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Target SAVE UP TO 20%: EASTER DAY DEAL (Apr 03-04)
Lessie Williamson
store : Target
review date : Dec 17 2019
Product Purchased : Christmas Decoartions
Christmas Decorations Purchased : Dec 04 2019
4.5 Selection Experience
4.8 Coupon Selection
4.6 Payment Process
4.5 Refund / Cashback
4.7 User Interface

“Already Feels Like Christmas!”

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  • overall experience

    Christmas is nothing without the decorations and lights. Decking up the house with a lot of decorations around Christmas has become a ritual in our family now. We like to make sure that our house looks the best with all the lights and decorations. 

    Last year as well I had ordered some Christmas related items from Target which turned out to be good so even this time I didn’t look anywhere else apart from Target’s online store. Even this time, there were so many things and some of them were really unique which I hadn’t seen anywhere else.

    Items Ordered:

    • Farmhouse Christmas Ornament Set- $2.50

    • Philips 100ct Christmas Incandescent Smooth Mini String Lights (6)- $3.49 each

    • Poinsettia Wreath- $70

    I ordered all the things together on 4 December and received my order on 10 December. Since then I had been just waiting to decorate the house with these. Yesterday all of us got together to put these decorations and I am in complete awe of how amazing the house looks from inside as well as outside. 

    I used some of the previously used Christmas decorations and some were the ones that I ordered this time and my house looks completely out of a wonderland. I just don’t want Christmas to be over. 

    Thank you, Target for such stunning products that have great quality as well. I am in love!

Wendi Wolfe
store : Target
review date : Dec 09 2019
Product Purchased : Mascara
Mascara Purchased : Dec 06 2019
4.5 Selection Experience
4.8 Coupon Selection
4.5 Payment Process
4.5 Refund / Cashback
4.8 User Interface

“Best Product In The Market!”

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  • overall experience

    This is my third time purchasing the same mascara. It is so good that one can not help but keep using this product only. The Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer is the best mascara that I have purchased so far. I think I might have found the mascara which I am going to just keep using it and repurchasing it again. 

    I wasn’t really thinking of buying a mascara ut the reviews on Target really made me think of giving it a try at least. Since then this is the one thing I put on every day. There’s everything to love about it. 

    The price as well, is not too much, as it sells for $14.99. I have used other mascaras as well which are higher priced than this one and don’t work nicely at all. 

    I purchased this product on 1 December and as the delivery process takes around 5-7 days, I got the mascara by 6 December. I had ordered the third one as I knew my previous bottle of the primer and mascara is going to finish soon. I got it before the other bottle got finished. 

    Thank you, Target for suggesting such products and great delivery. 

Gilda Bass
store : Target
review date : Dec 06 2019
Product Purchased : Baby Products
Baby products purchased. : Nov 27 2019
4.2 Selection Experience
4.0 Coupon Selection
4.5 Payment Process
4.5 Refund / Cashback
4.2 User Interface

“Best Baby Products!”

  • overall experience

    I am expecting a baby within 3 months and there are a lot of things that need to be done for keeping sure that once the baby arrives there is no issue. The whole process of looking for the right things for the baby is in itself a great task. 

    I couldn’t have looked for baby products other than Target as I have been a loyal shopper from their store and online as well. I couldn’t have trusted any other store for choosing things for my baby as I really did not want to compromise on the quality. 

    I ordered:

    • Philips Avent Fast Bottle Warmer
    • First Response Prenatal and Postnatal Gummies


    I had placed the order on 20 November and the parcel was delivered to me by 27 November. Although I have no use of the bottle warmer as yeat, I have been taking the Postnatal Gummies every day. I have noticed the change in my energy levels and metabolism. The gummies are really good as they have Vitamin B and calcium.

    I would definitely order more stuff before and after my pregnancy from Target as and when the need arises. 

Ciara Owens
store : Target
review date : Dec 04 2019
Product Purchased : Maternity Clothes
Maternity Clothes Purchased : Nov 15 2019
4.1 Selection Experience
4.5 Coupon Selection
4.5 Payment Process
4.2 Refund / Cashback
4.3 User Interface

“Maternity Essentials!”

  • overall experience

    Order Date: 15 November

    My second trimester started recently and now it has become really difficult for me to fit into my regular clothes. I needed a few new essential items for my daily use at least. 

    I purchased the following items from the Maternity section of Macey’s: 

    • Maternity Seamless Footless Tight Belly Leggings- $19.99
    • Maternity Crew Neck T-shirt- $12.99
    • Maternity Long Sleeve Hoodie Pullover- $29.99

    I love the variety of colors, shapes, and sizes in the maternity section. All the items are not priced too high as well. The fir of each of the things is extremely comfortable. Now I will not have to wear my husband’s T-shirt and pullovers to get a decent fit. 


    The delivery of Target was prompt as well. I ordered all the three things on 13 November and all of them got delivered to me on 18 November. There was no shipping charge for the same. 

    I might need more clothes and I’m definitely going to choose Target for that purpose over any other online store. Target definitely stands by its tagline ‘Expect more. Pay Less.'

store : Target
review date : Dec 02 2019
Product Purchased : Toy
Toy Purchased : Dec 22 2019
4.1 Selection Experience
4.0 Coupon Selection
4.0 Payment Process
4.5 Refund / Cashback
4.5 User Interface

“My KId Loves The Toy!”

  • overall experience

    I ordered- Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set

    Order Id- VHN78902365

    I decided to order the Blocks set for my 4-year-old to play with. There were a lot of different sets to choose from but the Melissa & Doug set looked like the best option. The blocks were being sold for $17.49 with an additional discount but I still liked the offer as it was not too much to pay for a good quality set to order for your child. The shipping charges on the order were $5.99 which I found a bit too much. 


    My date of placing the order was 22 November and I received it on 28 November. The contents of the package were intact. There was no sort of hampering with the package. My kid has been playing with the blocks since then and he absolutely loves it. He plays with them with as much enthusiasm as we played with them as kids. My kid gets to create all sorts of things with just one set of blocks. 

    I love the fact that the blocks are made of wood. The blocks are great for educating your child on different colors, shapes, and sizes which is another plus point. He tends to learn in the process of playing. 

    Thank you Target for hooking me up to such a great gift for my kid.

store : Target
review date : Nov 29 2019
Product Purchased : Jacket & TV Stand
Jacket & TV Stand Purchased : Nov 27 2019
3.5 Selection Experience
3.4 Coupon Selection
3.2 Payment Process
4.2 Refund / Cashback
3.5 User Interface

“Turbid Schemes”

  • overall experience

    Well, you don’t really get to know what their deals are, as they just lure you in the name of free gift cards.  While making an in-store purchase, I was told that if the total purchase is equal to or more than $50 then, I’ll be given a free gift card and that they would deliver for free (Next 3 home delivery orders.) 

    I purchased:

    1. Plus Size Jacket worth $74.99

    2. Shuttered Door TV Stand worth $150

    Since the total purchase was above $200, I was told that I’ll be receiving four $5 gift cards but when I reached the counter, I was just handed over one gift card, stating that they are short of gift cards and hence they won’t be able to provide me with the remaining ones. 

     I was told the remaining ones will be added to my Target account and that I’ll be able to use them to make online purchases. I waited for 5 days to get that added but the same wasn’t done. I called up the customer service and I was told that the scheme is over and that they won’t be adding any coupon to the account. 

    Comment: The products are genuine but I’m not happy with the store services! 

Martin Margow
store : Target
review date : Nov 11 2019
Product Purchased : Pick-up Order
Pick-up Order Placed : Nov 11 2019
5.0 Selection Experience
4.0 Coupon Selection
4.7 Payment Process
4.9 Refund / Cashback
5.0 User Interface

“Houston Store Is The Best!”

  • overall experience

    Store Contact Number: +1 281-810-5251

    Store Address: 2700 Market Square, Eldridge Parkway, Houston, TX, United States

    The helpers at this store are actually the best. I actually placed the order on call and had to pick that up on my way home after the office. In order to get the order ready on-time, I placed the order around 2:00 PM and I was told that I can pick the order up anytime after 7:00 PM.  After work hours, I went to the store directly and reached there around 7:40 PM but the order package wasn’t ready. 


    The girls named Emily asked me to wait for a while since she was getting the package ready for me. I had to wait almost 5-7 minutes and it was done. Also, in order to avoid any sort of confusion, they even asked me to check the package for all the inclusions so that there is no scope of glitch. Just one packet of sugar-free biscuits was missing from the placed order. The item was instantly included in the package without any questions. Apart from that, all the inclusions were there in the package in the right amount.   

    Not just this, I was accurately offered help in loading the stuff in my car one by one. No extra charges or last-minute charges were imposed on me.  I had a great time shopping with them. 

    A total thumbs experience! 

Wayne Brown
store : Target
review date : Nov 11 2019
Product Purchased : Hair Accessories
Hair Accessories Purchased : Oct 27 2019
2.4 Selection Experience
2.6 Coupon Selection
2.5 Payment Process
2.4 Refund / Cashback
2.5 User Interface

“Cannot Shop From Them Anymore!”

  • overall experience

    What is the purpose of placing the order when you have to cancel the order last minute?  

    Products Ordered: Crystal Leaf Barrette, Interlock Headwraps 

    Amount Spent: $20

    Order Id: #THD65008904

    I have never had any terrible experience while shopping from Target and therefore, I always had all my trust in them. But, this time, they have actually disappointed me with all the things they have done. I ordered the above-mentioned items on 27th October 2019 and the products were supposed to be delivered within 3 days of placing the order. Since the order was accepted immediately and the confirmation was sent quickly, I really expected them to be efficient with the delivery process. 

    But, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Every time I place the order, I receive a confirmation call from their end and the delivery associated information is sent only after that particular call. This time also the same procedure was followed. According to the information that was provided to me, the products were supposed to be delivered on 30th- 31st October 2019 but these products weren’t received by then. Instead, I received a phone call stating that the items that I wish to receive are not available and therefore the process of delivery will take time. 

    I waited for almost 4-5 days and then called them back again, this time also, I was told that there are still some items that are not available and therefore the order will get delayed. 

    Comment: I’m really not happy with my experience this time. I still haven’t received my order.     

Sahib Ali
store : Target
review date : Nov 11 2019
Product Purchased : Home Essentials
Home Essentials Purchased : Nov 03 2019
4.4 Selection Experience
3.7 Coupon Selection
3.9 Payment Process
4.2 Refund / Cashback
4.7 User Interface

“Deserves All Good!”

  • overall experience

    It has always been my go-to place! 

    The only part of spending this much here is that they are always there for after services. I received the wrong package this time. I actually ordered washing powder, hair accessories and a hairdryer from Target, but instead of that, I received a bag full of groceries. 

    After realizing that the order that has been delivered isn’t mine, I called up the store to inform about the mistake that took place. The assistant who was there to understanding enough and actually tried taking the initiative of helping me out.  Within 30 mins of delivery, the wrong order was picked up and the right order was delivered. 

    Target Gift Card

    Also, no additional delivery or packaging charges were charged. Along with that, just to compensate for the wastage of time that I had to go through, I was given a $25 gift card that could be used at any Target store anytime. 

    Comment: All the received products were in good condition. Also, I did not face any difficulty in redeeming that $25. I had a lovely experience, I’m totally a happy customer and after seeing this efficiency, I would love to visit them again.

Diana Carls
store : Target
review date : Nov 09 2019
Product Purchased : Jacket
Leather Jacket : Oct 14 2019
4.3 Selection Experience
4.2 Coupon Selection
4.6 Payment Process
4.5 Refund / Cashback
4.1 User Interface

“Super courteous staff”

  • overall experience

    ORDER Id: #VBG14442345

    They are a store which has been my ‘go to’ place. They are one of the biggest retailers alive in the US market. They boast of huge list of categories with an equally large collection. Target was a good experience every time I’ve shopped here. The last order was a store pickup which I did since they were taking two days to ship a single order.

    I had placed an order for Women's Faux Leather Moto Jacket, which was available for just forty dollars. Since, the store was not that far I decided to drive and get my order. I must tell that the cleanliness they maintain even though they are a huge store is exceptional. The rep named Susan verified my order id and helped me to get my pickup order. I honestly ended up buying three tees as she was so courteous in her approach and helped me out well.

    Moto Jacket

    I’ll be coming back to Target in coming days for the upcoming sales for the holiday season and would be shopping more. It is one of the best places to be in if you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket with all the holiday shopping.

Angeline Thomas
store : Target
review date : Nov 09 2019
Product Purchased : Groceries
Groceries Purchased : Oct 10 2019
2.3 Selection Experience
2.1 Coupon Selection
2.4 Payment Process
2.7 Refund / Cashback
2.6 User Interface

“They mess up the orders very bad”

  • overall experience

    ORDER Id: #OBC12447445

    I have no idea how this store is surviving in the market. They need serious lessons on how to process orders without messing up. I have ordered multiple times from multiple places, but none are as great in messing up things as these guys. 

    For once I decided to get my monthly grocery done from them. I ordered meat and dairy products as well as spent some cash on other household things too. The order came around or close to $50. The order was placed and the delivery was shown within 24 to 48 hours. The delivery took two long days. They had delivered late and that also would have been considered if the contents were correct. They messed up in delivering. 

    They gave me white eggs while I had ordered and paid for brown ones. The milk carton was showing that the milk has crossed the expiry date, even the meat was different. I was beyond shocked. This is never expected  by a store this big. On complaining to the customer care, they told me to get a replacement from a nearby store.  I drove till the store and got everything exchanged. I don’t know what exactly was the point of my ordering online? Never repeating the same mistake again.

Susan Wight
store : Target
review date : Nov 09 2019
Product Purchased : Jumpsuit
Jumpsuit purchased : Oct 22 2019
2.5 Selection Experience
2.9 Coupon Selection
2.8 Payment Process
2.0 Refund / Cashback
2.2 User Interface

““Please treat your customers properly””

  • overall experience

    ORDER Id: #BFG13457865

    Placing orders on this site can be easy, but getting returns is next to impossible. These people have no proper customer support. Even if the customer support exists it lacks people who can actually help you out. The orders which I placed were not delivered properly.


    The last shopped on this particular site was on October 22nd. I had placed an order for one jumpsuit and three tees. It was to be delivered on the 25th, but when it did not arrive I decided to call on the customer care number 1 (800) 440-0680 to inquire the whereabouts. The number did not connect. I tried several times but nothing!! I dropped an email expressing my problem and disappointment, I did not get a proper reply. 

    I had paid them around eighty dollars and they were having such a bad behavior towards their customer was not a good attitude. After two more days my order came with an email and no apologies for late deliveries. Asking the delivery guys was a waste of time as they rarely have an idea what goes on in the back-end, so I just gave it a skip and took the package. Irritating behavior and I’m never shopping again here!!

store : Target
review date : Nov 08 2019
Product Purchased : Baby Products
Baby Products Purchased : Nov 01 2019
4.5 Selection Experience
4.0 Coupon Selection
4.3 Payment Process
4.3 Refund / Cashback
4.3 User Interface

“Excellent Baby Wear!”

  • overall experience

    Order Id: #REF32009054

    Babywear experience hasn’t been this great ever! 

    I purchased baby sleepwear and daily essentials from Target. Since I was out of baby essentials, I just checked the website to order the required things and got to know about the ongoing “Black Friday Sale.” I purchased Huggies Diapers and Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes under the “Buy Two Get One Free” scheme. Due to the same, I on the purchase of 2 articles, I received the third one absolutely free. 


    Good things about shopping with them: 

    • Availability of all the products

    • Timely Delivery 

    • A proper copy of the bill

    • No additional charges

    • Untempered quality and quantity

    When I say timely delivery, I actually mean that they deliver on the exact prescribed day. I placed the order on 29th October 2019 and the products were handed over to in the form of a well-off package on 1st November 2019. The delivery executive made sure to call me to confirm the timings to deliver the package. 

    All the inclusions of the package were totally upto the mark. I really have no complaints but would love to suggest that every store delivers babywear in double packaging in order to keep it safe from the external environment.   

store : Target
review date : Nov 08 2019
Product Purchased : Mug & Toys
Mug & Toys Purchased : Oct 27 2019
5.0 Selection Experience
4.3 Coupon Selection
3.7 Payment Process
3.8 Refund / Cashback
3.4 User Interface


  • overall experience

    Though late, But yes the money was refunded to me. I ordered a #DadLife Mug worth $7.99 and a multi-pet Hanukkah Loofa Dog toy worth $2.99. Since it gets really difficult to look for pennies when the order gets delivered, therefore, I always prefer paying online. This time I repeated the same and ordered the products by paying online only. The benefit was that I was exempted from paying any sort of delivery charges. Prepaid orders have benefitted me the most because the minimum amount that is required to avail free delivery on COD orders is $50 and I order things only when necessary, I don’t believe in stocking them up in order to meet the minimum amount. 

    Though the order was delivered on time and I did not face any difficulty in either looking for what I wanted or in placing the order. After the delivery, I just did not like the stuff of the products and therefore, I quickly applied for the return procedure.

    The procedure was really time-consuming. The product was picked up after 3 days, however, the refund took more than a week. No unnecessary deductions were there in the amount. 

    I will surely recommend it to people.      

store : Target
review date : Nov 08 2019
Product Purchased : Bedroom Essentials
Bedroom Essentials Purchased : Oct 29 2019
5.0 Selection Experience
4.4 Coupon Selection
4.3 Payment Process
3.3 Refund / Cashback
3.3 User Interface

“Faulty Order Received!”

  • overall experience

    Reluctancy in services is one issue but then delivering the wrong order is altogether a whole new level of a nuisance these guys have created this time. I ordered a Bed rest pillow worth $13.50 and a Microplush bed blanket worth $28.49 from Target’s online store. The only fear that I had in mind at that particular point of time was “What if the products are different from the pictures that are shown on the website?” 

    After placing the order, they called me up to confirm the order. The good part was that they answered all the questions that I asked. I really wanted to confirm some details about the make and the type of order. All my queries were taken very seriously and were resolved with utmost satisfaction. 

    I placed the order on 29th October and the order was supposed to be delivered on 4th November 2019. But it arrived a bit early. I received my order on 2nd November 2019. However, all the excitement turned into disappointment on checking the order. Instead of the bedroom essentials, I received a baby blanket and a plush. 

    After realizing the faulty delivery, I called them up (1.800.440.068) to inform them about the same and I was assured that the order will be exchanged soon. Along with this information, I was told that the pick-up executive will ask for the bill and that without that bill, the products won’t be accepted back. 

    The replacement process wasn’t that quick. It took almost 3-5 days to get the right set of products. Not really happy with the overall services. 

    Suggestion: I would really appreciate if you check before delivering the order.     

store : Target
review date : Nov 07 2019
Product Purchased : Furniture
Furniture Purchased : Oct 20 2019
4.0 Selection Experience
4.5 Coupon Selection
4.3 Payment Process
4.4 Refund / Cashback
4.0 User Interface

“Best For Furniture”

  • overall experience

    Purchasing furniture isn’t that easy. Well, you need to see the quality and the pocket too!  Since I was out of money, I was looking out for the furniture range that would suit my bedroom along with suiting my pocket. I got to know about Target’s ongoing sale on furniture. 

    Since I was looking for bedroom furniture and had other filters like the price range and the color that would fit well with my decor, I wasn’t really sure if I’ll be able to find the right match but, surprisingly, I found a “4 Drawer Dresser” worth $115. Since the coupons were available, therefore, I could manage to get a decent discount on the mentioned price. 


    The final amount that I had to pay after the inclusion of all sorts of extra charges was $97. Also, I was exempted from paying any sort of delivery charge as the payable amount was above $35.  I placed the order on 12th October 2019 and received the order on 20th October 2019. The only problem that I faced was regarding the order status. The app wasn’t updated properly and therefore I did not receive any information regarding the delivery of the order. 

    The day the package was supposed to arrive, I just received a text message stating that the order will be delivered by 5:00 PM today. However, I had to get the delivery rescheduled to 6:00 PM due to office timings. The delivery executive was cooperative enough to get the delivery rescheduled. 

    No doubt the quality and the type of furniture are great but the untimely and uninformed delivery made it difficult for me to manage things! 

    Suggestion: The tracking system needs to be improved.  

store : Target
review date : Nov 07 2019
Product Purchased : Pressure Cooker
Pressure Cooker Purchased : Nov 01 2019
3.0 Selection Experience
3.5 Coupon Selection
3.5 Payment Process
3.5 Refund / Cashback
3.0 User Interface

“Extra Charges Imposed”

  • overall experience

    Product Ordered: Ninja Foodie TenderCrisp Pressure Cooker

    Informed Amount: $105 

    Additional Amount: $25 

    Despite touching the minimum amount required for obtaining free delivery, the delivery charges weren’t waived off! Along with that, additional packaging and handling charges were imposed on the total billing amount.

    Instead of calling the customer service first, I called up the store from which the products were delivered. The people who are responsible for grievance weren’t even interested in listening to the complaints in the first place. On asking about the details of the additional charges, I was informed that the charges were added in order to keep the products safe by providing an acing packaging service. 


    I told them that no such charges were communicated to me at the time of placing the order and therefore, all the additional charges should be waived off. On this, I was informed that it is their policy to add these charges and under any circumstances, the charges won’t be waived off. 

    Since I urgently needed the items that I ordered, I had to accept the order and pay $135 (including imposed charges).  

    Not a really happy user Indeed!