What is Amazon Prime Student Discount And Is It Worth It?

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By Manvi Madan - Content Specialist Jul 29 2020 Share this blog

Who hasn't heard about Amazon Prime Student benefits? It's time now! Amazon is giving 6 months free Amazon Prime access to college students followed by a 50% discount on all its unparalleled services.

*Find out all that you need to know about Amazon Student Discounts, as you read further. 

Amazon Prime Student Discount 2020

Amazon Prime Deals

Amazon Coupon Description 

Amazon Promo Codes

Amazon Prime Student Discount: 50% off

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Amazon Prime Free Delivery

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Amazon Prime Free Trial: 30 Days 

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Amazon Prime Movies/TV Series: At $8.99

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What is Amazon Prime Student?

Amazon Prime Student is essentially a membership for college students who are currently enlisted in at least one class in a university or college in the United States and have a legitimate proof of their student status. Such students can avail the majority of Prime perks via their valid .edu email address.

Meticulous Discount On Amazon Prime Student Discount:

Rummage through each of the Amazon Prime coupon descriptions to extract maximum benefit while accessing to a deal. Select the one that goes as per your need and convenience.  

a) Students To Get 50% Discount On Amazon Prime: 

Switch to Amazon Prime student discount and save 50% on the subscription. Amazon prime student free trial membership lasts for 6 months. 

  • All students can subscribe to Amazon prime to avail the benefits 
  • Amazon Prime student cost at a 50% discount 
  • Amazon prime student discount gives access to rented Amazon textbooks 
  • Listen to unlimited Amazon music at just 99 cents/Month 
  • Innumerable modes of payment are required 
  • Valid student ID is needed for the verified student status 
  • Amazon Prime student discount can be availed through website and app 

b) All Customers To Get Free Delivery: 

Students including others would enjoy free delivery on subscribing to Amazon Prime. This Amazon Prime coupon wouldn’t require you to order for any minimum discount. 

  • Available Amazon Prime Plans to avail free delivery are: 

Amazon Prime Plans 

Membership Cost 

Amazon Prime Monthly Plan 

At Just $12.99 

Amazon Prime Annual Plan 

Purchase At $199 

  • Amazon Prime Customers to get two-day delivery for free 
  • Numerous modes of payment like Amazon Pay, net-banking, credit/debit cards 
  • Amazon Prime orders to be availed from the website or app 
  • Both existing and new users can avail the Amazon Prime deal

Other Amazon Prime Deals and Discounts: 

a) Subscribe To Amazon Prime and Get 30 Days Free Trial: 

There is an expansive range of benefits to be roped in through the Amazon Prime membership. Customers can snag it on a 30 days free trial basis.

  • Amazon Prime free trial can only be enjoyed by new customers  
  • Subscribers to add a credit card as the payment option 
  • The Amazon Prime membership can be canceled anytime you want 
  • No Amazon Prime Deals code is required to avail the free trial 
  • Customers to get unlimited access to movies, series, and more 
  • Prime Members would also acquire multiple perks as follow:

Amazon Prime Advantages 

Breakdown Of Advantages 

Access to movies/series/music 


Discount On Diapers and Baby Fat 

Avail 20% 

Shipping On Online Orders 


Reading on Kindle, Singles, More 

At Zero Cost 

b) Computer and Accessories Are Available At $12 Onwards: 

Amazon Prime membership would get computers and accessories at a starting price of $12. Amazon Prime login is required to avail of the deal. 

  • Amazon Prime deals available as follow: 

Amazon Prime 



Available At $12.99

Exclusive Dell Laptops 

At $50 Off 

Hard drives, keyboards

At a given varied price 

  • Both existing and new Amazon Prime users can avail the deal 
  • Numerous modes of payment are Credit/debit cards, Amazon Pay
  • Subscribe to Amazon Prime to redeem the ongoing perks 
  • No minimum order amount is needed at the discount

c) Get Access To Limitless Videos On Amazon Prime: 

Make your quarantine a bit more interesting by watching unlimited movies/ series on Amazon Prime at just $8.99 per month. New Amazon Prime customers can avail of the deal after the free trial ends. 

  • Only Amazon Prime members can avail the deal 
  • No Amazon prime promo code is needed at the checkout 
  • Both debit and credit cards can be used to pay for the fee 
  • The Amazon Prime deal is available on Movies, Amazon originals, TV series

d) Listen To Unlimited Music At $7.99/ Monthly Fees: 

Dance to the tune of your favorite music as Amazon Prime renders unlimited music at just $7.99 every month. Go through the details to know more. 

  • Multiple Benefits of Amazon Prime music are: 
    • Unlimited numerous songs and music. 
    • Amazon Prime would enable offline listening of songs. 
    • You can listen to you your favorite songs through Alexa
  • Customers need to subscribe at just $7.99 after the trial ends 
  • The payments can be made through cards and online banking 
  • No Amazon Prime discount code is needed at the checkout 
  • New Amazon Prime users would get three months of Prime Music free trial

e) Grab E-Books At $119 Per Year: 

All you bibliophiles out there can avail your favorite e-books by subscribing to Amazon Prime at just $119 annually. The Amazon Prime coupon is valid on E-books, magazines, audible books, and more. 

  • Prime reading can be availed for free with the membership 
  • Modes of payment could be Amazon Pay, credit card, debit card and more
  • Customers can download and read the e-books through the app and website 
  • You don’t necessarily need a Kindle device to read the e-book
  • E-books can be read on phones, laptops, tablets and more 
  • The Monthly Amazon Prime plan is available for $12.99 
  • Both old and new Amazon Prime customers can avail the deal 

How to Join Amazon Prime Student?

The membership is not merely for the youth but for anyone in the US with a valid college email address. Any student can follow these simple guidelines to start with their Prime Subscription.

  • Students need to sign-up online using their college-issued email addresses.

  • The sign-up does not require the .edu email address to be associated with your Amazon account.

  • If you are a student without a .edu email ID, then send Amazon a scan of a document or an ID proving that you are a student.

  • Click the verification link in the email to confirm your email address and complete the sign-up process. 

Amazon Prime Student Benefits

College is not cheap. With the extortionate tuition fees and exorbitant books burning a hole in your pocket, Amazon makes sure you save big bucks with their Amazon Prime Student Membership advantages. 

1. Unlimited 2-day free shipping with Prime Now

amazon promo codes

Get the latest gadgets, stationery, snacks, toiletries, dorm-room decor, party supplies, clothes and more directly at your doorstep within 2 days, the same day or even within 2 hours. Even on oversized items, such as heavy furniture, get free standard shipping. So, now you can meet all your dreaded deadlines! However, items sold through third parties are ineligible for Prime shipping discounts.

2. Unlimited movie streaming with Prime Video

amazon code

No sleepover is ever complete without popcorn and a movie. With unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows through Prime Video, you don’t have to go to the mall to watch the latest movies anymore. 

3. Infinite storage for all photos with Prime Photos

amazon discounts

College and friends are all about making memories every day and Amazon gives you Prime Photos to help you save those precious moments forever with unlimited Amazon Cloud Drive storage.

4. Low-price groceries with Prime Pantry

amazon discounts

As young adults, students cannot be too cautious while gearing up supplies for college. That is why Amazon Pantry targets certain products and provides exuberant offers on items like snacks, beverages and household items. Now you can get paper towels to ready-made meals delivered for a flat rate of $5.99.

5. Save money on books with Prime Reading

amazon promo code

When you get time off from the frat parties and sleepovers, you can avail the benefits of Prime Reading by taking one book for free every month with Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. You can get a million books, including some of your course books in the Library and save even more using the exclusive Amazon Books Promo Code. This is not only convenient but also a more thrifty and eco-friendly substitute to buying hundreds of books.

6. Unlimited access to songs with Prime Music

amazon code

Whether you’re throwing a party or making a project alone, you need music to set the right mood. Prime Music will be your best friend that lets you stream over 2,000,000 songs ad-free with unlimited bandwidth. Prime members also gain access to playlists and an exclusive 20% discount to access over 10 million songs with new releases each week along with other splendid Amazon Music Deals.

7. Bonus video games via Twitch Prime

Stop overpaying for your favorite games like Brutal Legend, Broken Age, Warframe, Manual Samuel because the membership gives you access to bonus games, exclusive in-game content and a monthly channel subscription to Twitch Prime.

Other benefits of the program include a free trial of 6 months and early access to your favorite items from video games and electronics to fashion and snacks. Moreover, while all users can redeem Amazon coupons, Amazon Students have their own discount section called College Deals

Amazon Prime Student graduation

According to a student’s expected graduation date, Amazon notifies the user a few weeks prior via email if the student’s Prime membership is about to terminate. Henceforth, the student will be automatically enrolled in either the monthly or annual Amazon Prime membership, according to the present Prime Student membership.

amazon discount

Is Amazon Prime Student worth it?

Now that you know what Amazon Prime Student is, let’s scrutinize an important aspect: Is it even worth it? 



Limited-Time Privilege

Subscription cannot be bought after a user ceases to be a student.

No Shared Memberships 

Enjoy Prime Music, free shipping, Kindle First, and discounts but unlike in an Amazon Prime membership, you cannot share your perks with your friends and family. 

Automatic Renewal 

If you do not wish to continue with your Prime Student membership after the trial period, set a reminder for the end of the trial because it renews into a full paid subscription automatically.

Limited Advantages 

You might run out of patience while waiting to access Kindle Lending Library, Prime Music, Prime Instant Video and Amazon Pantry, which are indispensable campus-life staples for most students

Discontinued Referral program

Earlier, you could have asked your friends to join the Prime Student bandwagon and you both would have been credited $5 each. Unfortunately, Amazon discontinued this service in late 2017.

Amazon Prime Vs. Amazon Prime Student

Amazon Prime Student is virtually synonymous to Amazon Prime in its services which include 2-day free delivery, free unlimited streaming on Amazon Prime Video, free access to eBooks with Kindle app, free games on Twitch, free songs via Prime Music, and access to unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos and many more. 

The grounds that differentiate the two annual subscription programs are as follows:


Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Student

Free Trial

1 month

6 months

Monthly Membership



Annual Membership



Amazon Mom



Free Product Sampling



Shareable Membership



Can amazon prime members become amazon prime students?

If you are an Amazon Prime member that signed-up for Prime Student, you will receive a refund for the remaining months left on your current Amazon Prime subscription and will be deprived of certain Amazon Prime benefits during your 6-month trial such as Kindle Owners' Lending Library unless you sign up for a paid plan.

Amazon Prime Student Discount is a great bargain for students drowning in financial pressure. However, don’t forget to evaluate your experience with Prime Students before moving to a paid membership. After your 6-month trial ends, your Prime Student membership makes you eligible to receive all Prime benefits, for four years or until you graduate, whatever comes first.

Amazon Prime FAQs

  • How much discount do students get on Amazon Prime membership?

Students get a flat 50% discount on their Amazon Prime Subscription.

  • Can Amazon Prime Student members avail free shipping deal on their purchase?

Yes, Amazon Prime Student members can avail of the free shipping deal on Amazon retail orders.

  • Is there a referral program deal available for Amazon Prime Student members?

Earlier they used to have a referral program where a student could earn $5 for each referral but this program was discontinued in 2017.

Steps To Avail Amazon Prime Student Discount? 

Go through each of the steps to know more about the steps to access the Amazon Prime student discount. 

a) Go to the Amazon website to subscribe to Amazon Prime. 

b) Customers need to sign-in with an e-mail address to start the six months trial. 

c) Students need to submit their student’s ID to verify their status to avail the discount. 

d) Visit the Zouton website to avail of the latest student discount coupon

e) Copy the Amazon Prime promo code if available. 

g) Otherwise, Amazon Prime discount/offer would automatically be applied. 

h) Start your Amazon Prime with a trial period of six months. 

I) Customers need to pay according to the chosen plan, once the trial ends.