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Updated on Mar 24 2023

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StubHub Promo Code
StubHub Promo Code Description
Up To 20% Discount
Sale Is Live On Sports, Theater, Concerts & More | TREATYOSELF
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Minimum 25% OFF
Use Stubhub Coupon Code On All Categories | 25NOMIN
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Music Concert Tickets
Buy Music Concerts Tickets Starting From $6 Only
Get 40%Savings
Use Stubhub Promo Code And Get 40% OFF | VTHANKS
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Football Matches Tickets
Get Football Matches Tickets Starting From $9 & More
Up To 50% OFF
On Various Live Events Including Comedy Shows | TMNTX
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More Information About StubHub

What Are The Best Ways To Save At StubHub?

StubHub Promo Code - Up To 50% Off

Use the promo code and you will be able to save up to 50% on upcoming events stated for December and January. This sale can be availed for a number of events such as sports matches, concerts. Payments can be made through PayPal, credit or debit cards, etc. Apply the promo code TMNTX and you will get the discount.

StubHub Discount Code - 30% Discount

You can get tickets for events ranging from concerts, sports, movies, theatre, comedies, and a lot more. You can save a maximum of $29. This deal can be availed in all participating locations of the United States such as Georgia, Virginia, Las Vegas, New York, etc. You can get the tickets both from the website and the app of StubHub. All you have to do is apply the promo code FTP at StubHub checkout.

Stubhub Easter Day Sale - Up To 25% OFF

Stubhub Easter Day Sale 2023 live now for all users. You can save up to 25% on applying the promo code 25NOMIN without any restriction on the minimum order amount. All users (both old and new) will be able to avail of this discount account in select states of the United States. The tickets can be bought for events such as comedy shows, music shoes, etc.

StubHub Coupon - Get 40% Off

With the StubHub Influencer Code, you can make savings of up to 40% on sports events featuring Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, Yankees, etc. You can also get tickets for concerts that are headlining artists such as Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Noel Miller, etc. The tickets are 100% guaranteed by StubHub FanProtect.

Why Choose StubHub?

With StubHub, you book tickets for sports events, plays, comedy shows, etc. It also has tickets for music concerts. StubHub leaves no stone unturned in guaranteeing tickets for whatever events you are planning to attend. Your tickets will be legitimate and you will get the same prior to the event. In addition to that, you will also be able to sell tickets on StubHub. StubHub also has a well functioning cancellation system and you will also be able to transfer tickets on the website. 

How Does StubHub Work?

StubHub works in the following ways:

  • To make a StubHub account, just enter your full name, email address, and password, and you will be all set to using StubHub.
  • To book tickets, you have to type in the event that you plan to attend, pick the area of the venue that you would like to sit in and enter your billing details. Your tickets will often be mailed to you or you will be able to download the same right on StubHub.
  • You can sign up for the StubHub Rewards Program and you will be able to earn credit each time you buy tickets on StubHub. You will earn a Fan Code on earning enough credit and it will reduce the cost of your next purchase.
  • StubHub provides guarantees to its customers regarding the tickets it is selling. In case a guarantee is broken, or if the event gets cancelled, StubHub makes sure it refunds its customers with money or with Fan Codes. It may also give you replacement tickets of equal or greater value.
  • In case you are having second thoughts about attending an event, you can post the tickets for the event on StubHub and see if they will sell. The website will guide you in listing all the details that potential buyers will need to know about your tickets. It can even help you price them by comparing what other tickets for the same event are being sold on StubHub.
  • If the tickets you post on StubHub, your earnings will be deposited to your PayPal account or you will be emailed a check. On your go-ahead, StubHub will donate the proceeds generated from your ticket sales, to one of their partner charities. 

What Is StubHub Mobile Transfer?

StubHub will mail your tickets when they are ready. In order to be able to see them on your mobile device, you will have to accept a ticket transfer.

1. When you get the mail that the tickets are ready, it will either have an 'Accept tickets' button or you will be told to look for another email.

  • The email has an 'Accept Tickets' button: Click on 'Accept Tickets' and follow the prompts to create an account where the tickets are stored. Use the same email you use for using StubHub and complete the steps for the transfer.
  • Look for another email: You will get another ticket transfer email (either from Ticketmaster or the seller). This email will have an 'Accept Tickets; button for you to accept the transfer. Check the spam and junk folders in case you already have received the transfer offer email. 

2. After you have accepted the tickets, you are good. StubHub recommends adding the tickets to your Apple Wallet, Google Pay. You can save the link or bookmark the get access to the page in no time.

3. On the day of the event, log in to the account where the tickets are stored after you accepted the same and show the ticket on the phone to get access to the event. 

Does StubHub Have Gift Cards?

The price of the StubHub has simplified the task of sending of gift cards to your recipients by the electronic or e-gift cards. The price of the e-gift cards start from $25 and the highest limit is $1,000. These gift cards can be sent to your intended recipients with a personalized photo, text, or audio message to make it more heartwarming. You can also make orders in bulk with the help of e-gift cards. Enter the code in the 'Rewards/Gift Codes Section' in 'My Account'. Once you have found the tickets that you would like to buy, you can apply your gift card at the checkout. StubHub gift cards do not expire and there are also no fees attached to the same. You have to pay for the face value of the e-gift card. You can also choose to schedule the date and time for the arrival of the e-gift card.

How To Use StubHub Promo Code?

You can use the StubHub promo code in the following ways:

  • Type 'StubHub' in the Zouton search bar.
  • Navigate to the promo code that you have chosen.
  • Click on the promo code.
  • Click on the link that will take you the checkout page of StubHub.
  • Copy the promo code and paste the same in the checkout page.
  • The original price will be reduced and this is the final price that you will have to pay.

Can StubHub Orders Be Cancelled?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to cancel your StubHub tickets once you have made the payment for the same. You will complete the order once you click on 'Buy Now'. If you cannot or wish to cancel the tickets that you have bought, StubHub suggests reselling the tickets.

How To Sell On StubHub?

If you want to sell tickets then follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your StubHub account or create a new StubHub account to start selling tickets.
  • There you will have to include the number of tickets you are willing to sell. Other details such as the seats and details pertaining to the tickets have to be mentioned. 
  • Set the price of the tickets then wait for the customers to approach you. 

What Are The Options We Have To Deliver Tickets On StubHub?

These are the options that are at your disposal:

  • Mobile Transfer: Tickets can be found in the online account where you purchased the same. The transfer of tickets between you and your customer will take place through the online account.
  • AXS Ticket: These tickets are mobile-only and they will be stored in the AXS Mobile ID account. After you have succeeded in selling your tickets, you will be able to transfer the same through the AXS app.
  • Barcodes: Barcodes are the tickets that use a numeric or alphanumeric code in order to get validation of the ticket.
  • Paper Tickets: Paper tickets comprise of printed tickets and they will not be in the electronic format.

There are also electronic tickets that include tickets in the PDF format.

How To Delete StubHub Account?

If you want to delete your StubHub account, please follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your StubHub account.
  • Click on 'My Account' on the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Under 'Account Settings', click on 'Deactivate My Account'.
  • Enter your email address and password and click on 'Submit.
  • You will receive an email conversation that your account has bene terminated. 

Can You Return Tickets On StubHub?

Sadly, once you have bought tickets on StubHub, you will not be able to return them. It also does not accept exchange of the same. As an alternative, you can consider reselling them.

How To Resell Tickets On StubHub?

 If you want to resell tickets on StubHub, follow these steps:

  • Go to 'My Tickets' and then 'Orders'.
  • Under the details of the order, click on 'Sell Your Tickets'.
  • Select the price per ticket and how you want to get paid.
  • Click on 'List Tickets'. This will take you to the 'Edit Listing' page where you will be able to adjust the price per ticket. If you have made any changes, click on 'Save'.

If you relist tickets on StubHub and they sell, the standard sell fee will automatically be waived. Depending on the type of ticket(s) you have bought, the relisting process will tell you the following:

  • If the tickets will automatically be delivered to the new buyer for you.
  • In case you have to deliver the tickets, StubHub will email you the instructions.

When Does StubHub Stop Selling Tickets?

StubHub stops the sale of tickets that need to be transferred four hours prior to the event so that the seller gets enough time to make the transfer and does not have to be glued to a device monitoring the ticket activity till the time of the event. You will notice the expiration of some of the listings as the event draws near but these belong to the top sellers of StubHub who consistently show their skill to fulfil orders till the time of the event. As you have limited time to sell the tickets, it is essential to price your tickets accordingly.

How To List Tickets On StubHub?

Here is how you can list your tickets on StubHub:

  • Click on 'Sell' from the home page or a page of the event. Log in to create a StubHub account.
  • Find the event and choose a date.
  • Follow the prompts in order to get your tickets listed.
  • Then you will have to add a valid credit card
  • Choose how you would like to get paid in case your tickets sell.
  • Click on 'Create Listing'. You will be sent a confirmation mail once the tickets have been listed.

How To Sell AXS Tickets On StubHub?

When you transfer your tickets from AXS to the buyer, you will receive a confirmation from AXS about the successful transfer of the tickets. You may or may not need to confirm the transfer in your StubHub account. You will receive an email from StubHub will tell you about this. Once the transfer of tickets is a success and you get a mail from AXS notifying you of the same, then you have successfully held your end of the deal. It is up to the buyer to accept the transfer.

Do StubHub Prices Go Down?

Yes, the prices do go down. In order to allow the prices to go down, all you have to do is give the website some time and check the status of the tickets consistently. The holders of the ticket who are selling the same on StubHub will lower the prices to let go of the inventory prices they have. This happens as the date of the event gets closer. It is favorable to get money at a cheaper rate than not get any altogether. There is a high probability of stock inventory getting sold out completely so it is up to you if you want the tickets to get sold out or wait for deals that are cheaper.

Does StubHub Guarantee Tickets?

The StubHub FanProtect for buyers guarantees the following:

  • You will receive your tickets in the time of the event.
  • Your tickets will be valid for entry.
  • Your tickets will be the same or they can be compared to those you have ordered.
  • If you comply with the applicable policies and timelines and if something untoward occurs, StubHub will take the initiative of giving comparable or better tickets, or you will get a refund.
  • In case the event gets canceled or rescheduled, you will get a refund or credit for future purchases.

What Are The Accepted Payment Methods Available At StubHub?



Google Pay

Apple Pay


Does StubHub Have A Mobile App?

Google Play StubhubIOS Stubhub

How Can I Contact StubHub Customer Service?

To connect with Stubhub customer care users can connect at 18667882482 for their queries. Also, can go to the help centre on the Stubhub website. 

What Are The Social Media Pages For StubHub?

Instagram Stubhub
Facebook Stubhub
Twitter Stubhub

StubHub FAQs 

1. Is StubHub reliable?
Ans. Yes, it is reliable. It depends, however, on if your tickets are getting delivered to you. Tickets can generally be downloaded from StubHub. If you need to get them over email, then it will be a little less reliable. If you have your tickets shipped to you, then it is smooth sailing. 

2. Does StubHub have fees?
Ans. In StubHub, it is free to list tickets for sale and to search for the same to buy. On each successful completion of a transaction, the buyer has to pay a 10% fee and a deduction of 15% is taken from the account of the seller. For example, if a ticket of $100 is sold, the buyer would be paying $110 and the seller would get $85.

3. Can you get scammed on StubHub?
Ans. In all probability, one of the worst scams on StubHub is having paid and never getting them. Others scam include people trying to get your credit card information, sending you to fake sites that are not StubHub or even impersonating the website. If your tickets turn out to be fake, StubHub will refund your money.

4. What does unrestricted view mean on StubHub?
Ans. The unrestricted view on StubHub means that the buyer will have a clear view of the stage, field, or court from their seat. This is opposed to a restricted view, which means that the view will be partially obstructed.

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