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Arlen Pritchard
Arlen Pritchard
store : Petco
review date : Dec 17 2019
Product purchased : Dog Diapers
Dog Diapers purchased : Dec 08 2019
1.8 Selection Experience
2.7 Coupon Selection
3.0 Payment Process
2.0 Refund / Cashback
1.0 User Interface

“No Delivery”

  • overall experience

    On 8th December 2019, I have placed an order of “We-We pads 200 counts” from Petco Store for $53.99 

    I was expecting my order in the next 1 day as per Petco's delivery policies & I needed this product urgent as my neighbors have already seen my dog pooping all around their garden & have a complaint about the same to me.

    My patience let me waited for 3 days for the product between which I was also given a last warning by my neighbour to complain to the federal agencies if again they saw my dog popping at their garden again.

    To be honest I have even stopped thinking about my order getting delivered to me. 

    A major shame to the Petco store for having such loose customer service. I am so irritated that I do not even wish to call the Petco authorities of the same.

    Petco store should really stop all their services & should regroup & train their order processing team. This is not the first time I have seen Petco customer services like this, the same thing has happened even to my friend once.

    I am not at all happy with Petco Services & would definitely not recommend anyone to purchase their pet product from here.

Lucas Percisi
Lucas Percisi
store : Petco
review date : Dec 17 2019
Product purchased : Dog grain free food
Dog grain free food purchased : Dec 08 2019
4.9 Selection Experience
3.6 Coupon Selection
3.2 Payment Process
4.6 Refund / Cashback
4.8 User Interface

“Best Product”

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  • overall experience


    Seeing my dog getting tired after the long run, that very instant I got to know that he is missing those important proteins in his diet. Therefore on 7th December 2019, I decided to order WholeHearted Grain Free All Life Stages Salmon and Pea Recipe Dry Dog Food, 25 lbs from Petco store which came for a price of $42.74 

    I got the food delivered to me on 8th December 2019 with $7.99 added as delivery charges to the product. 

    This dog food that I bought from Petco store contains:

    • Grain-Free, All Life Stage Recipe Dry Dog Food from WholeHearted

    • Real salmon is the first ingredient

    • Canine probiotics help maintain digestive health

    • Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat

    • No corn, wheat, or grains of any kind

    • Antioxidant formula for healthy immunity (guaranteed levels of Vitamin E, Selenium, and Zinc)

    • Vitamins and minerals for balanced nutrition

    My pet dog weighing 22lb I believe to have purchased the perfect food product from him. This food supplement was also rated a 4.8 star out of 5 which made me bought this product.

    Eating this food, in just 2 days I saw a difference in my pet dog’s lifestyle & how his coat has improved in a nice, healthy & shiny condition.

    This WholeHearted Grain Free Salmon & pea recipe was a lifesaver for my dog, thanks to Petco store for such a great recommended product & I am sure to do many more purchases with them for my pet dog in the future.

Huper Page
Huper Page
store : Petco
review date : Dec 16 2019
Product purchased : Pet Allergy Medicine
Pet Allergy Medicine purchased : Dec 07 2019
2.7 Selection Experience
1.8 Coupon Selection
2.8 Payment Process
3.2 Refund / Cashback
2.0 User Interface

“Order not delivered”

  • overall experience

    I have been observing my dog getting allergic to eating chicken bones for which when showed to vet concluded in a Gingival Hyperplasia (overgrowth of gums) which resulted in improper chewing of food which in some cases result in extraction of food by mouth.

    Not waiting even a single second I already knew that Petco is that one store from where I can buy my dog's allergic medicine. So on 7th December 2019, I placed an order of Atopica 100 mg Capsule for Dogs, 15 Count for $93.49.

    Before buying this medicine I had my vet consulted & prescribed about the same medicine. The medicine was expected to be delivered to my home within 11th December 2019 but shocked to see that there was not even a single call or message made to confirm my order delivery.

    It’s for Obvious reasons that if I wait for such an important medicine to be delivered that means that it is only available on that particular store only & my pet was in dire need of that medicine. Nevertheless, the Petco store customer support staff called me after 15th December 2019 & told that they are really sorry for replying so late about the query. The worst part of listening to them was telling me that even they were out of stock for that particular medicine. 

    Seeing this customer behavior I believe Petco has made a mockery of themselves.

    Recommendation: Stop keeping the product at your shelf if you can’t keep a stock up for that particular product.

Robin Richards
Robin Richards
store : Petco
review date : Dec 16 2019
Product purchased : Dog toys
Dog toys purchased : Dec 08 2019
4.3 Selection Experience
4.0 Coupon Selection
5.0 Payment Process
4.9 Refund / Cashback
4.2 User Interface

“Christmas Dog toys”

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  • overall experience

    SKU 3014475

    Thinking of buying a good Christmas toy for my dog since we believe him to be a part of our family. On 8th December 2019, I placed an order of  Holiday Tails Sweet and Bubbly Dog Toy Gift Set from  Petco Online store.

    The nearest Petco store to our home is in 1912 N Rock Rd, Derby, KS 67037 which is just 15 mins away I decided to have my order picked up, bringing my dog along with myself to the store.

    I really liked how the Petco store had a huge variety of animal pet food ranging from Cats to Dogs & etc. All these toys from the brand Holiday tails cost us at a saver price of $7.50 from its registered price of $14.99 which is a whopping 50% discount on the toy.

    I paid for the product via PayPal.

    I'm happy to have my product purchased from such a good & dedicated pet store. I am sure that with these toys my pet dog is certainly going to enjoy his me time playing with it.

    These toys also pop off intriguing sounds that get the dog in the spirit of play.

    Overall I can with surety say that these toys that I bought from the Petco store are of genuine quality & indeed a crazy fun time for my pet dog.

    Thanks, Petco for such an amazing service.

Bella Burke
Bella Burke
store : Petco
review date : Dec 13 2019
Product purchased : Dog food
Dog food purchased : Dec 05 2019
4.3 Selection Experience
4.8 Coupon Selection
4.0 Payment Process
3.9 Refund / Cashback
3.6 User Interface

“Really liked the product”

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  • overall experience

    Serving my pet dog the same food every day, I wanted to add a little different variation in his food by giving him a packed food so that he could enjoy his meal more often.


    During a gossip with my friend, I was recommended to buy the dog food from the nearest Petco store. Going through the store online on 5th December 2019 I placed an order of  Royal Canin Medium Puppy Dry Food, 30 lbs which is enough for a good 2 months of food.


    Since the nearest Petco store to my home was on 23014 US-281 N, San Antonio, TX 78258, I decided to buy the product via a store pickup.


    Going through the store I was fascinated to see so many food categories for different animal pets.


    This is my first purchase from Petco store I am super happy to have bought my dog food product from here.


    Visiting the store for a pickup order I have already kept in mind to purchase another product next month for my pet dog.


    Tasting the Royal Canin really made my dog wiggle his tail which meant that he was happy with the food.