Starbucks Happy Hour Sale (January 2022): Buy 1 Get 1 Free On All Handcrafted Beverages

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Burdened with mid-week fatigue? Starbucks happy hour sale has already become activated on Thursday to weed out your feebleness unlocking buy 1 get 1 free option on your favorite handcrafted beverages. Hurry up and grab the deal! 

Starbucks Happy Hour Sale 2021| 100% Verified

Starbucks Happy Hour Sale Coupon 

Coupon  Details 


Buy 1 Get 1 Free|On Thursday

Redeem Now


Starbucks Promo Codes & Deals 2021| Trending Now

Starbucks Promo Codes 2021

Promo Code Details 


Hot Coffee Starting At $3

Unlock Deal


Ice Shaken Espresso At $3.25 

Redeem Now


Hot Breakfast Meals| Below $5

Place Order


Get Cookies & Brownies At $3

Unlock Deal


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Starbucks Promo Codes| Top Deals 

Hot Coffee| From $3

Cold Coffee| $3.25

Bakery| Below $3

Breakfast| Under $5

Starbucks Happy Hour Sale 2021| Avail NOW

Buy 1 Get 1 Free On All Beverages

While the verge of weekends or days prior to it, just miserably drowned with work pressures and fatigue, Starbucks happy hour sale seems to spritz a fleeting cloud of happiness over the situation. As it trays out one large handcrafted drink for free under a single payment enabling B1G1 coupon.   

Buy 1 Get 1 Free On All Beverages

Terms and conditions

Opening hours 

select Thursdays/ month; between 2 Pm to 7 Pm

Valid on 

Only via app order

Drink types (handcrafted)

Espresso, frappuccino, blended beverages, seasonal drink, iced tea, cold coffee

How to redeem? 

Buy 1 handcrafted drink, get the second one of same size free 


Only for Starbucks members 

Promo code 

Not applicable 

Payment modes 

  • Card: debit, credit and gift card

  • Net banking, wallet and UPI


All participatory US locations

How to place an order for Starbucks happy hours sale?

Need guidance to proceed with the happy hour sale? Be adhesive to the following steps.

1. Download the Starbucks app

2. Sign in to your account 

3. Make use of your membership card and enjoy your drink


  • Hot brewed coffee

  • Hot tea

  • Ready to serve drinks; water bottle, juice can etc.

Additional reward points

Despite the B1G1 coupons, all members will be awarded with additional perks as well. Such as 

  • More expensive the coffee, the more points will be rewarded. 

  • Up to 400 stars  along with bonus stars you’ll be rewarded with

  • Agility to choose and customize own coffee for next order and so on

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Starbucks Coupons & Deals October 2021| Trending NOW

Hot Coffee Starting At $3

A mug of brewing, smoked coffee is a flawless placebo to subside your headache while bulged under stress, drawing a coupon for hot coffee from the counter of Starbucks, costs from $3, is a brilliant way to recharge yourself. 

Popular inclusions 

Brewed coffee: blonde roast, cafe maestro, dark roast coffee

Latte: pumpkin spiced latte, honey oat milk latte, caffe latte

Espresso| cappuccino| Americano| flat white

Price list 

Starts onwards from $3


All users can draw the coupon 

Free shipping 

Applicable above $20

Starbucks Hot Coffee Deals| People’s Choice

Cinnamon Dolce Latte| $3.45

Flat White| From $3.75

Espresso Shots| $3 Onwards

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Buy Ice Shaken Espresso At $3.25

Sipping from a large sleeve of thick, rich cold espresso, if this is what you mean by slaking and quenching thrust, make a bill for a mug of ice shaken espresso at Starbucks starting only from $3.25.

Buy Ice Shaken Espresso At $3.25

  • Available flavours for iced espresso are

  • Iced brown sugar oat milk

  • Iced chocolate almond milk

  • Iced shaken espresso

  • No restriction on minimum order value is there

  • Order can be placed by online or in-store

  • Can be redeemed multiple times

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Hot Breakfast Meals Available Below $5

What’s for breakfast? If you knock at Starbucks raising the question, a grand platter of hot and sumptuous breakfast meals will be placed on your table under $5. 

  • Menus are available in vibrant flavours and stuffings. Namely 

  • Sandwiches| wraps| avocado spreads 

  • Egg bites| baked items| sausages etc.

  •  Menu starts onwards from $3.25

  • Valid without a starbucks promo code

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Get Cookies & Bakeries Under $3

When you’re inclined to munch some delicious sweet delights, try some new yet rich flavour from the bakeries of Starbucks starting as low as $3.

  • Popular inclusions are

  • Brownies, cookies, bars

  • Croissants: butter, chocolate, almond flavours

  • Loaves and cakes and so on

  • Affordable price lists

  • Choco brownie at $2.35

  • Confetti sugar cookie at $1.95 

  • All modes of payments are accepted

  • Place order on app or desktop

  • You can club the coupon with another

Starbucks Cookies & Bakeries| Best Seller

Cinnamon Coffee Cake| $2.95

Double Choco-Brownie| $2.35

Bagel| Under $3

Starbucks Promo Codes 2021| Most Redeemed

Starbuck Promo Codes 



Blond Vanilla Latte| online+ in-store

Starts from $3.45

Valid Up To 10/30/2021

Apple Crisp Machito 

Below Or Onwards From $5

Redeemable Till 10/ 31/2021

JAVA Chip Frappuccino 

From $5.79 

Valid Through 10/30/2021

Southwest Veggie Wrap 

At $5.45

Expires On 10/30/2021

Extra Savings Tips At Starbucks Happy Hour Sale| 2021 Edition

Starbucks Rewards Deal| Membership Exclusive

Bag-in some additional rewards and perks despite the benefits of Starbucks happy hour sale is meticulously possible once you enroll as a starbuck member. Here is how you can proceed for membership details.

Perks and benefits of members


  • Free brewed coffee or tea

  • Free birthday drink

  • Protein box, coffee tumblr

Pick up agility 

You can customize order pick up timings and store

Rewards in star 

  • 25 stars: customize  a free drink

  • 50 stars: free brewed hot coffee/ tea

  • 150 stars: free handcrafted drink, parfait/ hot breakfast

  • 200 stars: free salad, sandwich, protein box

  • 400 stars: free merchandise; coffee mug, tumblr etc.

Rewards points equivalence with dollars

  • 1 star/ dollar: scan and separate payment

  • 2 stars/ dollar: paying via starbucks digital card

  • 3 stars/dollar: starbuck credit cards 

Bonus stars 

Up to 4500 stars above $500 order using starbuck credit cards

**Browse here for details 

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FAQs| Starbucks Happy Hour Sale 2021

1. When does Starbucks have a happy hour sale?

A. Starbucks happy hour sale gets activated on a few Thursdays of each month. For the coming week the coupon can be redeemed.

2. How long does the happy hour sale last?

A. The happy hour sale lasts for 2 Pm to 7 Pm on the respective day. You can place an order under the sale only by accessing the starbucks app.

3. How would I access the happy hour sale?

A. Visit and log in for the happy hour sale deal. Else you can unlock the deal via which has listed up a special coupon for happy hour sale. 

Wipes out your Thursday boredom sipping from a handcrafted drink via Starbucks happy hour sale. Don’t hesitate to employ the coupon and skim the underneath perks before it flees. Cheers! And have a great weekend ahead.

By Arundhati Medda - Content Specialist