pets the comfort of eating from this full dinner set specially designed for cats, puppies. The bowls don’t skid or flip. Even the no-spill silicon mat is wonderous. Get it at just $14.99.

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BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer with Safety Guard: 
Everyday Life

Clip those sharp nails so that your pets can’t themselves and others. While they are at it Valentine’s day would be perfect for a little grooming. It comes with a user-friendly design. Get it for just $12.99

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Instant Ocean Sea Salt for Marine Aquariums
Everyday Life

Aquariums always need extra care and this valentine’s sprinkle some love on your aquatic friends. The sea salt is devoid of any nitrate or phosphate with superior solubility. Order it at just $13.25 $8.97 only.

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Urban Outfitters

Shannon Clark For Deny Cosmic Pet Bandana
Everyday Life

Valentine's day would be the best reason for your pets to get dressed up and what’s better than this chic bandana designed by Shannon Clark. Grab it at just $15.00.

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Illumiseen LED Dog Collar Necklace
Everyday Life

Adorn your Dog with this LED collar necklace and dazzle them on this Valentine’s day. It comes handy on those nights strolls. Buy it at just $16.00.

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BARK Plunder the Tree Dog Toy
Everyday Life

 The Christmas tree toy for dogs is a real squealer that will leave them pleasantly shocked and in a playful mood. Get this at just $10.00.

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BARK Prancin’ Perry Dog Toy
Everyday Life

Introduce your pet to this cute reindeer and let them have company on the days when you leave for work. The toy reindeer has long and strong hair along with Whip-N-Flip antlers. Buy it at just $10.00

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Ongoing Deals on Pet Supplies: 

Shoppers At PetSmart Get up to 75% OFF on Pet Beds: 

Pet parents who need to buy beds for their pets would get a maximum of 75% off. The beds are available for cats, dogs, and small pets. 

  • The products at Petsmart starts at $1.97

  • Get your pet supplies delivered for free on orders above $49. 

  • The shipping rules are restricted to new users only. 

  • The PetSmart coupon is not required to redeem the discount. 

  • This specific deal can be used by all users.

  • Various payment methods to be used are Paypal, cards and Net banking. 

Customers At Chewy Get Up to 20% OFF ON Toys: 

Toys keep your pets busy, happy and satisfied. All the pet moms and dads who consider buying their pets toys can get up to 20% off. 

  • Available Products for the deal:
     -Save 20% off on Balls.
     -Minimum 5% off on chew bones and scratchers.
     -Items are also starting at $1. 

  • The deal is valid on the Chewy app and website. 

  • The discount is available on both old and new users. 

  • Get your products shipped for free on purchases above $49. 

  • There are numerous available options to make your payments with. 

  • Merge this deal with other Chewy coupons to reap extra discounts. 

All Users Get up to $100 OFF at Petco: 

Avail a staggering $100 discount at Petco on products like cat pads, pet food, scratching pole, pet door, etc. This particular Petco deal can be used by both new and existing users. 

  • This deal can be redeemed multiple times. 

  • There is no need for any minimum order value. 

  • The savings go up to $100 under this Petco deal. 

  • Get free shipping on selected orders. 

  • This discount can be merged with other Petco discounts. 

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Valentine’s day signifies love and one of the most loving aspects of our lives is our pets. We seldom need a reason to shower our immense love on those guys and yet by shopping for your pets on Valentine’s adds extra comfort in their lives and you brim with happiness on seeing them. Customers have a wide range of products to choose from which starts at just $20. Products like pet toys, food, bandanas, beds and a lot of other things are available for grabs. Along with your human-partners celebrate Valentine's day with your pets too who unconditionally shower all their innocent love on you. Make them feel special in the most wonderful way.