Cyber Monday PS4 Deals 2021: Get Up to 50% Off At Best Buy, GameStop & More

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By Arvind Chatterjee - Content Specialist Jan 06 2021 Share this blog

The inexplicable thrill of upgrading from PS3 to PS4 or PS4 pro would be heightened when gamers obtain an exuberant discount that goes up to 50%.  

Cyber Monday PS4 Deals 2021: Upcoming Coupons

Cyber Monday PS4 Deals
Best Buy 
All Categories | Up to 50% Off 
PS4 | Starting At $1.99
PS4 Gift Cards | From $10 
Enjoy Flat 25% Off
Video Games | Up to 33% Off

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When Will Cyber Monday PS4 Deals  2021 Be Available? 

When Will Cyber Monday PS4 Deals Be Available

If you are anticipating generous deals on your Playstation consoles, of course, keep an eye out for the upcoming Black Friday Sale along with the Cyber Monday PS4 deals that would be unveiled only after the Black Friday deals run out. This year, Cyber Monday Sale will be held on November 30. Customers can browse through the best PS4 consoles at GameStop, Best Buy, Target, and more. 

Cyber Monday PS4 Ads 

Like Cyber Monday PS4 ads, Cyber Monday sale ads would be divulged only after the Black Friday deals end. Thus, our best guess for this year is the same. The Cyber Monday PS4 deals would be unfurled either on November 28 or even later. The disclosing of Cyber Monday PS4 deals would depend on the stores and how they decide to go about it. Keep coming back to this space to reckon more.  

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Cyber Monday PS4 Deals 2021: Top Picks

Cyber Monday Sale has finally arrived and right off the bat, the sale has introduced desirable benefits across different categories including PS4 consoles, games, external storage, and accessories. Here are the top listed Cyber Monday deals for PlayStation 4 that can be activated immediately. 

PS4 Pro @ $439.00 $369.99

Cash in on the ongoing Cyber Monday PS4 deals to get hold of a relentlessly powerful PlayStation 4 pro variant at a significant $40 discount. Hailed for its ahead of time 4K gaming abilities, PS4 Pro is an all-rage gaming wonder that can go out of stock anytime. Thereby, click on the link below before it gets too late! 


PS4 Slim @ $339.00 $299.99

The arrival of Cyber Monday Sale has unfasted limitless opportunities for all gamers who are perplexed by a tight-rope budget. Being the less talked about partner, PS4 Slim isn’t certainly a console that needs to be ignored. Armed with 1TB storage and a well-engineered hardware interior, PS4 Slim is a perfect console for all gamers who seek a casual and affordable gaming solution. 


Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4) @ $59 $49 

Being regarded as the most awaited video game of the century, Cyberpunk 2077 is now available for pre-order at an appreciative $10 discount. Place an order for your copy right away and join the biggest gaming instant of the decade from Day 1. 


Playstation Plus 1 Year Subscription @ $59 $44

Access the most exclusive game library of the virtual world by the means of your PS4. Take multiplayer gaming to a different level with Playstation Plus 1 year subscription that is currently available at a reasonable discount. Order now for the Cyber Monday deals for PS4 won’t get any better than this. 


PS4 External Hard Drive (4TB) @ $150 $100

Take advantage of this newly-arrived Cyber Monday deal for PS4 to solve your space issues for good. Procuring a high-speed 4TB external drive will allow you to save the progress of different games at the same time. With a hard drive at your disposal, you can easily enjoy 4-5 games without any worries. However, be quick on the uptake for it’s a limited time deal. 


PS4 Dualshock Controller @ $75 $65

Team up or play against! With an appreciative $10 concession being furnished on a classic PS4 Dualshock Controller, we can’t see why you shouldn’t curate a literal multiplayer experience. Also, the controller is available in 3 different colors and can effectively stylize your entire gaming station. 


Cyber Monday PS4 Deals 2019: Highlights

It’s always wise to compare the deals of two consecutive years to have a lucid idea about what to expect when you head out to grab that new PlayStation. We have mentioned all the Cyber Monday PS4 deals from 2019 to make your decisions more decisive. 

Cyber Monday PS4 Deals
Cyber Monday PS4 Original Price
Discounted Price
Bundle: PS4 (1 TB) + 4 Games
PS4 (1 TB) + PSVR Headset With Camera + 8 Games 
Playstation 4 Pro Call Of Duty
Playstation VR Bundle With Controllers 
1 Year Playstation Plus 
Playstation 4 Pro 

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Which Stores Would Offer Cyber Monday PS4 Deals?

Going by previous years' PS4 deals, we expect GameStop, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Amazon, a few among others are going to put forth dazzling Cyber Monday PS4 deals. 

What To Expect From Cyber Monday PS4 Deals? 

Similar to GameStop Cyber Monday sale 2019 along with other stores like Best Buy, Target, and more are likely to offer enticing discounts on Playstation 4 (1Tb) consoles. Not just that, gamers can also expect invigorating gaming bundles which would include the PS4 console clubbed with numerous popular games to go with it. There would also be exciting discounts on Playstation accessories, controllers, and more. 

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Cyber Monday PS4 Deals: Easy Savings Guide 

Playstation 4 Starts At $1.99

a) Playstation 4 Starts At $1.99

Before you swooned by any of the GameStop Cyber Monday deals, check out the ongoing GameStop coupons to avail of PS4 at a starting price of $1.99. 

  • No minimum order amount is required by the customers 
  • The GameStop coupon is valid for online and offline purchases
  • Innumerable modes of payment are required by the users
  • Cyber Monday deals GameStop code is not needed by the customers 
  • Available GameStop deal includes- 
GameStop PS4 Deals 
GameStop PS4 Price
Joy-tops slugger analog extenders
Available At $1.99
Universal stereo headset 
Buy At $1.97
Nyko AC Power Cord 
Available At $5.99
  • GameStop free shipping is available for orders above $35 

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b) Blast From Past Bundles | Less Than $300

GameStop Cyber Monday sale 2019 had these Blast From Past Bundles in abundance for the users. For Cyber Monday Sale one can opt for GameStop bundles at under $300.

  • There is no minimum transaction amount is needed by the customers 
  • Both old and new customers can redeem the GameStop deals 
  • GameStop free shipping is redeemable at $35 
  • GameStop Cyber Monday deals are- 
Cyber Monday Deals 
PS4 Accessories
Up to $20  
Call Of Duty PS4 Games 
At $40 
  • Deals are available via the GameStop app and website 

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PS4 Gift Cards | From $10

c) PS4 Gift Cards | From $10

Make your loved ones jump with joy by sending them GameStop gift cards starting at $10. Both old and new customers can avail the GameStop Black Friday Sale. 

  • Existing and new customers can redeem the deal 
  • Cyber Monday promo code is not available for this coupon 
  • Several modes of payment are available for the users 
  • Customers can buy PS4 gift cards from the GameStop app, website, and more 

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d) Walmart Video Games | Up to 33% Off

The top retailer is also rendering Walmart Cyber Monday deals where customers can buy video games at up to 33% discount. Read the Cyber Monday deals at the checkout. 

  • Available games at Walmart are- 
    1. Playstation 
    2. PGA Tour 
    3. Nintendo Switch console, and more 
  • Walmart promo code is not available at the checkout 
  • Several modes of payment are- 
    1. Credit cards 
    2. Debit cards 
    3. Net banking
  • This Cyber Monday deals Walmart is available for online orders 
  • The discount would be applied at the payment page 

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Best Buy Categories | Up to 60% Off

e) Best Buy Categories | Up to 60% Off

Participate in the Best Buy Cyber Monday Sale and attain a staggeringly up to 50% discount on several categories. Read the Best Buy coupon details. 

  • Existing and new customers can redeem the Best Buy deal 
  • The Best Buy Cyber Monday deals are available at the app and website 
  • Innumerable payment options can be used 
  • Best Buy deals consist of- 
  • Electronics toys 
  • Appliances 
  • Furniture 
Available At 50 to 60% Off 
  • Electronics
  • Computers
  • Mobile, and more 
At a given discount
  • Best Buy free shipping is available for orders above $35 
  • The orders can be availed via the Best Buy app and website 

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FAQs | Cyber Monday PS4 Deals 2021

a) Where to look for Cyber Monday PS4 deals and coupons?

Gamers can simply go to the apps and websites of the retailers that roll out PS4 deals during the Cyber Monday Sale. Customers can also head to Zouton to get all the coupons in one place. 

b) How to save extra during the Cyber Monday PS4 deals?

Apart from using Cyber Monday coupons for your PS4, users can subscribe to Zouton right away to get $10 cashback that can be used subsequently. 


Alleviate your gaming experience with  Playstation 4, Playstation Pro or slim as Cyber Monday  PS4 deals would be available across the stores such as Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, and more. Gamers can avail safer delivery options during the sale due to the ongoing pandemic. Let the game on!