Planet Fitness Black Card Promo Code (August 2022): Flat 20% Off On Purchases + $1 Off On Subscription

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Your workout can be considerably improved by a Planet Fitness Black Card, and it only costs $22.99 per month! With the PF Black Card Promo Code, you may also save 20% on Reebok, 50% on soft drinks, and more. Below, find out more about the advantages of the Planet Fitness Black Card.

Planet Fitness Black Card Coupon Codes (August 2022): Most Rewarding

Planet Fitness Black Card Discount
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Planet Fitness Coupons (August 2022): Top Picks

Planet Fitness Coupons 2022

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Promo Code For Planet Fitness Black Card (August 2022): Top Picks

1. Flat 15% Off For PF Members
couponGet inexpensive fitness at a high level. Low initial costs, no-commitment choices, and gym memberships starting at $10 are all provided by Planet Fitness. If users use the promo code "PFNEW22" at checkout, PF members are entitled to a 15% discount.
Offer Description

  • Members can use an app or website to place their orders online.
  • To receive the discount, enter the Planet Fitness coupon code at checkout.

2. Save 20% Via PF Black Card
couponA Planet Fitness Black Card can significantly improve your workout because it grants you unrestricted access to massage chairs, gym equipment, WIFI and other facilities at any Planet Fitness club at no additional cost. Join now for $24.99/month at jist
Offer Description

  • Get these advantages by purchasing a Planet Fitness Black Card for $24.99 per month:

    • Members may always bring a friend.

    • Members will receive discounted cooler beverages.

    • 20 percent off of the Reebok brand

    • Can use hydromassage, tanning, massage chairs, etc.

  • Deals on Planet Fitness memberships are available online or in area gyms.

Top Deals & Benefits Using Planet Fitness Black Card Promo 2022 

Make the most of your time at the gym if your objective is to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Your workout can be considerably improved by a Planet Fitness Black Card, and it only costs $22.99 per month!

Having a workout partner can help you stay disciplined, get better results, and have more fun while exercising! With a Planet Fitness Black Card, you are permitted to bring a guest with you whenever you visit the gym.

It is much simpler to choose healthy drinks when you're at the gym because Black Card members only pay half the price for cooler drinks.

Following through with your exercise plan should make you feel good about your physique! Choose a session in one of our tanning beds if you want to showcase your results a little more.

Visit if you want to update your training attire with the greatest workout leggings or a new sweat-wicking top. Members of the Planet Fitness Black Card receive a 20% discount!

Planet Fitness Black Card Perks | Summary

Unlimited Guest Privileges

20% Off | Reebok.Com

50% Off | Select Drinks

Unlimited Use Of Tanning Beds

Half-Price Cooler Drinks

Wifi Access

Members of the Planet Fitness Black Card also enjoy all the advantages of being a Planet Fitness member in addition to the privileges mentioned above. Included in these are free WiFi, free exercise instruction, and unlimited access to your local Planet Fitness facility.

Planet Fitness Black Card V/s Classic Membership | Compare Prices, Benefits, & More

PF Black Card Membership
Classic Membership

Unlimited Access to Home Club



Free Fitness Training



Free WiFi



Use of Any Planet Fitness Worldwide



Bring a Guest Anytime, Use of Tanning, Use of HydroMassage



Use of Massage Chairs, Use of Total Body Enhancement



50% Off Drinks



20% off Reebok products



You see, then? Members of the PF Black Card get access to extra benefits like free guest admission, use of any PF facility, unlimited Hydromassage, and more.

Planet Fitness Black Card Fees & Discounts | Starts @ $1 + Free Cancellation 

The cost of black card membership at Planet Fitness is reasonable for everyone, yet since each franchise is held independently, fees may vary from one location to the next.

The typical PF Black Card membership fee is $1 for enrolling and $ 22.99 per month for dues.

So, to summarize.

  • Startup Fee – $1.00
  • Monthly Dues – $22.99
  • Annual Fee – $39.00
  • Commitment – No

In addition to the monthly fee, you'll also need to pay $39 per year. A year of black card PF without tax costs around $315.

Planet Fitness Black Card Discount 2022 | FAQs

Is there any Planet Fitness Black Card Discount?
Yes, members can use the Planet Fitness Membership coupon code to save a flat 15% on their purchases. Additionally, this summer, students can join for no charge without utilizing a coupon.

Is my guests eligible to use my Planet Fitness Black card?
No, your guest won't be able to use the black card from Planet Fitness. You can only provide someone access to the necessary gym equipment when you invite them to join you as a guest.

Is the Black Card from Planet Fitness worthwhile?
Yes, a Black Card membership is a terrific choice if you want complete, unlimited access to all Planet Fitness has to offer. Unrestricted club entry comes with a tonne of perks, like free Wi-Fi, tanning, a guest pass facility, worldwide travel deals, 50% off drinks, a PF Black Card T-shirt, and 20% off at, and more.


A gym membership may be very expensive. But, healthy living need not be pricey. To receive a 15% discount on your purchases as well as other special deals like free membership, student-only discounts, and more, go to the Planet Fitness Coupons & Promo Codes page on

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