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Jessica Swamps
Jessica Swamps
review date : Jul 06 2020
Product purchased : Personalized Cup
Personalized Cup purchased : Jun 26 2020
4.6 Selection Experience
4.8 Coupon Selection
4.0 Payment Process
4.9 Refund / Cashback
4.2 User Interface

“My Own Personalized Gift”

  • overall experience

    On 22nd June 2020, I placed an order for a personalized cup from a personalization mall store for a price of $15. My product was delivered to me on 26th June 2020 with $10 charged as a delivery cost added to the product.

    Personalized Cup

    As the pandemic is still on the rise I was happy to see that the delivery boy was wearing all his masks and gloves and provided a contactless delivery. Seeing this I can definitely say that it was a wonderful & effortless ordering experience.

    Making sure that the purchased product reaches me on time I have to say that this is indeed one of the very few good stores to do my personalized shopping.

    Satisfied with my purchase from the personalization mall.

Kenzie Turman
Kenzie Turman
review date : Dec 18 2019
Product Purchased : Canvas Print
Items Purchased Online : Nov 27 2019
3.8 Selection Experience
3.6 Coupon Selection
3.5 Payment Process
3.4 Refund / Cashback
3.7 User Interface

“Never Received It”

  • overall experience

    I recently ordered this Family Home Personalized Canvas Print from Personalization Mall 3 weeks back, and I’m utterly disappointed by the service as these guys are such a lazy monkey.

    I never received my product, and to this date, customer service has no answers. I’m baffled and angered by the slow processes and no care towards the customer's satisfaction. We are the reason that you exist.

    You may have millions of customers, so you don’t care but you ve to realize that every of your customers should matter for you, now whether he/she is purchasing a small ornament from you or a full-fledged photo frame or king-size bed… It matters.

    In the beginning, I received the update from Personalization Mall that I’ll be receiving the products in next week, and it’s been 3 weeks since they said it but I have received, neither the order nor the refund of $35.99.

    I don’t want to buy anything from you at all now Personalization Mall.

James Wilson
James Wilson
review date : Dec 18 2019
Product Purchased : Ornaments
Items Purchased Online : Dec 18 2019
5.0 Selection Experience
4.7 Coupon Selection
4.7 Payment Process
4.5 Refund / Cashback
5.0 User Interface

“Loving The Service”

  • overall experience

    I’m new to the personalization mall, and 2 days ago I had the first deal from Personalization Mall. It turns out to be a great service and order delivery from Personalization Mall.

    Recently, my brother, and now my sister-in-law Christy have married on the 16th of December. I have bought a beautiful personalized photo ornament, along with a wood name Christmas ornament for the coming special occasion of Christmas.

    The purchase was really good, I received the products in the business days of 1-2 days, and at a great deal of 30% discount. It was really good, I saved a lot of money and products were really awesome.

    I just want to say thank you to Personalization Mall for giving such great services and making both of my precious happy. I am definitely going to buy some more gifts from you guys in the future.

Jack Pott
Jack Pott
review date : Dec 16 2019
Service Availed : Items purchased
Items Delivered : Dec 16 2019
4.5 Selection Experience
4.4 Coupon Selection
4.4 Payment Process
4.4 Refund / Cashback
4.5 User Interface

“Yay. Great Delivery.”

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  • overall experience

    Item Purchased: Magnetic Bottle Opener

    Hey, I recently joined this new residential area of California. The neighbors are quite nice, and later on, I got to know that they are just not nice but also cool. I ordered something nice for them in return as a gesture from the online sources.

    It’s been a month since I'm here and I’m really glad that I got this company of a friend, people, and peers in my residential circle. I want to throw a party to all of them in a really big way, and also allocate the items I want in my house to make it look good.

    I went online and searched about it and I found out that there is a bottle opener that you can have as a convenience to you and everyone present at the party and it was really awesome when I watched how it works. It’s really a great product which comes in handy.

    There’s another version of it, and advanced one which was the Magnetic Bottle Opener that makes your bottle’s lid get stuck to the board itself. It’s a really neat and classy product to have at your home.

    I ordered it online from Personalization Mall, and trust me...It’s worth it. It’s just like as I saw it on the internet. I received it in the 4-5 business days of their retail store. I want everyone to utilize it at the party, and it’s really so cool that everyone is flattered by the items I have at my house already. This one will leave an impression for sure too. I’m happy with the product.

    Party’s going to be really awesome. Thanks for the valuable purchase Personalization Mall.

Matt Tress
Matt Tress
review date : Dec 16 2019
Product Purchased : Items purchased
Items Purchased Online : Dec 16 2019
4.7 Selection Experience
4.4 Coupon Selection
4.4 Payment Process
4.2 Refund / Cashback
4.7 User Interface

“It’s Lovely!”

  • overall experience

    Items Purchased: Personalized Picture Ornament

    A week back, I ordered this product from the Personalization Mall named as “personalized photo ornament”. It’s really a lovely product that you can have in your house. I mean it’s like a cherry in the blossom, and it looks lovely to gift to anyone in your peers.

    So I was looking forward to having this purchase so I can gift it to someone of my known and he is in my circle for quite some time now. He is in my circle and I know him fro quite some time now. It’s really an amazing product. I’m just lovin’ it. It’s so cute and worth it.

    So, Jack’s birthday is on 20th of December and I’m thinking to give him a surprise. I’m just doing a moral work by putting this review out here. I hope Jack will get a surprise for sure on his birthday, and not see this review before it. You know what I’m sayin’ right? Hope you can.

    Hey Jack btw, just in case, if you’re reading it… See I really wanted to throw a surprise but now when you have discovered it yourself by reading my review here; I just want to say that I really like you and want to gift this photo ornament to you as a present. It’s really good. You can put both of our picture in this. It’ll cherish your room, isn’t it?

    Well, if you aren’t reading and there is only the audience then please I want to say don’t judge me, guys. It’s just I really like him. I would like to see his surprised reaction towards this gift.