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KFC Monday Deals| June 2021| Enjoy KFC Fill-ups @ $20 Only

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By Sushmita Sasi - Content Specialist Jun 14 2021 Share this blog

Monday blues can be dreadful but these exclusive KFC Monday Deal are like a breath of fresh air. Order KFC fill-up meal now @ $20 only. You can also claim contactless delivery for safety. Start saving now!

KFC Monday Deals |  Verified Now

KFC Coupon



KFC fill-up meal @ $20



KFC Colonel's Combo At $5.99



KFC Signature Sandwich | From $1.99



KFC Standard Delivery @ $3.99



KFC Catering Menu | Under $130



KFC Monday Deals and Coupons 2021: Top Picks

KFC Colonel’s Club Deal

1) KFC Crispy Colonel’s Combo @ $5.99

Avail exclusive Colonel's crispy combo at the price of just $5.99. Yes, you heard that right! The terms and conditions to avail this offer are as follows:

  • Can be accessed by all users
  • Place the orders online via the app/web
  • KFC coupons are not required
  • Customization is also avilable

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2) Special Chicken Buffet Meals

A perfect Kentucky’s catering deal is available for all the users. Enjoy your favorite delicious chicken buffet meals under $130. The terms and conditions to avail the offer are as follows:

  • Valid for both new and existing users
  • Standard delivery charges are applicable
  • Separate catering coupons are not required
  • No minimum order value is required
  • This deal includes:
    • 30 chicken pieces available at $79.99
    • 50 chicken pieces available at $128.99

 Exclusive Fill-up Meal Deal

3) Exclusive Fill-up Meal Deal

Avail the amazing and mouth watering fill-up meal just for $20. Isn't it fantastic? No need for specific Promo code, just order and enjoy your meal. These Kentucky’s specials come with some terms and conditions that are as follow:

  • No minimum order value is required
  • Valid for both new and existing users
  • Can be used more than once
  • Fill-up meal includes:
    • Original recipe chicken: 8 pieces
    • Extra crispy chicken: 8 pieces
    • Extra Crispy Tenders: 12 pieces 
    • All that comes with 1 large coleslaw, 2 large mashed potatoes with gravy, and 4 biscuits.
  • Standard food delivery charges may apply

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4)  Signature Sandwich Offer

Sandwiches are remarkably delicious and when it comes to the special KFC Monday Deal then why not enjoy the delightful deal. Signature sandwiches from different flavors starting from just $1.99. Terms and conditions for the same are as follows:

  • Applicable to both online and in-store orders
  • Valid for both new and existing users
  • Honey BBQ, Nashville hot, Buffalo, and many more flavors are available
  • No particular coupon code is required
  • No minimum order value is required
  • Contactless delivery, pick-up, and takeaway facilities are available

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Big Box Meal Deal

5) Big Box Meal Deal

Enjoy the most appetizing chicken mixed with special spices right from your favorite KFC just for $10. Avail the offer by following the below terms and conditions:

  • Applicable to all users
  • No coupon code required
  • Big Box meal includes:
    • Box of 3 chicken pieces: $8.65
    • Crispy colonel chicken box: $9.09
    • Box of 3 chicken tenders: $9.09
    • Sides, sauces, beverages, and biscuits
  • No minimum order value is required
  • This deal is valid till June 30, 2021 

KFC Deals and Coupons | Most Trending

Did you think that we are done with the KFC Monday deals? We are just getting started. Check out these heavenly KFC deals and save whenever you wish to. 

KFC Coupons and Promo Codes
KFC Coupon Code | Details
KFC A-LA-Carte Menu 
$2.39 Onwards
KFC Beverages 
Under $4
Popcorn Nuggets 
Order For $10
                        KFC Sides                             At $2.49 06/30/2021

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KFC Online Coupons | Trending Now

Exclusive Kentucky’s Chicken Combo

1) Exclusive Kentucky’s Chicken Combo

Try various chicken items that you want while sitting at home. Enjoy the delightful chicken combos that are just starting from $5. Fulfill the below terms and conditions to redeem the offer:

  • Valid for all the users
  • Applicable to both app & website orders
  • Chicken Combo includes:
    • $5 for 6 piece combo
    • $9.99 for 12 piece combo
    • $18.99 for 24 piece combo
    • $37.99 & more for 48 piece combo
  • No particular coupon code is required
  • No minimum order value required
  • Valid till June 30, 2021
  • Can be clubbed with other offers

2) Two Crispy Sandwiches at $3

Avail the tasty and crispy sandwiches slathered with sauces and spices just for $3. The details for this amazing offer are as follows:

  • Valid for both new and existing users
  • No minimum order value is required
  • Only applicable to online orders via app or website
  • KFC promo code is not required
  • Free delivery on online orders
  • Valid till June 30, 2021

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Exclusive Bucket Deals

3) Exclusive Bucket Deals

Kentucky's bucket deals are the most appetizing, popular, and money saver. The detailed overview and terms and conditions of this exclusive deal are as follows:

  • Applicable to both new and existing users
  • Only online mode of payment is applicable
  • Bucket meal deal includes:
    • $14.99 for 8 piece bucket
    • $29.99 for 12 piece bucket
    • $37.99 for 16 piece bucket
  • Place your order via Grubhub to avail free delivery
  • Valid on both online and in-store orders

FAQ’s | KFC Monday Deals 2021

Q1. Are KFC Monday Deals applicable only for new users?

Ans. No, both new as well as existing users can avail the benefits of KFC Monday Deals. Read more about the same here

Q2. Can I get Contactless delivery with KFC Monday Deals?

Ans. Yes, you will be pleased to know that KFC provides the contactless delivery services to all its users. You can get it with KFC monday deals as well. 

Q3. How can I redeem KFC Monday Deals?

It is nothing hard. You just have to select which KFC monday deal you want to redeem. Then, copy and the coupon code (if available) at checkout, and you are done! KFC Monday deals can be redeemed via both app and website.


With KFC Monday Deals relish mouth-watering amalgamation of food be it a chicken bucket, wings, sides, or any other chicken treats. Don't forget to stop by at Zoutons, so that you can save massively on your food orders by using the latest KFC promo codes and deals.