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By Avrati Gupta - Content Specialist Nov 15 2021 Share this blog


  • The new flagship OnePlus 10 Pro will flash a circa 6.7 inch curved display with single punch hole selfie camera.

  • The company has confirmed that the 10-series phone will be roughly 163.0 x 73.8 x 8.5mm in dimensions.

  • The OnePlus 10 Pro will sport a triple rear camera and will come with 5x optical zoom.


OnePlus is all set to bring in OnePlus 10 Pro to the table in the first few months of the year 2022. As you wait for the smartphone to hit the markets, Zouton in collaboration with OneLeaks has brought for you the first and exclusive complete final look into the specifications of this beauty.

OnePlus 10 Pro Launch 2021: Expected Dates, Prices & Exclusive Design Revealed

Functioning in an annual cycle, after releasing the OnePlus 9 in March, 2021 there is no surprise in the fact that the company will be bringing another one of their marvellous creations to the markets in the year 2022. There has been no official announcement about the launch date of the OnePlus 10 Pro, but Zouton takes pleasure in being the first to inform you that the smartphone is highly likely to be available to the customers within the first half of the upcoming year. 

With regards to the price, the OnePlus 9 series released by the company began at $729 for the lowest-spec base model and went as high as $1069 for the top-spec Pro model. Taking that into consideration, Zouton brings it to light that users can expect a range of prices between these very figures for the new handset. Of course, users can notice a slight shift in the price up or down after the launch. 

The one thing that makes OnePlus smartphones extremely popular among tech lovers is its exceptional design and performance. OnePlus 10 Pro is going to be no exception. This new smartphone will be pretty similar in terms of designs to the OnePlus 9 series equivalent, apart from a few added rich features and extra stability. 

The thing that will set the OnePlus 10 pro apart from its other siblings is going to be its triple rear camera and significantly different camera design. This new device will sport a circa 6.7-inch curved display with a single punch-hole selfie camera on the top left corner. Like the company’s other prized possessions, the OnePlus 10 pro is going to come in a variety of soothing colors like Black, White and Light Blue.

OnePlus 10 Pro Specs Sheet | Software, Battery, Dimensions, & More

Bringing in high-functioning smartphones with dozens of exciting features, OnePlus smartphones are any tech geek's true delight. OnePlus 10 pro is going to be the latest addition to the reputed OnePlus family. This new smartphone is expected to come with 125W fast charging, enough to fully charge the handset from zero in as little as 20 minutes. 

The company itself has confirmed that the device will debut brand-new software which will combine the perks of the company’s own Android fork called Oxygen OS with that of its sibling Oppo’s ColorOS, following the merger of the two companies. Thus, bring in a splash of excitement for shoppers in the midst of the holiday season. So, get ready to club it up with your Black Friday savings to make the most of it. 

However, if you’re curious about this much anticipated release,then stick by, as Zouton got you covered with the exclusive sneak peak into all its specs. Have a look:


Circa 6.7 inch

Aspect Ratio



128 GB to 256 GB

Approximate Measurement

163.0 x 73.8 x 8.5mm (10.3m including rear camera bump)


5000 mAh


8 GB to 12 GB

Refresh Rate

120 Hz


125 W Fast Charging

OnePlus 10 Pro Launch 2021 | Key Highlights

Featuring a high-resolution triple rear camera, a stunning metal frame suspending a unique rear camera bump and single punch hole selfie camera on the top left corner, this device is going to create a mad rush among the smartphone industry. 

The 5K renders clearly reveal that this latest OnePlus 10 series handset will have ample screen space of circa 6.7 inch. Fast and smooth, with the stability and rich features of ColorOS, the OnePlus 10 Pro is going to set a benchmark in the history of the OnePlus' smartphones. Get ready to be wowed with OnePlus’s latest creation!

If you are looking forward to upgrading to the OnePlus’ next flagship phone, then make sure to stay tuned to the Zouton’s OnePlus Coupon Page to ensure maximum savings on the purchase of smartphones, accessories and more from this giant tech company. The smartphone fans are in for a delicious treat because the newly launched OnePlus 10 pro is expected to face competition from leading online retailers such as  Best Buy, Ebay, Samsung, Newegg, Amazon, etc. Be ready as the smartphone will hit the markets sooner than you think!