Chipotle Keto Bowl 2022 | Get Keto Bowls Starting From $11.65

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Chipotle has a wide range of keto bowls, ranging from no calories to a few calories. Use your Chipotle coupons and promo codes available at their website and Zouton to get a "healthy" discount on your meals. 

Chipotle Keto Bowl Nutrition: Active Coupons At Chipotle 

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Top Low Carb Chipotle Bowls 2022

Listed below are the most ordered Chipotle Keto bowls arranged on the basis of the lowest to the highest carb percentage to make it clearer to the readers which ones to choose from 


Keto Steak Bowl Chipotle 

The Keto Steak Bowl at Chipotle has the lowest carb level. With only 1 NET Carb, it is ideal for those who are trying to cut off as much carb from their diet as possible. 

Chipotle Carnitas Keto Bowl 

Chipotle has two Carnitas bows; the veg carnitas bowl and the chicken carnitas bowl. Both the bowls with 3 and 4 NET carbs, respectively, are two of the healthiest Chipotle’s Lifestyle bowls.

Keto Barbacoa Bowl Chipotle

Chipotle has a healthy Barbacoa keto bowl with chicken in it. If you order a Barbacoa keto bowl with 12 Barbacoa, 12 Chicken, regular Romaine Lettuce, Monterey Jack Cheese, Guacamole, and Sour Cream, your bowl will have no more than 5.5 NET carbs. Chipotle also offers a slightly higher-carb Barbacoa bowl called the Loaded Barbacoa Bowl, which includes guacamole, fajita veggies, and a full Barbacoa. With all these ingredients, the bowl has a 12 NET CARB value. 

Chipotle Keto Bowl Cauliflower Rice 

The cauliflower rice bowl at Chipotle has carbs as low as 7 NET. Order it with steak and Cilantro-Lime Cauliflower Rice for a better meal. The only downside to this bowl is that it is not available at all Chipotles. If you want to add a spin to your regular Chipotle Cauliflower rice bowl, you can have their Steak, Guac, and Queso bowl, consisting of exactly the three ingredients mentioned in the name other than cilantro-lime cauliflower rice and romaine lettuce. Much like the one stated above, they just added chicken. However, unlike its veggie substitute, the Chicken Guac bowl has only 4 NET carbs. 

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1. What is in the Keto bowl at Chipotle? 

Chipotle has bowls comprising guacamole, tomato salsa, barbacoa, carnitas, and more, along with chicken and steak to help you achieve your ketosis goal. 

2. Are Chipotle Keto bowls really keto? 

Yes, Chipotle Keto bowls are really keto. Some have really low carbs while some have carbs ranging from 12 to 12. Just keep in mind, if you are ordering a keto bowl with close to 10 NET carbs, make sure to calculate your carb intake for the rest of your day.

3. Is a Chipotle Burrito bowl keto? 

Well, the Chipotle burrito bowl isn’t essentially keto, but if you are craving some burritos and want to opt for the burrito bowl without messing up your diet then go for the burrito bowl but opt out of the rice and beans. 

4. How many calories are there in a Chipotle salad bowl? 

The Chipotle salad bowl has 7 NET carbs or 32g protein or 42g fat or 590 calories in it. 


Chipotle keto bowls are one of the most popular lifestyle bowls at Chipotle. Use your Chipotle coupons to get amazing deals that further fuel your desire to stay healthy and fit. 

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