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KFC Dinner Deals & Promotions 2022: Get KFC Fill-Up at Just $20

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Oct 06 2020 Share this blog

KFC’s ‘finger-licking good’ menu includes scrumptious dinner meals to present before all its customers. Under exclusive KFC dinner deals, customers can relish different promotional offers such as the KFC Fill-ups at just $20. These deals include KFC Fill-up offers, KFC tenders & fries, KFC originals, and a lot more.

*Note: There are no particular KFC Dinner Deals provided by the restaurant. However, the ongoing promotions by KFC can be used for any meal, be it dinner, lunch or breakfast.

KFC Dinner Deals and Discounts 2021: All Verified

Applicable Categories
KFC Menu Deals 2021
KFC Specials
Order KFC $20 Fill-Up Meal
No caps on minimum cart amount
KFC Member Deal
Get $5 Off on all menu orders
For Club members only
KFC Big Box Meals
Starting @ Just $8.99
Valid across all US locations
KFC Buffet Meal
Under $130 only
For New & Old users
KFC Famous Bowls
Get It For $5 Only
Valid on orders made via Grubhub

KFC Dinner Deals & Coupons: January Specific

Wondering if you are eligible to avail these KFC Dinner Deals? Here are the terms and conditions associated with each deal mentioned in the table. Read on to know more-

KFC Fill-up at $20

KFC Fill-up at $20

This is a unique promotion by KFC which serves for Today and Tomorrow. Basically, the new KFC $20 fill-up includes all the items from $20 fill-up + 12 tenders / 8 additional pieces of chicken on the bone at just $10 more. 

What all choices do you have?

  • 8 pieces of Original Recipe + 12 Tenders
  • 8 pieces of Extra Crispy + 12 Tenders
  • 8 pieces of Original Recipe + 8 pieces of Extra Crispy
  • Two orders of 12 piece Tenders
  • Two orders of 8 pieces Original Recipe
  • Two orders of 8 piece Extra Crispy

Also, each meal includes large coleslaw, 4 biscuits, 2 large mashed potatoes and gravy.

  • Extra tax applicable on each order
  • This promotion is available only at participating KFC restaurants
  • No need to make minimum orders to get discount
  • No coupon code is associated with this fill-up
  • This offer is valid for a limited period only
  • Delivery charges will be applied to every order
  • This discount is redeemable multiple times per user

KFC Fill-up at $20 (Chicken Tenders and Fries)

Here is another KFC Fill-Up promotional offer which gives you an option to choose from KFC Tenders or KFC Chicken. Let’s know more-

Chicken Tenders and Fries

Tenders and Fries at just $5.49

Get a box of KFC chicken tenders and fries at just $5.49. The box includes 3 Extra Crispy Tenders, 1 dip, Secret Recipe Fries, biscuit, and one medium drink. Details-

  • No coupon code is needed to get the meal
  • Minimum orders are not required for the dinner deal
  • This deal is available only at participating KFC restaurants
  • Orders can be placed in-stores or online via website/app

This promotional deal is available in other variants as well-

  1. 1 Drumstick, 1 Thigh, Individual Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Biscuit, Medium Drink
  2. 1 Breast piece, 1 Side, Cookie, Medium Drink
  3. Pot Pie, Cookie, Medium Drink
  4. Famous KFC Bowl, Cookie Medium Drink

KFC Popcorn Chicken at $10

KFC brings the extra-large serving of KFC Popcorn nuggets at just $10. The large serving of nuggets will fill your tummy with the goodness of KFC’s authentic flavours. Of course, there is plenty of food only at $10.

  • Available for all users
  • This deal is available only at participating KFC restaurants
  • No minimum orders are needed to be placed to get the deal
  • No unique code is associated with the promotion

Buffet Meal: $79.99

Buffet Meal: $79.99

Let your fingers be engrossed in the goodness and flavours of KFC buffet meals starting at just $79.99. The menu includes-

  1. 30 pieces of chicken + 2 sides + 15 biscuits for $79.99
  2. 50 pieces of chicken + 2 sides + 25 biscuits at $128.99 only

This KFC Dinner Deal is valid for KFC’s new and existing customers. Know more-

  • Minimum orders are not subject to be placed
  • No requirement of any unique KFC coupon code to get this deal
  • Food delivery charges will be applied on all delivery orders
  • Payment modes: net-banking, bank cards, PayPal, etc.
  • Orders can be placed online via website, app or in-stores

Steps to Apply KFC Dinner Deals on your Orders

Even when there are no particular KFC dinner deals offered by the restaurants, some promotions are available for all dinner orders. To get your orders at above-mentioned discounts, follow the steps given below: 

  1. Click on the links provided alongside each offer and get redirected to the exclusive offer page or visit Zouton website and navigate to ‘KFC’
  2. Now, you will find multiple deals listed to the next screen. Choose the best one for your order and click on the same
  3. Read all the terms and conditions mentioned in the offer carefully
  4. After that, tap the View Code/Deal button on the right-hand side of the coupon
  5. Copy the code revealed and proceed to place the order
  6. You can go to the landing page redirected in the new tab, add all your favourite items to cart, apply the code wherever required and click ‘Place Order’

*Note: Some deals do not have any unique coupon code. In that case, your discount will be applied automatically.

You have just read about KFC’s promotional deals which are available throughout the day. Implying that you can avail these amazing deals in breakfast, lunch or dinner, as per for preferences. KFC fill-up promotions are specifically organised to provide a wholesome and fulfilling meal to the customers. If you are willing to have more, you can choose from its wide range of sides, chicken buckets, tenders, and a lot more. The legacy is clearly not compromised when it comes to the authentic flavours and super saver deals by KFC.

By Sushmita Sasi - Senior Content Editor