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Updated on Mar 20 2023

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ROCKAUTO SALE 2023: UP TO $150 CASHBACK (Mar 20-21)







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RockAuto : Top Deals

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RockAuto Coupons 
Rockauto brake parts
Ford’s brake hose: starts from $24.79  |Flat 5% Off
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Rockauto parts honda
Honda civic’s auto filter: starts from $2.68
{{Mm}} 31,{{yyyy}}
Rockauto Toyota 
Toyota corolla’s oil filter: starts from $2.68 | |Trending
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Rockauto Fuel Pump 
Toyota corolla’s oil filter: starts from $2.68
{{Mm}} 31,{{yyyy}}
Rockauto Headlights
Headlamp assembly: starts from $28.99
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More Information About RockAuto 

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RockAuto Deals
Rockauto Gift Cards
Starting at $1 only. Available gift card types: Physical & e-gift card | BEST DEAL
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Rockauto Dealpurchase kits and $25 cashback | Get Deal{{Mm}} 31,{{yyyy}}
RockAuto Body Lamp & Assembly
Available below $108 via Rockauto coupon code | TRENDING
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Shop Drivetrains at 10% Off
Add a qualifying SKF U-Joint or Flex Coupler to your cart and instantly save 10%.
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 Best Ways To Save at RockAuto

Rockauto ford parts: starts from $2.96

The price of Ford oil filter starts from $2.96. However, the high-performing oil filter starts from $7.46. This oil filter will be helpful for the user in keeping the car engine clean by eliminating the contaminants from the engine’s oil.

Rockauto Nissan parts: starts from $3.09

Users can purchase Nissan body parts at a reasonable price and the price starts from $3.09. The price of brake pads starts from $10.69. Moreover, the disc brake hardware kit starts from $4.28.  

Rockauto Battery: starts from $45.39

Batteries of Rockauto provide a significant amount of power to the vehicles. The price of the battery starts from $45.39. The AGM battery starts from $83.79 as this battery helps to provide superior power to the vehicle's start-stop functions.

Best Time To Save At Rockauto

Black Friday Sale 

The deal occurs in the end week of November. In this deal, users will get up to 50% discount on the purchased product. This deal is available for both new and existing users.

Specification of sale: 

  • Users will get $25 cashback on clutch system kits. 
  • Get $150 cashback on gauges. 

Cyber Monday Sale

Users will get discounts on all purchased products. However, this deal will occur at the end week of November. Facilities regarding this deal are available for both new and existing users. 

Specification of sale:

  • product price starts from $1.30
  • Order can be placed via online.

Similar Stores like RockAuto

Rockauto is an online store that delivers body parts and auto parts to vehicles. The store is able to offer any essential body part of a car brand. However, they even sell spare parts for headlights, oil filters, brakes, suspensions, etc. There are few competitors who seek to provide significant competition such as,

  •  Autozone
  • PartsGeek
  • Oreilly auto
  • Summit racing

RockAuto vs PartsGeek

Product Price
The price of a fuel pump is $18.91
The price of their fuel pump is $20.37.
Shipping Policy
It generally takes 1 business day to deliver a product.
It takes 3-7 business days to deliver a product.
Parts Catalogue
They sell vehicles along with auto parts in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.
They sell auto parts and vehicles in the USA.

RockAuto Gift Cards

Users can purchase Rockauto gift cards online. The price of the gift cards starts from $1. The gift cards are available from $25 to $100. However, free shipping is available if the gift card will be delivered through email. In terms of, the paper copy shipping charge will be applicable. 

Rockauto Warranty

In case, a customer experiences issues with the purchased part during the warranty period then they can submit a warranty claim through the “order status and returns” page. It is essential to provide necessary information such as part numbers, receipts, etc. Rockauto provides a warranty of 24 months on power steering pumps, steering gears, racks & pinions. The store provides a 12-month warranty on steering columns. On the other hand, they provide a 12 months warranty on a floor mat, flooring, and door panel.

Why choose RockAuto?

Rockauto is an online store that sells the body parts of a vehicle. This store provides different body parts for any vehicle brand. The store provides gift cards for the customers and it is available in different price ranges. Moreover, the store provides essential body parts which helps the users make improvements in their vehicles. On the other hand, the store provides their auto parts in an affordable price.  

How to use Rockauto Promo Code?

It is important for the user to follow a specific number of steps in order to use Rockauto promo and coupon codes and attain the discount,

  • Browse and select the preferable product in the cart.
  • Visit “zouton.com” to get the required coupon based on the purchase
  • Go to the “search” bar and type “Rockauto”.
  • Check out all the “Rockauto” verified discounts and promo codes in the store
  • Select the required coupon to get the discount on the chosen product and copy the entire code
  • Return to the “Rockauto” shopping cart in order to paste the copied code
  • This will help to get the discount on the chosen item and place the order.

RockAuto Shipping Policy

Rockauto seeks to deliver the order within “1 business day” unless a delay is noted in the listing. In this case, the business days are Monday to Friday. However, instead of providing free shipping, Rockauto has the ability to offer the lowest warehouse prices to the customer. This helps to make product prices more affordable for the customers.

Rockauto Return Policy

Based on the Rockauto return policy, customers can return any purchased product within 30 days from the purchasing date. On the other hand, if the customer seeks a refund then the purchased product is required to be returned in the original packaging. On Rockauto’s website, there will be an option called “order status and returns”. That option will help the customer return the purchased product.  

Does RockAuto Have an App?

Yes, Rocksuto does have an app and users can download the the app from below link. It's quite easy to order from the app and it also provides you the option to use Rockauto coupons. 

Google Play RockAuto

How To Find RockAuto Customer Service Number?

To contact Rockauto customer service users can call on these Service Number: 16086611376. Users can also log in to Rockauto and can ask for any help regarding their order.

Does RockAuto Have a Social Media Handle?

Yes, Rockauto has social media handles and users can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep updated with their latest offers and products. 

Facebook RockAuto

Instagram RockAuto

Twitter RockAuto

RockAuto FAQs

Q) How Do I Order Rockauto Parts? 
Users need to visit the “Rockauto” website to browse and choose their required product. Add the chosen product to the shopping cart and click on the “quantity” part to enter the required quantity. An email address is required to generate an account and enter the shipping address. This will be helpful to get essential information about the ordered item. 

Q) Where to Buy Rockauto Gift Cards?
Customers need to visit the “Rockauto” website and go to the “gift certificate” section to check out all the available gift cards. The price starts from $1. Moreover, gift certificates are available from $25 to $100.  

Q) How to cancel a Rockauto order? 
Customers need to visit the “Rockauto” website and go to the “order status and returns” page in order to change or cancel an order. This will help the customer to receive a cancellation message from the store. 

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