Expedia Car Discount Code | August 2022 | Get 10% Off On Car Rentals

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Are you planning to have a trip this weekend? If yes, get an Expedia Car Discount Code to save 10% now. Take Car Rentals to visit places like Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, and a lot more. Further, you can get exclusive trip ideas revealed below.

Expedia Car Discount Code | Today’s Exclusive 

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Expedia Car Rentals | August 2022 | Top Cars 


   (Get At $38 Per Day)


     (Avail At $49 Per Day)


   (Take At $34 Per Day)


      (Ride At $43 Per Day)

Expedia Car Discount Code | August 2022 | Save 10% On Car Rentals 

Take tour of the U.S. Locations with savings on them. Get yourself the Expedia Car Discount Code for car rentals and get 10% off discount. The popular cars in 2022 are:







Expedia Coupon Code | Terms & Conditions: 

  • Apply the Expedia car rental coupon at the checkout to get the discount

  • The minimum booking value is not restricted to users.

  • Can be availed once per account.

  • Expedia Coupon code is D419801.

Expedia Car Discount Code | August 2022 | Enjoy 10% Off On One Way Car Rentals 

Didn’t you hear the news for a One-Way Car trip? You can get a Expedia Car Discount Code to book your favorite car. This weekend’s trip is backed by popular locations and Expedia car rentals. Take them with discounts. Get the car specifications in the table below.


     (AT $34 PER DAY)

           COMPACT 24/7 DOOR CAR

          (TAKE RIDE AT $40 PER DAY)

Terms & Conditions:

  • Max. 4 People can sit in the car.

  • Get unlimited Mileage.

  • Locations: Miami, Florida & New York 

Terms & Conditions: 

  • Cars like Kia Soul

  • 5 People seating capacity.

  • Enjoy unlimited mileage in New York location. 

            STANDARD 2/4 DOOR CAR

                (ENJOY AT $75 PER DAY)

          FULL SIZE S2/4 DOOR CAR

               (GET AT $90 PER DAY)

Terms & Conditions: 

  • Cars like VW Jetta or alike.

  • Unlimited Mileage

  • 5 People seats 

  • Location: Los Angeles, California 

Terms & Conditions: 

  • Book for Toyota Camry or alike cars. 

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia

  • Unlimited Mileage + 5 People Capacity. 

Expedia Car Discount Code | Avail 10% Off On Long-Term Car Rentals (August 2022)

Extend your travel plans with Expedia Car Rental Coupon Code. Go for a Long Term Car Rental and enjoy 10% off on the best cars. You can plan your trip for a month, a week, or more. 

The following cars are available for the Expedia car rentals.


    (GET AT $45 PER DAY)

               MIDSIZE 2/4 DOOR CAR

               (TAKE AT $53 PER DAY)

Terms & Conditions: 

  • Cars like Ford Edge or more alike cars.

  • 5 People Seats + Unlimited Mileage

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia, US 

Terms & Conditions: 

  • Car- Toyota Corolla (same level cars)

  • Maximum 5 People can sit.

  • Location: Los Angeles, California

  • Unlimited Mileage 

             ECONOMY 2/4 DOOR CAR

             (ENJOY AT $56 PER DAY)

             MIDSIZE 2/4 DOOR CAR

             (AVAIL AT $67 PER DAY)

Terms & Conditions: 

  • 4 people Seating

  • Unlimited Mileage

  • CAR: Mitsubishi Mirage or alike cars.

  • Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Terms & Conditions:

  • Cars Available like Toyota Corolla or similar cars.

  • Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

  • 5 People Seats + Unlimited Mileage  

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How To Get 10% Off On Expedia Car Rentals? 

The best headline today at Expedia is that you can save 10% off on the car rentals. Get this discount on One-Way Car Rentals and Long Term Car Rentals. Follow the steps below to save now. 

Step 1: Firstly, visit the official Expedia app/website.

Step 2: Search for the Car Rentals on the homepage. 

Step 3: Select either ‘One-Way Car Rentals’ or ‘Long Term Car Rentals’.

Step 4: Get the Expedia Car Discount code from zouton website.

Step 5: Apply at the checkout to save on your favorite rental car. 

*Note: You can cancel your car rentals for free at any time on Expedia. 

Expedia Car Rentals | Popular Destinations (August 2022)

Starting at $14, get your car rental booked at 10% off. Choose cars from Economy, Standard, Fullsize, Compact Elite Crossover, etc. You can compare their prices, mileage and more. Get cars with a maximum capacity of 7 people. 

Take tour from Miami with Expedia car rental coupon code. Pick the best car rental with amazing discounts. Cars like Compact, Fullsize, Standard SUV, etc. Get 10% off on all of the car rentals

Plan your next trip with Expedia Car Rental Coupon Code. Choose from the Midsize, Economy, Full-Size, etc. Get maximum seating for 7 people and unlimited mileage. Take the luxurious rental cars for your trip at the earliest.




               MIAMI CAR RENTALS

Frequently Asked Questions | Expedia Car Discount Code (August 2022)

Que: Do I get an Expedia car rental discount code?

Ans: Yes, you can get car rental discounts from Expedia. All cars and locations are applicable for car rentals.

Que: Is there a 10% off discount on car rentals at Expedia?

Ans: Yes, you can get an instant 10% off on car rentals at various locations in the U.S. 

Que: What are the cars available with cheap car rental prices?

Ans: The lowest price for the Expedia Car Rental is $34 per day. You will get well-equipped cars for traveling. 


Expedia is a one-stop solution for making your travel plans work. Get discounts on luxurious cars like SUVs, Toyota Corolla, Ford Mustang,s and more. Take your buddies/ family to the best locations in the US.

By Pragati Kathuria - Content Specialist