eBay Cyber Monday Deals, Coupons & Sale: Up To 80% Off On Electronics, Beauty, Fashion & More

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By Praveena - Content Writer Feb 02 2021 Share this blog

Here's to give you another reason to shop, eBay Cyber Monday Sale is gearing up to render you up to 80% off on your entire bill. Prepare your list and peruse this blog to find out how to make the most of this sale.

eBay Cyber Monday Sale | Early Arrivals

eBay Cyber Monday Deals
eBay Early Cyber Deal
eBay Daily Deal
eBay App deal 
eBay gaming deal
eBay weekly deal
eBay electronics deals
eBay Camera deal

eBay Coupon Cyber Monday Exclusives 

eBay coupons
eBay Coupon Code
eBay App Only Coupon
Redeem up to 15% off on all app orders
eBay Watch Coupon
Get up to $500 on eBay watches
eBay Home Decor Coupon
GET 15% discount on decor, clothing, and more

eBay Cyber Monday Deals & Sale | Schedule of Events

eBay Cyber Monday deals are split amongst numerous events such as 

eBay Cyber Monday Deals & Sale 
Expected Dates
eBay Cyber Week Deals 
November 25 to December 5
eBay Cyber Weekend Sale
November 28 & November 29
eBay Cyber Monday Sale 
November 30

The preparation for the largest online sale in the year, starts months before, especially in the case of an online auction and retail giant like eBay.

eBay Cyber Weekend deals

eBay Cyber Weekend deals

The eBay Cyber Monday Deals, start with eBay Cyber Weekend Sale, which falls on November 28, and November. The weekend follows the eBay Black Friday Sale, and witnesses the best possible online deals and discounts in almost all categories including electronics, fashion, and more.

ebay Cyber Monday Sale

eBay Cyber Monday Sale

The main event in this string of events, the eBay Cyber Monday Sale, takes place on Monday following thanksgiving day, which falls on November 30, this year. The eBay Cyber Monday deals keep on changing for the better within a short period, depending on the availability of stocks on the products under sale.

eBay Cyber Week Deals

The eBay Cyber Week starts pretty early and ends up pretty late after the Cyber Monday Sale ends. Like most of the online retailers, eBay also starts its eBay Cyber Week deals from the beginning of Thanksgiving week.

Generally, it is expected to end by the end of the eBay Cyber Monday Sale, on November 30. However, due to ever-increasing demands, the eBay Cyber Week deals are expected to stay for the whole week, till December 5.

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eBay Cyber Monday Deals | Ads Release!

 Since eBay Cyber Monday deals are shared amongst various sales, their Ads also follow the same pattern. eBay brings out separate Ads for eBay Cyber Monday Sale, and eBay Cyber Weekend Sale.

Both the Ads cover a variety of eBay Cyber Monday Deals and Coupons that are expected to go live during their respective timings. eBay still has its Ads for the year under wraps. However, we do have a glimpse of eBay Cyber Monday Deals, Ads, from 2019 for your reference.

eBay Cyber Monday Sale 2020

eBay Cyber Monday Sale 2019

eBay Cyber Weekend Circular from 2020

eBay Cyber Weekend Circular from 2019

**Note: The above ads are just a preview of what eBay has up their sleeves. It is suggested that being on your computer at the start time for each event and also being logged into eBay so you can get your order through quickly.

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eBay Cyber Monday Deals 2020| Highlights

A smart shopper always researches before plunging into the shopping, especially in the case of Holiday Shopping. To lend a hand towards the research, we have come up with the highlights of eBay Cyber Monday Deals, 2020.

The Most Popular Cyber Monday Deals from the events that passed by during 2020 are enumerated below

1. Most Popular Cyber Weekend Deals 2020

  • $1789.99 Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR camera body (save $1309.01)
  • $1149.99 Canon EOS 5DS DSLR camera body (save $2549.01)
  • $299.99 32-inch LG 4K UHD monitor (save $300)

2. Best performing Cyber Monday Sale 2020

  • $899 65-inch Samsung QLED 4K TV (save $2096)
  • $399 Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar (save $300)
  • $19.95 JBL In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones (save $40)

eBay Cyber Monday Deals, Sale & Ads | Predictions

The world has beheld a series of changes this year which is shaping up an entirely different lifestyle. Online shopping has replaced the vast majority of shopping in-store. 

Here are some of the predictions of various discounts that are expected to come alive during the eBay Cyber Monday Sale.

  • 10% discount on all orders during eBay Cyber Monday Sale
  • Up to 70% Off on Nikon, Sony Cameras and accessories
  • Free Shipping on all eligible orders
  • Computer accessories at a minimum 50% discount 
  • Designer Handbags at $100 or less

eBay Cyber Monday deals 2021 | February Specials

eBay Early Cyber Deal

 1. eBay Early Cyber Deal | Max. 70% Off

With the advent of thanksgiving month, eBay has come up with some early cyber deals, providing up to 90% off on almost all categories including tech and electronics, clothing, fashion, and many more.

eBay Product Category
eBay discount
Tech accessories & Toys
At 70% discount
Home Decor & Electronics
Maximum 80% Off
Clothing & Fashion
Up to 70% savings
  • Avail eBay free shipping on select orders as an addition to the discounts
  • Pay via PayPal, credit or debit cards, or PayPal credit to confirm your order

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eBay Nationwide Free Shipping

2. eBay Nationwide Free Shipping

During the eBay Cyber Monday Sale, where prices stoop to an all-time low, here is another deal that can be merged with your existing deals to save more, through free shipping on your orders.

**Additional note: Skim through eBay Black Friday Sale 2021, to stay updated on various thanksgiving and Black Friday deals and discounts, available at eBay. 

3. eBay Exclusive Camera Deal | Flat 30% Off

eBay users have always saved huge on tech products, especially cameras and accessories, laptops, and so on. Get up to 30% off on premium cameras with this eBay online exclusive deal.

  • Discounts may vary according to the type and other particulars of the camera
  • The popular types of cameras available are DSLR cameras, camera drones, Digital cameras, Camcorders, and film cameras 
  • Free shipping is available on select orders
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eBay Cyber Monday Sale | Saving Tips, What to Shop & How

We know that you are always looking for ways to save your money on purchases. While eBay already provides hefty discounts and the lowest prices on thousands of products, we have some extra tips that will lead to you scoring on your savings, even more.

  • Focus on the trends of discounts that are awarded by various e-commerce companies such as eBay, Amazon, and more. eBay.
  • Since eBay Cyber Monday deals are all about online deals, there is a definite possibility of the giant coming up with App only deals. So, download the eBay app and stay updated, and signed into it to avail of the app-exclusive deals during the eBay Cyber Monday Sale.
  • Check out the major fashion deals that were available at eBay Cyber Monday Deals last year. eBay had slashed 25% off Adidas Trainers, 48% off a Kitchenaid stand mixer, and 47% off of an LG 65" smart TV and more in 2019. So, focus on similar discounts this year also to not miss even one deal.
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FAQs | eBay Cyber Monday Deals, Sale & Ads

1. What is the best time to sell and buy on eBay?

The best day to try out eBay auctions or listings is a Sunday. This is because Sunday Is the busiest day of the week in terms of sales.

2. Is it better to buy electronics with eBay cyber Monday deals?

eBay Cyber Monday deals are available for all categories including electronics. You can check out your needs and the deals that go well with it to decide on your orders.

3. Which one is better amongst eBay Black Friday Sale and eBay Cyber Monday Sale?

Both the shopping events bring prices of products to the lowest. However, considering the pandemic and the trend of consumers preferring to shop online than at stores, there are great chances of better deals being available during the eBay Cyber Monday Sale


eBay is the way to go especially if you are a price-sensitive buyer. So, take out your annual shopping list and tick them off one by one while saving on your budget, with eBay Cyber Monday Deals. Get ready for the online shopping festival and even buy your Christmas gifts along with your yearly shopping. Stay tuned for more details on eBay Coupons and deals by subscribing to the eBay store at Zouton.