Avis November Coupons 2022 | Up To 40% Off On Car Booking & Services

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Avis Coupons November 2022 can instantly save you 40% on your car rentals. Besides this, you can also take a free car rental upgrade. Read on to know more and get your hands on some amazing deals!

Avis November Promo Codes & Deals 2022 | Trending Now

Avis November Coupons 2022

Up To 40% Off On Car Booking

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25% Off For Veterans & Military

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30% Off + 20% Cashback | Amazon Gift Card

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35% Off On All Car Rentals

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5% Off On Pay Now Rates

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Avis Discounts Codes & Deals (November 2022) : Trending Now

Avis 40% Off Promo Code

You can save up to 40% on your car rentals and services. The following terms and specifications need to be followed for the Avis Coupon Code.

Avail 40% off on your car rentals and services

Avis Coupon Code | Terms & Specifications: 

  • Book the car from any U.S. location and choose the ''Pay Now'' option.

  • Avis Coupon code is valid on the app & web booking.

  • Avis discount codes are able to get merged for extra savings.

Avis 30% Off Sign-Up Deal

The amazing Avis coupon code for the sign-up has been unlatched. You can quickly save 30% off on car rentals and services. The terms and conditions required for this deal are as follows.

Avail 30% off on Avis sign-up deal

Avis Coupon Code | Terms & Specifications:

  • Deal valid in all the U.S. provinces. 

  • Sign-up to Avis with mail id via app/web.

  • Use the received Avis coupon code. 

  • No minimum booking amount is required.

Get 30% Cash Back with Amazon

When renting with Avis, Amazon members receive a special perk. You not only save 30% on your rental, but you also get 20% of your money back in the form of an Amazon Gift Card, which you can use as you like.

Get Avis coupons on the app

Downloading the Avis app is all that is needed to hire while on the go. The best resource for finding Avis coupons is the app. Your information is saved, and booking is hassle-free.

Avis Preferred Plus Upgrades 2022 | Upgrade For FREE, No Thresholds

An appealing (and free!) rewards program is offered by Avis. You may work your way up the elite status ladder to gain better prizes and additional advantages, and you can earn significant points on your rentals that you can exchange for free rentals or accessories.

Avis Preferred: Car rentals get 1 point for every $1 spent, while accessories earn 2 points for every $1 spent. Joining is cost-free.

Avis Preferred Plus: Rentals get 1.25-1.5 points for every $1 spent, while accessories earn 2.5-3 points for every $1 purchased.

How to qualify
Earnings per $1 spent on a rental car
Earnings per $1 spent on automotive accessories

Avis Preferred Plus

After 12 rentals/ $5,000 spent



After 25 rentals/ $7,000 spent



Avis Preferred Plus Benefits:

  • Take advantage of free upgrades (whenever available)

  • Earn 25% to 50% more points for each eligible dollar spent.

  • Call a unique Avis Preferred Plus number to make reservations and receive customer care.

You can obtain Avis Preferred status without meeting the $5,000 in spending or 12 rental requirements. How?

by signing up for the American Express Platinum Card, which costs $695 a year. With this upscale credit card for travel, cardholders can choose to enroll in elite status with firms like Avis.

Avis Preferred Vs. Avis Preferred Plus

Avis Preferred
Avis Preferred Plus

Enjoy expedited service and go straight to your car at most locations

Receive complimentary upgrades (whenever available)

Earn rewards faster

Receive 25-50% more points for every qualifying dollar you spend.

Earn points for every qualifying dollar you spend. Redeem points for rentals, accessories, and upgrades.

Use a special Avis Preferred Plus number for reservations and customer service support

Exclusive monthly email offers.

Get exclusive monthly email offers

How many Avis Points are Required per Day for a Free Car Rental?

Reward Day Level
Points Per Day
Standard Daily Rate

Level 1


Up to $50

Level 2


$50.01 - $85

Level 3


$85.01 - $125

Level 4


$125.01 - $225

Avis V/s Dollar V/s Hertz & More | Compare Reward Programs & Benefits

Comparing Avis Preferred to some of the best rental vehicle providers is as follows:


Earning rate

As Discussed Above

1 Dollar Express point for every $1 spent on automobiles

Hertz Gold Plus: $1 spent earns one point.

Hertz Five Star: a dollar bonus of 25%

Hertz President's Circle: a dollar bonus of 50%

Emerald Club: 1 credit per day of renting. Seven credits for one free day.

Emerald Club Executive: With six credits, receive one free day.


Free to sign up

In addition to autos, accessories can be purchased with points.

There are no restrictions on when to use your points.

Compared to competitors, redemptions begin at 500 points on weekends and 625 points throughout the week.

The rewards chart that was made public makes earning and using points clear.

simple system of rewards.


Earning becomes more challenging due to elite status tiers.

Only in the U.S. and Canada are points eligible for redemption.

Starting at 750 points, the highest redemption threshold.

Requirements for spending earn elite ranking.

Avis Free Upgrade Coupon 2022 | Upgrade To Premium (Group G)

Avis Free Upgrade
Avis Free Upgrade Coupon Code

Take Free Car Rental Upgrade

Use Code | UUWA036


  • Upgrade to a more appropriate ride. On daily, weekend, weekly, and monthly prices, free upgrades are available.

  • Coupon good for one-time, single-car group upgrades on mid-size to full-size four-door vehicles. Maximum premium upgrade.


  • Coupon good for a single, one-vehicle group upgrade on a full-size four-door (group E) or intermediate (group C) automobile.

  • Maximum premium upgrade (group G), excludes mid-size SUV (group F).

  • The upgraded vehicle may not be offered at all times or at all rates, depending on the vehicle's availability at the time of rental.

Avis Promo Codes 2022 | Enjoy $15 Off On Rentals

All year round, Avis offers promotional codes. With coupons from Avis, you may save money and get an upgrade while receiving the finest car rental deals. Below are some of the top coupon codes for your upcoming rental car:


Save $15 when you spend $175 on rentals lasting three days or longer.


Get a FREE UPGRADE when you rent something new.


With the Avis Best Price Guarantee, you can save up to 35% off Pay Now prices.

 Discount automatically applied

Pro Tip : Pay now and save with Avis discount codes

Pay your rental in full upfront to receive a 30% additional discount. You'll receive a discount as compensation for your down payment. Additionally, you won't have to stress about making installment payments afterward. Apply a discount code for maximum savings since you can still use them after completing the payment.

Avis November Coupons 2022 | FAQs

1. Is it possible to avail discounts from Avis on car rentals?

Yes! All year round, Avis offers promotional codes. With coupons from Avis, you may save money and get an upgrade while receiving the finest car rental deals. Find the ideal coupon for your upcoming rental car. Make a reservation today and save!

2. Where can I get Avis Coupons?

Search for the Offers tab in the main navigation of the Avis website. To get the Avis promo code you want, click on "US Offers" or "International Offers." The coupons and the details of their discounts are available immediately on the page.

3. What are the acceptable modes of payment for Avis Discount Codes? 

Debit and Credit cards are accepted at all airport locations bearing the Visa, Mastercard, and American Express logos.


Leave your footprint on every terrain without carrying the consternation of booking cabs, flights, or buses. Rent a car using Avis coupons and promo code 2022 which gives you a 40% discount on your booking so you can be a travel maven. 

By Srishti Bhardwaj - E-Commerce Specialist