Black Friday Appliance Sale 2022: Up to 70% off on Home & Kitchen Appliances at Walmart, Amazon, Costco, & Many More

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The 2022 Black Friday is just around the corner and all the companies are rolling out their best-selling products and exciting deals for the buyers. Get a minimum of 70% off on kitchen and home appliances with coupons, deals, and promo codes listed on Zouton. 

Black Friday Appliance Sale 2022: Sneek Peek 

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When is the Black Friday appliance sale?

Black Friday appliance starts on the 25th of November and continues through the whole of that week till the 28th of November. Some companies, like Walmart and Amazon, roll out their sales a day or two early for their online customers. Expect the best of the year deals on your favorite.

Black Friday Appliances sale| Leading Companies 

While Black Friday is one of the most popular sales in the whole US, with all shops and websites offering huge exciting deals and discounts, some companies nevertheless offer more attractive deals when it comes to home and kitchen appliances. You can avail a better deal by using the promo codes and coupons listed under Zouton. 






Black Friday Appliance sale: Expected Dates

The Black Friday appliance sale date has not been released, but based on the previous year, we can land on some tentative dates for the commencement of the sale.

  • Walmart: Walmart ceremoniously rolls out their Black Friday deals the day after Turkey Day. So, unless there are some unforeseen circumstances, they will organize its Black Friday sale on November 26th this year from 5 a.m. local time and on November 22nd for their online buyers. The online sale will most likely go live at 7 p.m. ET. You can take advantage of all the deals available on the Walmart website right now by using the coupon codes and promo codes listed here.

  • Amazon: Amazon is one of the earliest websites to roll out its sales. From the 22nd of November, get exciting deals on refrigerators, air fryers, vacuums, dishwashers, and more. The deals stand till the 28th of the month for all its users. Meanwhile, enjoy up to 80% off on all categories and many other deals using coupons and promo codes listed on the Zouton website under Amazon. If you are a student and a connoisseur of movies and web series, you can also read about exciting students-only deals on Amazon Prime subscription.  

  • Costco: Costco generally roll out their deals for the Black Friday sale on the 26th of November. Most of their deals are applicable to their online products. You can read about our early predictions regarding the price of iPhones on our blog.  You can also read about Costco’s Labor Day sale available on Zouton. 

  • Macy’s: Macy’s Black Friday has a whole different fanbase. The multinational departmental store rolls out its Black Friday sale on November 20. You can keep a tab on all of your Macy’s sales along with their available promo codes and discounts here

  • Target: Target reveals its Black Friday deals in two installments. The first part of the reveal starts on the 20th of November and lasts until the 24th of November. The second roll-out is from the 26th of November and goes on till the 28th of November. While you are waiting for the Target Black Friday appliances sale you can enlighten yourself on other worthy categories to purchase from. 

Black Friday Appliance sale| Most Demanded from 2021 
The Black Friday sale witnesses a wide demand for products from all categories of appliances. However, some categories are more widely demanded than the rest. Listed below are the best-loved products from the most demanded categories, along with their prices and the promo codes or deals you can use to get a better deal on the whole purchase. 

Black Friday Appliance sale| Most Loved Products from 2021

Walmart | Maximum discount of 85%
couponWalmart is well known for its large discounts on home and kitchen appliances. Listed below are some of the best-selling products from the previous year’s Black Friday sale. 

Bestselling Product Categories
Price Range

Walmart Air Fryer 


Walmart Mini Fridge


Vaccums from Walmart


Coffee maker at Walmart


You can also read about its various discounts on toys in our blog on Zouton under Walmart. 

Amazon Black Friday sale| Avail a maximum of 70% off

couponAmazon, one of the USA’s largest websites, is also one of the first to roll out its Black Friday sale. The deals in their appliances section are something to grasp at. Check out their most loved products from the previous year’s sale.

Most Loved Appliances Categories
Price Range

Amazon Microwaves


Amazon Hand Blenders


Waffle maker Amazon


Amazon deep fryers


Costco Black Friday sale| Get $20 off on first purchase as new members

couponCostco is well known for its electronics and appliances collection. As it is, the products are available at a wholesale price, which offers an even larger deal during the Black Friday week. Note the most demanded products from 2021’s Black Friday sale, you know which categories to hog from this year.  

Bestselling Product Categories
Price Range

Costco air fryer


Costco refrigerator


While you are waiting for the Black Friday sale, you can also enjoy the Laptop deals at Costco.

Macy’s Black Friday Sale | Up to 80% off

coupon  Fashion brand Macy’s is also known for its fashionable collection of small kitchen appliances. Get your hands on that latest air fryer or coffee machine you've always desired for your home. 

Bestselling Product Categories
Price Range

Macy's air fryer


Macy’s kitchenaid mixer


Macy’s coffee maker


Macy’s toaster oven


Target Black Friday sale| Maximum 75% off

couponTarget’s Black Friday appliances sale is available to both its in-store and online customers. Every year, they give huge discounts on their existing as well as new products. We’ve predicted what could be the best-selling products this year based on the most popular products during last year’s Target Black Friday sale.

Most Demanded Product Categories
Price Range

Target Air fryer


Target microwaves


Target coffeemaker 


Target blender 


While there is still time for their Black Friday sale, Target Labor Day sale is just around the corner and you better not miss it.

Black Friday Appliance Sale: Ways To Save More

1. Use Military Discount
You are eligible for the military discount if you have served in the military and for your nation. With the exception of Amazon, all of the aforementioned businesses offer military personnel discounts. Here you can also locate August’s Target and Walmart military discount coupon codes.

2. Gift Card
Gift cards are an excellent way to make significant savings on your purchases. Use your gift cards at the checkout to get even more savings on your purchase. Deals on gift cards are all categorized under Zouton. Check them out now.

3. Get Exclusive Credit Card Discounts
It is a cost-effective choice to take advantage of their credit card discounts if you enjoy shopping and do it all year long. In addition to making payments and deliveries simple, using your credit card more often earns you points that you may later use to offset the cost of future purchases. You can read about Amazon's credit card deals here and Macy’s credit card deals here

4. Membership Card
If you are a loyal buyer at any shop, it is advisable to sign up for a membership card. On top of receiving minor savings on each purchase you make, you also accrue points that you may use later, particularly around the holidays. During the Black Friday sale, many retailers—including Costco and Walmart—are renowned for offering their customers exclusive deals.


1. Will appliances be on sale during Black Friday?
Yes, almost all stores dealing in appliances have a heavy sales in their appliance category. Discounts are levied on existing as well as new products like air fryers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, and many more. 

2. Is Black Friday a good time to buy appliances?
Yes, Black Friday is an excellent time to buy appliances. Get the best deals all year round. Save more by availing of promo codes and coupons listed under Zouton. 

3. When do Black Friday appliance sales start?
The in-store Black Friday sale starts on the 25th of November: the first Friday after Thanksgiving Day for most companies. However, some stores launch their online Black Friday sales earlier than the 25th.  

4. How to save more during the Black Friday appliance sale?
You can avail of the promo codes and coupons available on the website to save extra during checkout. Apart from that, you can also take a look at the Zouton website and choose from the various Black Friday promo codes and discounts listed there. 

5. Do students get special discounts during the Black Friday appliance sale?
Yes, a lot of companies like Macy’s, Walmart, Costco, and many more offer special deals and discounts to students during the Black Friday sale. The discounts and deals are available sitewide and are redeemable for appliances as well. 

6. What are the eligibility requirements for a membership card?
Anyone and everyone who is age 18 and above and is a citizen of the US or regions under US jurisdiction is eligible for a membership card. All you need is a working and well-managed email address in order to apply for a membership card.


All the major shops are going to give a discount this Black Friday 2022. Get all the promo codes and coupons for the various stores enlisted on the Zouton website for Walmart, Amazon, Costco, and many more. Enjoy shopping!