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Albert Camus
Albert Camus
store : Seamless
review date : Jul 06 2020
service purchased : Food Delivery
Pizza Delivery : Jul 06 2020
4.4 Selection Experience
4.5 Coupon Selection
4.0 Payment Process
4.1 Refund / Cashback
5.0 User Interface

“Fast & Efficient Delivery!”

  • overall experience

    I ordered food from a nearby Pizzeria & it was great. The restaurant and seamless provided contactless delivery with all protective packaging measures for COVID-19, and the pizza & beverages were delivered within 15 minutes although the expected time was 30 minutes. The pizza tasted great & the toppings were delicious. While I was a bit skeptical about ordering outside food in times of Coronavirus, the whole Seamless delivery service & packaging was very relieving to see at the very least. Had a great meal, kudos to Seamless!

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