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KFC Coupons & Promo Codes For January 2022 Grab KFC Fill Up Meal For $20

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Gratify your hunger with a sumptuous spread of 8 Pcs of original recipe chicken + 8 extra crispy chicken, chicken tenders, a large coleslaw, and more at just $21.99. Use the KFC August promo codes today and order all that you want!

KFC Coupons & Promo Codes For August : 100% Verified  

KFC Coupon

KFC Coupon Code | Details 


KFC fill-up meal @ $21.99



KFC Colonel's Combo At $5.99



KFC Signature Sandwich For $1.99



KFC Standard Delivery @ $3.99



KFC Catering Box Meals Under $8



KFC Coupons & Promo Codes August : Updated Today

a) Pay Just $21.99 For KFC Fill Up Meal

As part of this special KFC coupon for August 2021, the users can avail of a KFC fill up a meal for just $20 without using any special promo code. The details for the offer are as follows: 

Pay Just $20 For KFC Fill Up Meal

  • The offer is valid for all users (old and new alike)
  • The users can choose the meal from:
    -8 pieces original recipe chicken
    -8 pieces extra crispy chicken
    -12 pieces chicken extra crispy tenders
  • The meal also has 1 large cole slaw, 4 biscuits and 2 large mashed potatoes with gravy
  • There is no minimum order value required
  • No KFC promo code August 2021 applicable 

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b) KFC Signature Sandwich: Starts @ $1.99

Sandwiches are not just for stomachs, they are for the souls! Get KFC Signature Sandwiches starting from $1.99 only! The key points of the offer are as follows:

  • The minimum transaction amount is not required
  • Sandwiches under discount:
    • Chicken little sandwich: Starts at $1.99
    • Crispy colonel sandwich: From $3.99 and more
    • Flavors include: Honey BBQ, Buffalo, & Nashville Hot
  • Applicable for both new and existing users
  • Place an order from the website, store, or KFC app
  • Pay via cards, net banking, cash, PayPal

 Save $5 With KFC Colonel’s Club

c) KFC Delivery For Just $3.99

 Enjoy the tastiest chicken slathered with special spices right from Kentucky and pay just $3.99 for delivery of your KFC orders with this special KFC coupon August  2021. The details for the offer are as follows: 

  • There is no minimum order value required
  • Valid for all users (old and new alike)
  • The offer is valid on the whole KFC menu, namely:
    -Beverages and more
  • No special KFC promo code August 2021 applicable 
  • The offer can be clubbed with any other offer to increase savings 
  • Valid for all US locations

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d) Buy KFC Signature Sandwich At $1.99 Onwards

Fix your lunch with KFC signature sandwich fresh off the KFC menu available at a starting price of $1.99. KFC coupons can be used offline and online.  

  • This KFC deal includes 
KFC Menu Items 
KFC crispy colonel sandwich
Available At $3.99 Onwards 
KFC chicken little sandwich
Grab at $1.99
  • Available KFC flavors are 
    • Honey BBQ. 
    • Buffalo. 
    • Nashville Hot.
  • KFC deals can be activated through the app and website 
  • The KFC specials coupon can be used numerous times
  • Both old and new customers can redeem the deal 
  • Payment methods include credit card, debit card, PayPal, more 
  • KFC coupon code is not available under this deal ‘
  • No minimum order amount is needed by the KFC lovers 

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KFC Chicken Buffet Meal At $79.99 Onwards

e) KFC Chicken Buffet Meal At $79.99 Onwards

Taste the delicious chicken buffet meal at KFC all you can eat buffet locations at just $79.99. Both old and new KFC users can avail of the deal. 

  • Kentucky fried chicken menu buffet includes: 
Chicken Buffet Items 
30 pc chicken + 2 sides + 15 biscuits
Buy at $79.99
50 pc chicken + 2 sides + 25 biscuits
Available At $128.99
  • Both old and new KFC customers can redeem the deal
  • The KFC coupons can be redeemed through the app and website 
  • Use payment methods such as PayPal, cards, netbanking for payments
  • The KFC coupon can be redeemed innumerable times 
  • The minimum order amount is available by the customers 

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f) Grab KFC Big Box Meals At $8.99

Your favorite KFC recipe is available in a box. Yes, foodies can relish a KFC Big Box Meal at a starting price of $8.99. Read the terms and conditions of the KFC deal. 

  • KFC menu meals are available online as well as in-store 
  • Use payment methods such as PayPal, credit/debit cards, net banking
  • The KFC meal consists of the following: 
KFC Meal Items 
KFC Big Box Meals Price 
Crispy Colonel Sandwich + 2 sides + drink + popcorn
Available At $8.99
3 pc chicken + drink + biscuits + 2 sides
Buy At Under $9.99
  • No minimum amount of value is required at the checkout 
  • The KFC coupon can be redeemed more than once 
  • The KFC deal can be used by old and new customers
  • Buy the meal at the same KFC prices across the US 

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Kentucky Wings At $5 Onwards

g) Grab Kentucky Wings At $5 Onwards

You can’t have enough of Kentucky wings especially when they are available at an exquisite starting price of $5. Read through the KFC coupon details.  

  • Kentucky wings are available at $5 for the customers 
  • Both old and new KFC customers can redeem the deal 
  • Kentucky hot wings coupons include: 
KFC deals 
6 fried wings + 1 ranch dip
Available At $5 
24 fried wings + 4 ranch dips
At $18.99 
48 fried wings + 8 ranch dips
Buy At $37.99
  • The KFC orders can be placed through the website and app 
  • No KFC coupon code is needed for the deal 
  • The deal is available across all US locations 
  • Multiple payment options are available by the KFC customers 

Should You Order From KFC During COVID? 

While you are staying inside to curb the effects of COVID-19, KFC makes sure you don’t have to compromise on your favorite KFC chicken meals. Kentucky fried chicken has taken stringent measures to ensure safety. Read the following to know more. 

a) Customers at KFC don’t have to pay an extended delivery fee for the orders. 

b) KFC is rendering contact-free delivery service, where your food would be kept at your doorstep for you to pick up. 

c) Customers can resort to cashless payment methods such as cards, KFC gift cards, PayPal, and more to subside the Coronavirus disease.

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What Is KFC Nutrition Calculator? 

You can choose to eat healthy with KFC by reckoning exactly how much you should devour your favorite chicken meal. KFC nutrition calculator lets you customize your order the appropriate category as per your convenience. The KFC calculator suggests you recommended calorie intake that is allowed by the FDA through their guidelines

KFC Near Me

Where Is KFC Near Me? 

Craving the crispy and juicy KFC chicken meals? KFC is offering contactless delivery and pickup service due to the4 online COVID-19 pandemic. In case, customers are choosing home-delivery, they can select the ‘contactless delivery’ box at the checkout.  Otherwise, customers can use the KFC drive-thru to pick up their orders from 3994 KFC locations across the US. Customers can look up the status of the nearest KFC store by entering the Zip code. 

Frequently Asked Questions | KFC August Coupons 2021

Does KFC offer special KFC coupons and promo codes for free delivery? 

Yes. KFC does offer special coupons that can be used by the users to avail of free delivery on the entire KFC menu. These coupons can be checked out in detail at the Zouton website.

Are there any KFC coupons or promo codes for August 2021 available for KFC chicken buckets?

Yes. There are a lot of KFC bucket deals and discounts available and they can be availed with the help of the wide range of KFC coupons or promo codes available at Zouton

Do KFC offer any kind of Teacher discount?  

No there are KFC teacher’s discounts at the moment. Although, KFC is rolling out free bucket meals to teachers across the country


KFC Coupons & Promo Codes August are here to take care of your hunger pangs where you can order your favorite crispy chicken made with the original classic recipe at a discounted price.KFC has taken steps to curb the spread of COVID-19 for the customers. Don’t endure through your hunger, start ordering from KFC, now. 

By Deepankar Singh - Content Specialist