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By Manvi Madan - Content Specialist Feb 02 2020 Share this blog

Take a detour via Macy’s every time you are out shopping as the store gets possibly everything under the sun at a discount of 20% to the vested card holders. With impartially high interest rate and severe limitations on where it can be used, Macy’s Credit card is the only great deal that falls in line with the payment options left for frequent shoppers at the store.  

How to Save at Macy’s?

Despite the bonus discount of 20% for all the credit card holders at Macy’s, there are a plethora of other Macy’s discounts and deals that help you pull up savings on everything and anything you see around. Macy’s WOW Pass is another way of saving on Macy’s selective merchandise. Go through the cyclic deals and discounts that are up for grabs for all users at Macy’s



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How to Save using Macy’s Credit Cards?

Macy’s Credit Card helps you unlock discounts that let you save 20% via Macy’s credit cardand Macy’s American Express Card. Read on to find out more such offers to snag discounts at Macy’s. 

Save Up to $100 via Macy’s Card 

Make the most out of your first shopping cart at Macy’s. Get a chance to save up to $100 on payments via Macy’s credit card. Checkout the prerequisites that one needs to adhere to, before proceeding to avail the offer 

  • Deal applies to all online purchases

  • No minimum cart value required to place order 

  • Save 20% via Macy's credit card or Macy's American Express card

    • Maximum discount value: $100

  • Choose your membership option:

    • Silver Member: 25% off 

    • Gold Member: Free shipping with no minimum order bars

    • Platinum member: 5% back as reward on all purchases
      Get 10 bonus points for every $1 spent at Macy's. 

Up to 75% Off : Home Decor 

Stick up to Macy’s credit cards for payments while you purchase for your aesthetic household essentials at Macy’s. Here is what all you need to keep in mind before you get your hands through the offer 

  • Deal valid on purchases via Macy's stores, app and website

  • Applicable to:

    • Bed Sheet sets: Save up to $7.50

    • Bath, mattresses, storage, furniture, lighting, etc.

    • Christmas decor starting from $1

  • Pay via Macy's credit card for additional savings up to 20%
    Free shipping is valid on all orders above $25 for all users.

How the Macy’s Credit Card Works: Benefits & Rewards 

Macy’s in total, has approximately 650 stores being run at present and has been in the queue of huge profits for long. Backing a humongous revenue generation, Macy’s has been sticking to ardent strategies, credit card programs being the one. Macy’s offers its customers the following options with credit cards 

1.Macy’s Credit Card 
2. Macy’s American Express Card  

What do Macy’s Credit Cards offer?

All the purchases made via Macy’s / Macys’ American Express Card lets you enroll through the retailer’s three-tier Star Rewards Loyalty program. Perks of a Star loyalty program:

Having revamped its star rewards member loyalty program, the program now entails three different tiers, of rewards and benefits varying on the basis of annual spend. The levels are





25% Off using Star Pass Coupons 

Redeemable by customers spending up to $499 yearly 


25% Off using Star Pass Coupons + Free shipping

For customers who spend between $500 to $1,199 annually.


25% Off using Star Pass Coupons + Free shipping + 5% back 

For customers who spend $1,200 or more

Other Macy’s Cards and Perks 

Macy’s American Express card provides the user with the apprehensive perks of the silver, gold and platinum tiers when used at Macy’s. But here is what it offers over and above all the basic discounts. Even when used outside Macy’s, the card offers benefits with its old charmer, i.e. 3-2-1 rule. 

  • 3% back in rewards at Restaurants

  • 2% back in rewards at Grocery stores & gas stations

  • 1% back for every other purchase

These earned rewards go towards Star Money that can be used at Macy’s with no merchandise exclusions. Payments via Macy’s American Express cards give you access to the following bonus services as well:

  • Entertainment Access- Get priority tickets to sporting events, concerts and Broadway shows. 

  • Travel Benefits- Get a chance to unlock special travel savings and upgrades when you pay using your Macy’s American Express Card

Can I Apply for Macy’s Credit Card online?

One can easily apply for Macy’s Credit Card online. With such imperative perks and benefits, who wouldn’t want to? Follow these simple steps in order to apply for a Macy’s credit card online and with ease

  • Click on the Apply for Macy’s Credit Card link you can easily find at the footer of any macys.com page 

  • Fill in all the necessary details and information through the required fields and review the terms and conditions that follow

  • Once approved, start shopping at macys.com or Macy’s store near you to avail your new user discount at Macy’s using the macy’s credit card 

  • Credit decisions and approval might take 7-10 business days to process and for the store to revert on your action .

Macy’s Credit Card Review 

The relevantly named Macy’s credit card is a multi-purpose store card rather than a universal credit card. Customers carrying a balance will find the Macy’s credit card- a high maintenance as the card charges a sizable 26.24% APR on purchases. 

Macy’s Credit Card 


Annual Fee 




Earn 1x Plenti point per $1 spent at Macy’s

The Macy's Credit Card is considered to be a relatively easier card to obtain, with flexible credit requirements that make it a potential win-win for those who even have a poor credit score.
Considering all the factors and bonuses we rate the Macy’s Credit Card as a 3.0 out of 5.0. 

Macy’s Credit Card : Exclusions 

Macy’s Credit Card Rewards are not earned on purchases made outside of Macy’s, Macy’s gift cards, purchases made at Restaurants inside Macy’s, Beauty box subscription services, fees, sales tax, when redeeming Star Money, Macy's Rewards Cards or Macy’s Gift Cards, or when paying with a virtual wallet, even if you’re paying with a Macy’s Credit Card in the virtual wallet, in any department that does not use a Macy’s point of sale register.

Is the Macy’s Credit Card Right for You?

If the weekly ad at Macy's ad gets you in a tiff  for extravagant shopping at Macy’s, then you probably might be looking for a Macy’s credit card. Though the lack of flexibility in how you spend (and earn rewards) makes this card of limited use to the average shopper, being an Elite or Premier Elite member can offer you wholesome perks, making the card a valuable extension for those who spend enough to qualify. 

Before you jump up the queue and apply for a credit card at Macy’s, take a look at all the pros and cons that stick with Macy’s imperial credit card as each application is a hard credit pull, which directly impacts your credit score.