Black Friday TV Deals 2021: Up To 42% Discount At eBay, Walmart, Amazon & More

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By Arvind Chatterjee - Content Specialist Feb 01 2021 Share this blog

Heighten your TV viewing experience by participating in the Black Friday TV sales 2020 and get your hands on premium televisions across brands like- Samsung, Toshiba, and more. Black Friday TV deals are available at stores like- eBay, Walmart, Costco, and more. 

Black Friday TV Sales 2021: Early Deals 

Black Friday TV Deals
Smart LED TV| Flat 42% Off
8K Smart TV| $2000 Off
TV Deals| up to $500 Off 
Tv Deals| Under $500 

When Is Black Friday TV Sale 2021? 

When Is Black Friday

If you have been wanting to grab the best TV deals then wait a bit more as Black Friday Sale 2021 is fast approaching where customers can redeem enticing discounts on TVs across brands and stores. Black Friday Tv sales usually start right after Thanksgiving day. Similarly, the Black Friday TV sale would commence on November 27, 2021, where shoppers can choose from a range of top-selling smart TVs.  

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Black Friday TV Sales Hours, Sale Dates & Predictions 

Here is the perfect guide that would let you know about the upcoming Black Friday TV sales 2021 to choose from an expansive range of smart LED TVs along with others. Best Black Friday TV deals would be available on stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Samsung, Walmart, and more. Each store would have its own set of deals for the customers to choose from. 

Black Friday TV Sales 2021: Stores Details

Shoppers would be able to grab the best online Black Friday TV deals that can be availed throughout the day. Read through the following to know which all stores are offering deals on TVs.

Black Friday Store Status
  • Thanksgiving 2021: Closed
  • Black Friday 2021: Yet To Be Determined
  • Thanksgiving 2021: Closed 
  • Black Friday Sale: 5 a.m local time  
  • Thanksgiving 2021: Closed
  • Black Friday Sale: Yet to be determined 
  • Thanksgiving 2021: Closed 
  • Black Friday Sale: Yet To Determine

Black Friday TV Deals 2021:  Top Stores

Best Buy Black Friday TV Deals 2020

a) Best Buy Black Friday TV Deals 2021

Best Buy TVs
Best Buy TV Price
Available At $179.99
Available $299.99 
Buy at $349.99
Get at $139. 99
Grab At $479

b) eBay Black Friday TV Deals 2020

eBay Black Friday TV Products
Discounted Price

c) Dell Black Friday Sale TV Deals

Dell TV Deals
Dell TV Price
At $1798.00
Available At $1898.00
Grab At $1,198.00
Buy At $1,597.99

d) ABT Black Friday TV Deals

ABT TV Deals
ABT TV Price
At $237.99
Available At $89.00
Buy For $219.00
Grab At $239.00

Black Friday TV Sales 2021: Trending Coupons

a) Get Savings UP To $500 @ Best Buy

Black Friday Sale 2021 is the perfect time to get hold of the dynamic TCL smart android TVs at up to $500 Off. Read the Black Friday TV deals below. 

  • The Best Buy discount goes up to $500 at the checkout
  • Customers can redeem Best Buy free shipping on the TV deal 

b) eBay Smart LED TV| 42% Off

This Black Friday Sale 2021 head to your one-stop destination eBay for pretty much everything, and buy a smart Samsung LED TVs at a whopping 42% discount. 

  • All eBay customers can avail of the eBay deal

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Samsung Black Friday Deal| $800 Off

c) Samsung Black Friday Deal| $800 Off

Samsung Black Friday Sale is just around the corner and customers can activate the Samsung Black Friday TV deals coupon by availing of an $800 discount along with other categories. 

  • The perks of Samsung Black Friday TV deals are- 
Samsung Buds 
Get at up to $40 off
Mobile Phones, Watches, and more 

Get 20% Or More Off| Sears Television

d) Get 20% Or More Off @ Sears 

What if we tell you to keep an eye on Sears Black Friday deals to avail yourself a 20% off on several brands such as Supersonic, TLC, Samsung, and more. 

  • Sears Black Friday TV deals 2021 are available at $61.74 onwards
  • Sears TV deals are available for online and in-store purchases

Frequently Asked Questions At Black Friday TV Sales 2021?

a) Where to look for Black Friday TV sales coupons and deals? 

Black Friday TV deals and coupons can be availed through the app and website of any of the eligible stores. Customers can also head to Zouton to get all the coupons in one place. 

b) How to save extra at the Black Friday TV Sales 2021?

Apart from using the Black Friday coupons and deals, one can subscribe to Zouton to avail of $10 cashback and get the transactions done faster. 


Black Friday TV sale 20210 is one of the major apart from Cyber Monday TV sale and Prime Day TV Sale where customers can expect heavy deals across TVs of all kinds of all brands like Samsung, Sony, and more. While we keep updating more information about the Black Friday TV deals, you can keep your preferences sorted before the Black Friday 2021 sale arrives.