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Anna Hellan
Anna Hellan
store : PetSmart
review date : Sep 08 2021
Product purchased : Pet supplies
Pet supply used : Feb 12 2020
5.0 Selection Experience
4.8 Coupon Selection
4.6 Payment Process
4.0 Refund / Cashback
4.5 User Interface

“Go checkout to give your pet a comfy treat”

  • overall experience

    It was a year back that I ordered a Top Paw Grey Hearts Classic Pillow Dog Bed for my Nyke. Since she started using it, Nyke is in love with it. She just loves spending her time on this bed. It is really comfy with its soft poly fill and is also suitable for machine wash. This makes it easy to clean it whenever necessary. 

    PetSmart dog bed

    The cover is made of polyester and is filled with polyester fiber. This makes it all the more comfy and I am happy that Nyke loves it. I recommend everyone to go through their website once you are in need of anything for your pets. 

New Dog Harness
New Dog Harness
store : PetSmart
review date : Jul 08 2021
Product purchased : Dog Harness
Dog Harness Purchased : Jul 05 2021
4.9 Selection Experience
5.0 Coupon Selection
4.4 Payment Process
4.9 Refund / Cashback
5.0 User Interface


  • overall experience

    Whenever I go with my dog outside there are almost 30 to 40% chances that the cars cannot see clearly that it's a dog walking by the street.

    Therefore I decided to look for a good dog harness that would easily glow in the dark & which would reduce the chances of any ufinal accident or mishap.

    After searching for more than 2 hours I finally found my buy on Petsmart store where I got this Arcadia trail Neoprene sport dog harness for a price of $34.99

    Petsmart Coupons

    So therefore I signed up into my Petsmart account & got the benefit of same-day delivery. As my product was less than $49 I could not avail the option of free shipping but still, I am happy that I got the product as desired.

    As for now, I am really happy with this product purchase From Petsmart!

    Rating: 8.9/10