McDonald’s Breakfast Coupons (September Special): Combo Meals Starting At $5 Onwards

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By Arvind Chatterjee - Content Specialist Sep 17 2020 Share this blog

Can there be anything as heartfelt as McDonald’s breakfast? Satiate the morning hunger with McDonald’s combo meals available at a starting price of $5. Customers can opt for contactless delivery options. 

McDonald’s Breakfast Coupons: What Is Trending? 

McDonald’s Coupons 



McDonald’s Meals: At $5 Onwards

Valid On McDonald’s App 


McValue Breakfast: Under $2

Available At Valid US Locations


Sausage Breakfast Meal: At $4.49 

For Dine-In/Carryout 


Egg muffin Meal: At $3.99

For All Customers 


Morning platter: At $2.49

Valid Multiple Times 


McDonald’s Breakfast Coupons: Verified Today

a) Grab McDonald’s Meals At $5 Onwards

Delicious McDonald’s meals are available to take care of your breakfast at a starting price of $5. McDonald’s deals today combos can be availed by all customers. 

  • McDonald's breakfast menu under this deal is- 

McDonald's Menu Combos 


McDonald’s Breakfast Meal 

McDonald's Big Mac Combo Meal

McDonald’s Filet o Fish

McDonald's Cheeseburger combo

Available At $5 Onwards

  • USe payment methods include-PayPal, cards, net banking, and more
  • McDonald’s promo code is not needed at the checkout 
  • Both old and new customers can redeem the deal at the checkout 
  • The McDonald’s orders can be placed only through the app 
  • Customers can opt for curbside and drive-thru options

 McDonald’s Meals At $5 Onwards

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b) Buy MCValue Breakfast Menu Under $2

Don’t miss out on the first meal of the day and choose from McDonald’s McValue breakfast menu under $2. McDonald’s breakfast can be ordered online and in-store.  

  • McDonald's offer is available across the US locations 
  • McDonald’s menu items available are-

McDonald’s Menu 


McDonald’s Sausage Burrito 

At $1.29

McDonald’s Cinnamon Melt 

Available At $1.69 

McDonald’s Egg & Cheese Biscuits

Grab At $1.39 

McDonald’s Hash Browns 

Purchase At $1.09 

  • McDonald’s breakfast is available for both old and new customers
  • No McDonald’s coupon code is necessary to redeem the deal 
  • Payment methods include PayPal, net banking, credit card

MCValue Breakfast Menu Under $2

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c) Get McDonald’s Sausage Breakfast Meal| At $4.49

Fancy some sausages for the breakfast? Gobble up McDonald’s sausage breakfast meal starting at just $4.49. McDonald’s breakfast vouchers can be activated for all customers. 

  • Available McDonald’s Breakfast Combo- 

McDonald’s Breakfast Combo 



Cheese Mcgriddles 

Coffee (small) 


Available At $4.49 

  • No McDonald’s coupon code is available at the checkout 
  • McDonald's breakfast deals: Available for dine-in and carryout 
  • Use payment methods such as PayPal, credit/debit cards, more 
  • This coupon cannot be merged with other McDonald’s breakfast deals 
  • McDonald’s breakfast hours vary

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 McDonald’s Egg Muffin Meal

d) Get McDonald’s Egg Muffin Meal| At $3.99

McDonald’s popular breakfast egg muffin meal would have you gratified as this combo consists of a range of items. Read the terms and conditions of the deal. 

  • McDonald’s combo pack includes-

McDonald's Meal Items 

McDonald’s Breakfast Menu Prices 

McDonald’s Egg McMuffin 

McDonald’s Hash Browns 

McDonald’s Coffee (Small) 

Available At Just $3.99

  • McDonald's breakfast coupons can be accessed through the app, website, in-store
  • Modes of payment are PayPal and cards 
  • No McDonald's coupon code is needed by the customers 
  • User can avail a $1 discount on the McDonald’s breakfast combo 

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e) McDonald’s Morning Platter| At $2.49 Onwards

McDonald’s renders its sumptuous morning platter that comes with a diverse selection of items from McDonald’s breakfast menu. Read the McDonald’s deals as follow. 

  • McDonald’s morning platter menu items are- 

McDonald’s Menu Items 

McDonald’s Breakfast Menu Prices

McDonald’s Hot Cakes 

Available At $5.49 

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits 

At $2.99 

Get 3 Hot Cakes 

At $2.49

  • McDonald’s offer is available for carryout and dine-in 
  • This McDonald’s coupon can be redeemed more than once 
  • Both existing and new customers can redeem the deal 
  • McDonald's breakfast coupon code is not needed

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Big Breakfast With Hot Cakes

f) Chomp On Big Breakfast With Hot Cakes

The first meal of the day should be elaborate and grand. Customers just need to pay $5 to get McDonald’s big breakfast with lip-smacking hotcakes. 

  • McDonald’s breakfast coupons valid for new and old users 
  • The breakfast at McDonald’s can be ordered across all US locations 
  • McDonald’s breakfast items are-

McDonald’s Breakfast Items 



Scrambled Eggs 

Hash Brown 

Sausage Patty 

Biscuit, and more 

Available at $5

  • The orders are to be delivered with Uber Eats 
  • Several modes of payment are available for the customers

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McDonald’s Coupons and Deals: Popular Deals 

Not just breakfast, McDonald’s also has an array of coupons to be applied to a range of food items, available for the customers.  

McDonald’s Coupons 



McNuggets: Buy 1 Get 1 Free

No Minimum Order Value 


Curbside Pickup: Free 

Order Through App 


First Order: Free Fries 

Valid For New Users 


McDonald’s Gift Cards: $5 Onwards

For All Customers 


Frequently Asked Questions At McDonald’s

a) Is it possible to stack McDonald’s coupons? 

The coupons at McDonald’s cannot be stacked to reduce the order value. In fact, one can redeem 1 coupon per customer. 

b) Where to look for McDonald’s coupons and deals? 

McDonald’s coupons and deals can be redeemed through the website, app, and at the outlet. A consolidated list of coupons can be found at the Zouton.com. 

c) Can you avail more food coupons other than McDonald’s? 

Not just McDonald’s but there is a range of food coupons and promo codes available for the customers. 


As they say, breakfast like a king; lunch like a prince; dinner like a pauper. At McDonald’s customers can wolf down some sumptuous items from McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu. With McDonald’s breakfast coupons, customers can redeem valuable discounts while eating their hearts out. While you relish your McDonald’s breakfast, make sure to check what people from other countries are gobbling up at McDonald’s. Start ordering your favorite breakfast.