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Updated on Mar 25 2023

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instacart top deal


Select Chase Cardholders: Receive an Instacart+ Membership

Instacart offers Select Chase Cardholders: Instacart Membership for Free when you follow the instructions below and sign up by July 31 2024.
  • Note: Instacart charges your card once your account converts to a paid plan. You'll receive an email notice 30 days ahead of time.
Thanks to Community Member jolyn for finding this deal.

Deal Instructions:
  1. Login or Signup at Instacart.com
  2. Once logged in click the following offer link.
  3. Select your eligible Chase credit card on file or input your Chase credit card information see list of eligible Chase cards here
  4. Once you fill out the required information or have selected your eligible Chase credit card on file select Activate membership to begin your free Instacart membership trial.
total wine top deal

total wine

Winery Direct wine for $0.01 - YMMV

Wine for a Penny
Valid through 09/26/2022
Buy one bottle of Winery Direct wine for one penny! maximum retail value $15

Possibly only offered to select accounts so YMMV.

Minimum pre-discount order total $15 for free in store/curbside pickup.

https://www.totalwine.com/offers/coupons