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Troy Jolly
Troy Jolly
store : Orvis
review date : Oct 08 2021
Product purchased : Shoes
Shoes used : Oct 04 2021
2.1 Selection Experience
4.3 Coupon Selection
2.9 Payment Process
3.8 Refund / Cashback
5.0 User Interface

“Great casual shoes”

  • overall experience

    Orvis has a great collection of casual shoes. I recently ordered one for myself, and that was when I noticed the wide collection of footwear that they possess. Anyway, I ordered one, especially because the Fall Sale has offered several discounts. I ordered a set of brown leather shoes and they look good on me. The size and color are perfect and they suit me.

    Orvis shoes    

    I had another one of a similar kind, and it had worn out. That was why I decided to buy another. A few people even complimented this pair of shoes. These are comfortable to wear and can be worn to almost all occasions. The inner soles are cushiony and it feels as if walking on a pillow. I highly recommend this pair to all those who are looking for one. I also availed a 10% off using the Zouton Orvis coupon code.

Cindy Abraham
Cindy Abraham
store : Orvis
review date : Sep 22 2021
Product purchased : dog collar
dog collar used : Sep 03 2021
1.4 Selection Experience
1.0 Coupon Selection
1.1 Payment Process
1.3 Refund / Cashback
1.2 User Interface

“I received a broken dog collar”

  • overall experience

    This is the second time Orvis is making a fool out of me. I ordered a collar for my Charlie about a month ago. They delivered it after around 4 days. As I opened the package, the size was not the same as I ordered and I asked them to refund my money. But they persuaded me to ask for a replacement instead, and I complied. 

    Orvis dog collar

    They took back the collar and delivered another one after around 5 days. That was of the right size and I put it around Charlie’s neck. But just as I put it, the collar broke and fell down. I was really angry because that was the second time. I contacted Orvis and asked for a refund. This time I was stern on getting a refund instead of replacement. I am terribly dissatisfied with Orvis and will never purchase from them again. 

Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis
store : Orvis
review date : Sep 04 2021
product purchased : dog accessories
dog accessories purchased : Aug 23 2021
4.5 Selection Experience
4.1 Coupon Selection
4.0 Payment Process
4.3 Refund / Cashback
4.5 User Interface

“The best environment is here”

  • overall experience

    I have been visiting Orvis for over a year now since my son and I like to provide for the street dogs in our neighborhood and so we decided to open a really small scale shelter with a few beds some feeders, bowls, treats, and dog jackets as it gets cold out here pretty soon. Even took our pet dog to the store outlet and he loved it there with all the toys and treats lying around. Kept him busy the whole time we were there. The product quality of Orvis is excellent and they have got a legit wide range of stuff! Even found some coupons here on this website so we were able to take full advantage of all the discounts that applied to our order. We gonna continue doing business with them for years to come!

Mikelson Robert
Mikelson Robert
store : Orvis
review date : Sep 01 2021
Product purchased : Shoes purchased
Shoes used : Aug 29 2021
4.0 Selection Experience
3.5 Coupon Selection
3.8 Payment Process
3.2 Refund / Cashback
4.2 User Interface

“Great Service customer satisfaction at highest”

  • overall experience

    I bought a pair of wading boots. After only a few months of use in 2021, the right boot's sole entirely disintegrated. Given the age of the boots, I contacted Orvis and asked if they might help.

    wading shoes

     I was anticipating a voucher or something in return when they issued me a mailing slip, so I shipped the boots off. Instead, I received a cheque for the entire transaction price. Not many companies would have responded so quickly and kindly to my circumstance. Orvis has provided me with nothing but excellent experiences, and I intend to remain a customer for a long time.