Total Wine Gift Card | November 2022 | Get Gift Cards Up To $1000

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Express your care for your loved ones by gifting them wine and spirits with Total Wine and more gift cards. Give gift cards worth up to $1000 from the Total Wine website.

Total Wine Gift Card(November 2022): Active Now

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Total Wine and More Gift Card: Eligibility, Steps To Redeem, and Limitations 

The Total Wine and More gift cards are eligible for all of its users living in the US. The gift cards come in: 

  • Physical or digital. 

  • The price range of $10 to $1000

  • Can be mailed to the inbox of the receiver or sent to their doorstep. 

How Do I Redeem The Total Wine Gift Certificate?

  • The cards can be redeemed only on orders made online or at the Total Wine and More store. 

  • No gift cards are redeemable on any online orders or in-store purchases made in the the state of New York apart from the their Westbury branch located at the Westbury Plaza, 1230 Old Country Road Suite A, Westbury, NY 11590. 

  • Only the cards bought at the Westbury outlet can be used at that particular Total Wine and More branch. 

  • The Gift Cards can not be redeemed for money. 

  • The Total Wine Gift Certificates can not be used as credit or debit cards. 

  • The Total Wine Gift Certificates can not be used to purchase other gift cards from the Total Wine and More stores or other stores. 

Terms and Conditions 

  • Highest gift card value available: $1,000

  • Free ground shipping on gift cards orders over $100

  • Gift cards may only be redeemed at Total Wine stores, not online

  • Additional deal: Only gift cards purchased from the Westbury, NY store can be redeemed in our Westbury, NY store.

Top Categories That Can be Redeemed With The Total Wine and Spirits Gift Card


  • Total Wine is a rich collection of wines 

  • Wine is available in the categories of

    • Fine and Rare starting at $24.99

    • Red Wine starting at $17.99

    • White wine and Rosé starting at $2.99

    • Champagne and sparkling starting at $4.99

    • Sweet Wine starting at $4.49

Product Name
Price Now
Price Then
Louis Bouillot Perle De Vigne Brut



Louis Bouillot Extra Dry



Louis Bouillot Blanc De Blancs




  • Total Wine has a rich collection of Spirits

  • Get Fine and Rare tequila starting at $154.99

  • Total Wine has scotch starting from $159.99

  • Fine and Rare whiskey and bourbon starting at $154.99

  • Total Wine and More has rum starting at $6.49

  • Brandy and Cognac starting at $25.49

Product Name
Price Now
Price Then
Gallant Vodka



Skatterbrain Peanut Butter Whiskey



Don Roberto Plata Tequila



Beer and Seltzer

  • Total Wine has beer available in the styles of

    • Amber and Red Ale starting at $8.99

    • Cider starting from $3.79

    • Domestic Beer starting from $9.99

    • Stout starting at $2.99

    • Sour Beer starting at $6.99

    • Hard Seltzer starts at $14.49

Product Name
Price Now
Lagunitas A Little Sumpin Sumpin


Dogfish Head 90-Minute IPA


Founders Porter


Author’s Recommendations 


1. Where can I redeem my Total Wine and More Gift Card?

You can redeem your Total Wine gift card on their official website or at the store. It is to be remembered that the Total Wine & More Westbury branch accepts only gift cards purchased from that particular outlet. Gift Cards cannot be used at any other Total Wine and More location in New York City. 

2. Will I get a refund on my Total Wine & More Gift Card if I return my Gift Card?

If you are returning an order purchased with your gift card, Total Wine will issue you a new physical or digital gift card for the same amount. 

3. What categories are available for purchase with the Total Wine Gift Card?

The Total Wine gift card is applicable in the categories of spirits, beers, and seltzers. The gift card can be used to make purchases in all categories at the Total Wine website and store. 


The Total Wine Gift Card is a good opportunity to let your loved ones know you care. Give Total Wine Gift Cards worth up to $1000 to yourself and your loved ones. You can also take advantage of the various coupons available on the Zouton website to exciting deals on your purchase. 

By Aparajita Podder - Author